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It was beautiful spring morning. There wasn’t any cloud in the sky. 1 So Mr Andrews was surprised when he saw an old man at the bus-stop with a big, strong black umbrella in his hand. 2 the man didn’t think it was going to rain. 3 But the sun is not very hot in spring. Mr Andrews looked at the big umbrella again, and the old man told him that he is old,and his legs were not very strong. 4 But when the old man carried a walking stick, people would the old man was poor. 5 When carry an umbrella in fine weather, people only think he is a stupid(傻) man.

A.Mr Andrews asked him if it was going to rain .

C.and sun was warm but not too hot.

B.So Mr.Andrews thought the old man carried the umbrella to keep the sun off him .

E.so he needed a walking stick.

D.But Mr.Andrews didn’t think so.

My daughter ,Jane ,never dreamed(梦想girl of her own age in Holland .Last year, we were Channel(英吉利海峡) and Jane put a piece of paper with her name and thought of it again ,but ten months later ,she received a letter from a girl have decided to use the post-office . Letters will a little more ,but they will certainly travel faster.

My daughter it is _____ to receive a letter from a girl of her own age in Holland.Last year, _____we were travelling across the Channel , she _____ her name and address _____ a piece of paper ,and put them into a bottle. _____ she threw it into the sea and never thought of it again, but _____ 10 months , a girl in Holland _____ a letter to her.

Since my mother wouldn’t get home until four o’clock ,I was looked around the kitchen a while , but there was nothing I felt like eating.

that’s what I thought it was at first .But soon I knew it was more than that .

found that clouds of it ,big black balls of it were up past the window.

I don’t know if I was afraid or not .I don’t remember, you know .For some reason I thought of Mr. Turner, He lives on the third floor and he sleeps afternoons because he works nights.

“Mr. Turner, A fire! A fire! ”

“What ?” he asked ,still with his eyes half opened.

“A fire on the first floor . Call the fire department !” I shouted. “Yes .Good boy.” Mr. Turner said as he did what I wanted him to. “Everyone out of the place ?” he asked ,”How about the Ennis?” “Mr. Ennis went out .” I said.

_____ my mother went home, I stayed at home by _____ . I was looking _____ in the kitchen , at _____ I _____ nothing I liked. Suddenly I smelled somke. I thought something _____ to be burning,but soon I knew another things was _____. It seemed that the smoke was coming up the back stairs. So I went out _____ and found that clouds of it , big black balls of it went _____ the window out. some reason made me _____ Mr.Turner.

Mrs. Peter had two children. Sammy was seven years old, and his sister Annie was four. Sammy went to school, but Annie did not. When Sammy was at home, he often played with Annie while their mother was cooking or washing or cleaning, and he was usually very nice to his small sister, and Mrs. Peter was free to do her work quietly.

One Saturday morning, the two children were playing in the garden while their mother was cooking the lunch. They were quite happy until Annie suddenly began to cry and ran into the kitchen to her mother. Mrs. Peter stopped cooking and said,“Why are you crying, Annie?” “Sammy’s broken my toy horse,”Annie answered, crying more loudly. “How did he break it?”her mother asked.

Annie stopped crying, but did not answer for a few seconds. Then she said,“I hit him on the head with it.”

Mrs.peter had 2 children . one was Sammy ,he is a _____ boy, and the _____ was Annie, she was 2 years _____ than her brother.Annie was so _____ that she was _____ to go to school .When their mother was _____ , Sammy _____ care of his sister and Mrs.Peter can do anything _____ worring about anything.one Saturday, the 2 kids were playing in the garden while their mother was cooking . _____ Annie cried and ran into the kitchen to her mother, they were happy. Mrs.peter stopped _____ ask why she cried. Annie _____ for a few seconds then told her mother she _____ it to hit

Sammy’s head.

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