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初中英语语法-过去完成时-专项练习 二、选择最佳答案填空(动词时态): 1. We __________out by that time that he_________ a thief for a longtime. A. had found, had been B. had found, was C. found, had been D. found, was 2. It so happened that they________ the novel before. A. had read B. would read C. were reading D. read 3. She________ for nearly two hours. A. kept talking B. kept to talk C. has kept talking D. kept to talking 4. Spring_______ after winter. A. comes B. came C. has come D. had come 5.-I hear some noise in the next room. -Oh, yes. Your sister_______ there. A. cries B. is crying C. cried D. was crying 6. All the students__________ to plant trees and there's nobody in the classroom. A. go B. will go C. have gone D. wound go 7. Stop! A little boy_________ the street. A. is crossing B. crosses C. crossed D. has crossed 8. The girl________ to milk since last winter. A. learns B. learned C. has learned D. would learn 9. What__________ to you this morning? A. happens B. is happened C. happened D. was happened 10. -The old man looks healthy. -Yes. He________ some running after he gets up. A. does B. did C. has done D. will do 11. She didn't pass the exams because she________ her lessons well. A. wasn't prepared B. wasn't been prepared C. hadn't prepared D. was preparing 12. This story_______ in a faraway village in Europe many years ago. A. is happened B. was happened C. happened D. has been happened 13. -Mr King came back to our village. -Really? For what? -The old man________ the noise in the city. A. is hating B. hates C. was hating D. has hated 14. His father ________ for a week. A. died B. will die C. has been died D. has been dead 15. My mother is ill. I _______stay at home and look after her. A. has to B. must C. would D. have to 16.---Do you know the Frenchman? ---Yes. I ______him for two years. A. know B. have known C. knew D. have been known 17. They______ all their money, so they have to walk home. A. spend B. had spent C. have spent D. will spend 18. Great changes_______ in the city, and a lot of factories_______. A.have been taken place, have been set up B.have taken place, have been set up C.have taken place, have set up D.were taken place, were set up

19. ---When did Kate's grandma die? ---While the doctors______ on her. A. are operating B. were operating C. operate D. operated 20. ---Who are you looking for? ---Mr White. ---Wait here for a while. The class meeting_______ over in half an hour. A. is B. will be C. was D. has been 三、 选择题。

1. I ______ cooked a meal when you _____ me.

a. cooked, were ringing b. was cooking, rang c. was cooking, were ringing d. cooked, rang

2. He said he _____ to draw a plane on the blackboard at that time.

a. tries b. tried c. was trying d. will try

3. While she ______ TV, she ______ a sound outside the room.

a. was watching, was hearing b. watched, was hearing c. watched, heard d. was watching, heard

4. They _____ a football game from 7 to 9 last night.

a. were watching b. watch c. watched d. are watching

5. What book ____ you ______ when I ____ you at four yesterday afternoon?

a. did, read, was seeing b. did, read, saw c. were, reading, saw d. were, reading, was seeing

6. It was Friday evening. Mr and Mrs. Green _____ ready to fly to England.

a. are getting b. get c. were getting d. got

7. Lei Feng _____ always _____ of others when he ______ in the army.

a. is, thinking, was b. was, thinking, is c. did, think, is d. was, thinking, was

8. A girl ______ my pen fall off the table when she _____ me.

a. saw, passed b. was seeing, passed c. was seeing, passed d. was seeing, was passing

9. We ____ for tom at ten last Sunday. He often kept us ______.

a. were waiting, waiting b. were waiting, wait c. waited, waiting d. waited, wait

10. He ____ his father on the farm the whole afternoon last Saturday.

a. helps b. would help c. was helping d. is helping

四、 翻译。

1. 昨天这个时候你们英语老师在做什么?她在和一些家长谈话吗?

2. 当我离开的时候他正在画一幅世界地图。

3. 当你看见他们的时候他们在干什么?他们在打扫教室。

4. 那时二班的学生没在操场上踢足球,他们在打篮球。

5. 一天,母亲下班回家的时候,约翰在写给一个朋友写信。

6. 上周五一下午,学生们在干什么?他们一直在往墙上贴海报。

7. 昨天这个时候,一些学生在植树,一些学生在给小树浇水。

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