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About me

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My name is Wang Meiyu. I’m Chinese. My English name is Sinny.I’m a girl. I am 13 years old.My birthday is June tenth.My address is Da Bei Street Primary School.My phone number is 15244848760.My QQ number is 1458974603.

My nick name is Meiyu Panda because I’m kind of fat.And I also don’t like playing sports.It’s so difficult for me.Look at my stature,you will know.I want to lose weight.But when I see the delicious junk food,I will eat a lot.I know it’s not good for me,but it’s tastes good.It makes me feel upset.

I really like music,especially classical music.I am good at piano.But I can only sometimes play it.What a pity! Like most children,I like chatting on the Internet. Sometimes I play computer games. Sometimes I read novels.

I study at JiaXiang Foreign Language School .It’s a good school but it’s very strict.I don’t like this school because there are too many rules and the competition here is fierce.I feel a lot of pressure.

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