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(总分100分 时间100分钟)

卷I (选择题,共75分)

I. 选择填空(共20小题,每小题1分,计20分)

( ) 1. He learnt English by ____________ English songs.

A. listen B. listen to C. listening D. listening to

( ) 2. If you practice ________ English every morning, you will improve it quickly.

A. to read B. reading C. read D. be reading

( ) 3. It’s Sunday today. What about __________ the mountains?

A. to climb B. climb C. climbing D. climbed

( ) 4. Tom decided __________ in China.

A. travel B. traveling C. to travel D. traveled

( ) 5. Do you enjoy __________ on the Internet?

A. surfing B. surf C. to surf D. surfed

( ) 6. She said she had some trouble ___________ her homework.

A. finish B. finishing C. to finish D. finished

( ) 7. Do you find this book ____________?

A. frustrate B. frustrating C. frustrated D. frustration

( ) 8. Can you tell me the best way ________ the problem?

A. solve B. solved C. to solve D. solving

( ) 9. Jenny does not know where __________ on National Day.

A. to go B. going C. goes D. will go

( ) 10. I spend some time ________ newspaper every day. Sb Spend time/money in doing /on sth

A. read B. reading C. to read D. on read

( ) 11. _____ you work harder ,you will not pass the examination .

If you don’t work harder ,you will not pass the examination

A. Until B .If C. Till D. Unless

( ) 12. There is ______milk in the bottle. Let’s go to buy some.

A. a little B. little C. a few D. few

( ) 13. Did you see them _______ basketball this morning? Watch/hear/ See sb doing/do sth

A. playing 强调动作正在进行 B. play 强调看到全过程 C. to play D. are playing

( ) 14. My father gave up ________ at last.

A. smoke B. smoking C. to smoke D. smokes

( ) 15. I spent half an hour ___________ my homework . finish doing sth 完成做某事

A. finish doing B. to finish doing C. finishing to do D. finishing doing

( ) 16. At the age of 18 he began to work___ a teacher in a country school.

As a student ,we should study hard.

A. as B. by C. in D. at

( ) 17. Have you decided which coat_______?

A. choose B. choosing C. chosen D. to choose 表示补充说明 1

( ) 18. I read very slowly. I can’t spell some English words, _____.

A. also 肯定句中的也 放于句中 too也是肯定句当中的也不过是放于 句子尾部

B. either 否定句当中的也 C. but 但是 表示转折

( ) 19. Lucy thinks that ____ English movies isn’t a good way.(一个句子当宾语,也叫宾语从句,这句当中动名词短语在从句当中当主语)

A. watch B. watched C. watching

( ) 20. At first they hated each other ,but they ended up _____ on very well .

A. get B. got C. getting D. to get

II. 完型填空 (共15小题,每小题1分,计15分)


Last year my English class was ____21___for me. First of all, it wasn’t easy for me to understand the teacher when she ___22___to the class. To begin with, she spoke too quickly, and I couldn’t ___23___every word. Later on, I realized it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand every word, ___24___ I was afraid to speak in class because I thought my classmates might laugh ___25__me. I couldn’t always make complete sentences, either. Then I started to ___26___ English-language TV. It helped a lot. I think that doing lots of listening practice is one of the secrets of ___27___a good language learner. Another thing that I found very difficult was English __2_8___. So I decided to take lots of grammar notes in every class.

( )21. A. lucky B. happy C. difficult D. great.

( )22. A. talked B. talk C. sing D. sang

( )23. A. think B. believe C. forget D. understand

( )24. A. either B. neither C. also D. too

( )25. A. to B. with C. at D. in

( )26. A. watched B. watch C. watches D. watching

( )27. A. making B. becoming C. changing D. turning

( )28. A. grammar B. words C. pronunciation D. tests


Some people seem to have a secret for learning language. They can pick up new vocabulary, master rules of grammar, and learn to write in the new language __29__than others. Perhaps if we take a close look at these successful language learners, we may discover a few__30___ which make language learning easier for them.

First of All, __31__ language learners are independent(独立的) learners. __32__, Successful language learning is active learning. They look __33__every chance to __34__the language bravely. Finally, successful language learners are learners with a purpose(目的).

What kind of language learner __35__ you?

( )29. A. more quickly B. quickly C slowly D. more slowly

( )30. A. skill B. skills C. books D. book

( )31. A. unsuccessful B. successful C. beautiful D. outgoing

( )32. A. Next B. First C. In the end D. At last

( )33. A. at B. into C. after D. for

( )34. A. use B. make C. dance D. teach

( )35. A. is B. was C. are D. were

III. 阅读理解 (共20小题,每小题2分,计40分)



How I study English?

I often hear some students say English is difficult, and it gives them a headache. So they can’t learn it well. But English is very easy for me. I’m good at it. I’m very glad to tell you something about how I study English.

First, I think an interest(爱好)in English is very important. When I was in Grade One, we had a new subject – English. It was fresh for me . I was interested in it, so I worked hard at it. Soon we had an English exam and I got a very good mark. How happy I was! After that, I learned English harder and harder. Our English teacher often teaches us English songs, the songs sound nice. I often think how interesting English is!

Second, I think English is a foreign language. I should learn it well in the following ways: Listen to the teacher carefully, speak bravely, read aloud and have a good vocabulary(词汇). Then practice again and again, never be tired. And I also have a good habit: Asking whenever(不论何时)I have a question, I must make it clear by asking our English teacher. How happy I am when I understand!

Besides this, I often read English stories, jokes and easy novels. From these I know English is not only interesting, but also useful. They help me understand a lot of things. So to do more reading is an important way to learn English well.

And I also do some exercises from our class magazines, and I often write English diaries. English has become a close friend of mine.

Now I have learned English for more than two years. I always keep the first position in our school. From these words, I hope every student can learn English well.

( )36.Why do some students often “have a headache”?

A. Because they are easy to catch cold. B.Because it’s often very cold

C. Because they think English is easy. D.Because they don’t think English is easy.

( )37 The writer tells us that we should be____in English if we want to learn it well.

A. interest B. interested C. interesting D. strict

( )38.The sentence “I got a very good mark” means ______.

A.I got a good way. B. I had a good idea.

C. I did badly in the exam . D. I did well in the exam.

( )39.The writer thinks English is interesting because________.

A. English is full of stories. B. English is full of jokes.

C. his teacher often teaches them nice English songs. D. of nothing

( )40.Which of the following is not the way the writer studies by?

A. speaking bravely B. Writing to foreign friends

C. Reading aloud D. Writing English diaries




41. We can go to to see the Taj pictures every day EXCEPT______.

A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Friday D. Sunday

42. If eight students go to see animals in the zoo on Sunday, they should pay ______.

A. $105 B. $140 C.$35 D.$70

43. Children under _____ are not allowed to go to Bell Tower.

A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8

44. On Saturday morning the film Harry Potter end at ______.

A. 9:30 B. 10:00 C. 11:00 D. 1:30

45. If Sam wants to see magic performances, he may to _____ to enjoy them.

A. City Art Museum B. the Grand Cinema C. African Safari Park D. Bell Tower 41-45 ADACB


Swimming and English Learning

Can you swim? Do you like swimming? Yes? Well, how can you learn to swim? I think the best way is to go into the water and learn. I’m afraid you’ll never learn to swim just by reading books about swimming or looking at others swimming. It’s the same with the English study. We must practice, practice and practice.

Listening and speaking are very important for beginners. The children in English-speaking countries first listen to others. Then they try to imitate and speak. We can listen to English programs on radio. You may just understand a few words. It doesn’t matter. Just be relaxed, try to catch every word.

Somebody may be a good listener. But he dare not speak. He’s afraid of making mistakes. You know we sometimes make mistakes when we speak Chinese. Don’t be afraid. We must be brave. If you really want to learn English well, you must try to speak with everyone so long as he knows English. Whether you know him or not is not important when there’s nobody to talk with, you can talk to yourself in English. It’s interesting and also a good way to practice your spoken English. Remember, the more you speak, the fewer mistakes you’ll make.


Reading and writing are more important for senior school students. First we must choose the books we’re interested in. A lot of reading will improve your language sense. This is the most important.

Keep writing English diaries. We can also write English articles. You may even post them to English magazines. Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is the mother of success.

Easier said than done. Well, let’s do more practice from now on. I’m sure you’ll learn English well in this way.

( )46.You can learn to swim by_______.

A. reading books about it B. looking at others swimming

C. having lessons on it D. going into the river and learning

( )47. We should learn English by _______.

A. listening and speaking B. reading and writing

C. A and B D. swimming

( )48. What will you do with mistakes when you speak?

A. Don’t make mistakes. B. Study hard

C. Try not to speak English D. Don’t be afraid.

( )49. What’s more important for senior school students?

A. listening B. speaking C. reading and writing D. learning

( )50. We can listen to English ______, according to the passage.

A. by train B. on the radio C. every minute D. now and then


Everyone needs friends. There is an old saying, "Friends are like God's way of taking care of us." But how do you find real friendship and keep it?

The American writer Sally Seamans tells young students some goods ways to find friends. Sally says finding friendship is just like planting a tree. First, you should choose a friend. What makes a good friend? It is not because a person that has money or good looks. For example, if you had a bad day, a good friend should listen to your complaints(抱怨) and do his or her best to help. To make a friend, you cannot be too shy. You should make each other happy and share your lives.

But things cannot always be happy. What should you do when you have a fight with your friend? You have to talk to him or her. If he or she doesn’t want to talk, you could write a letter.

There are three steps to make you become friends again:

say what your friend has done wrong; and explain why you did this or that. Remember that friendship is the most important thing in your life.

A. Even the best friends have fights

B. You plant the seed and take care of it to make it grow

C. Tell him or her how you are feeling

D. A good friend should be kind and patient

55. What is the best title of the passage?

A. Students and Friendship B. The Good Friends around You

C. The Trouble of Growing Up D. The Care and Keeping of Friends

51-55 BDACD


卷 II (非选择题,共25分)

I. 词语运用 (共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

56. Please read _________ (大声地),I can’t hear you.

57. Yesterday he ___________ that he made a lot of mistakes at last. (认识到)

58. We should not be afraid of any ____________ outside. (挑战)

59. He was very ___________ by what his father did. (使感动)

60. I really don’t know how to _____________ the problem? (处理)

61.Do you have any _________( 单词卡) ?

62.I learn English by making___________(词汇)list.

63. Your ______________(发音) sounds good.

64. ________________________(读英语杂志)is the best way to learn new words.

65. __________________________(加入学校的英语俱乐部)is the best way to improve English. V. 基础写作(计20分)

A) 连词成句(共5小题,每小题1分,计5分)

66. test do you study how for a ____________________________________ ?

67. group you have studied with ever a ____________________________________?

68. you learn by do English flashcards making ____________________________________?

69. that I a lot learned have way ____________________________________ .

70. understand it’s to movie to hard the ____________________________________ .

B)书面表达 (计15分)

1. 你是一名已经学了三年英语的语言学习者,你的英语成绩一直不错,现要求你给同学们介绍一下你学习英语的经验。要求60-80词。



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