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1. They (leave) for Beijing yesterday .2. Listen! Tom’s sister (sing) for her good frends now .

3. My mother decides (buy)a gift for me .4. I enjoy (study) English with my classmates .

5. We would like (have) a job for you as a reporter .

6. Where you (go) on vacation last month ?7. Old Tom (visit) the Great Wall again last week .

8. The boy (do) morning exercises every morning .9. There (be) a football match yesterday afternoon .

10. There (be) an English evening next Sunday .

11. Jim is good at (shop) . 12. We enjoy ourselves (learn) and (speak)English .

13. The movie makes us (relax) . 14. How about (eat) ice cream ?

15. Each of the students in our class (be) of mediem build .

16. Please (put) your bike under the big tree .17. The students (not have) a class meeting yesterday

.18. Who (teach) you English this year ? 19. Look! The bus (come) .

19. The children here like (make) some interesting kites .20. Jack has to (work) hard because he falls behind .

21. (not be) late for class . 22. What else she (have) to do next?

23. There (be) an English party next Friday . 24. (not fight) with each other in your school .

25. I hear Tom’s sister (sing) in her room now .

26. It’s too hot .Do you mind my (open) the windows ?

27. You had better (wear) sunglasses to protect(保护) your eyes .

28. The teacher asks us (not talk) in class . 29. I think (swim) is good for your health .

30. We must (work) very hard and make great progress(取得很大步) .

31. Thank you for (give) us so good ideas . 32. I saw a little boy (lie) on the ground just now .

33. There (be) a lot of rain in the south of China last year .34. We can’t (live) without water and food .

35. How many sheep (be) there on the farm last year ?

36. The old man watched some boys (play) at five o’clock yesterday .

37. Can you finish (write) the article this evening ?

38. Yesterday we (have) a math test .I (get) full marks .

39. One of my classmates want (be ) an English teacher in the future .

40. Everyone in our class (enjoy)their holiday . 41. What your father (look) like ?

42. There (be) no water and no air on the moon . 43. Your friend (wait) for you over there .

44. He often practices (run) in the morning . 45. (listen) to your teacher carefully in class!

46. She never (arrive) late for class . 47. No (talk) in the classroom .

48. You mustn’t (take) the mobile phone into the classroom .

49. It’s not good (sing) in class . 50. Today is a good day for (walk) for everyone .

( )051. How about_____ sports news, Maria? A. watch B. watching C. to watch D. watches

( )052.Tony doesn’t feel relaxed because there are too ___ rules at the school.A. many B. much C. lots of D. some

( )053. She has to get home _____ 8 o’clock on weekdays.. A. by B. to C. on D. in

( )054. A kid ____ breakfast every morning, because it’s good for his health.A. have to B. has to C. has to have D. has to has

( )055. The students have to wear _____ uniforms at their school. A. a B. an C. ﹨ D. some

( )056. ____ your mother like the watch? A. What do B. What does C. How do D. How does

( )057. —John, don’t ____ after school. — Sorry, Mum.A. watching TV B. watch TV C. to watch TV D. watches TV

( )058. —Do I have to_____ early in the morning, Dad? —Sure..A. to get up B. goes to bed C. go to bed D. get up

( )059. Mike, ____ in bed. It’s bad for your eyes.A. not read B. doesn’t read C. no reading D. don’t read

( )060. You can’t eat ____ outside the dining hall. A. in B. at C. ﹨ D. on

( )061.What are you doing now? I am _____a book. A. seeing B. looking at C. watching D. reading

( )062.My pen pal John is _____the USA, she____ English very well.

A. from ,talks B. from, speaks. C. at, says D. from, speak

( )063.I get up at 6:10_____the morning ,but ___weekends at 8:00. A. in, on B. on ,in C. at ,from D. in ,at.

( )064.People are really very _____on the beach. A. relaxed B. relax C. relaxing D. to relax

( )065. — _____is he waiting for ? — His mother. A. What B. Where C. When D. Who

( )066. Elephants like eating ____but lions like eating__.A. grass, meat B. meat, grass C. grasses, meats D. meats, grasses.

( )067.He_____of medium height and he _____blonde hair.A. is, have B. has ,has C. is , has D. has, is

( )068—.What kind of noodles would you like ? — ______

.A. I’d like beef noodles. B. I’d like a bowl of noodles,C. I’d like it very much. D. They are very delicious.

( )069—.What was the weather like yesterday ? — _________.A. It’s hot. B. It is snowy. C. It’s Sunday. D. It was windy.

( )070. —_____? — I’m a policeman.

A. What do you do B. What do you want to do C. What are you doing D. What do you want to be

( )071.What does your mother look like?. A.She is quiet. B. She is a teacher C. She is at home D.She is tall.

( )72.Thank you for__me the magazines,I enjoy__them very much.

A. buy, to read B.buying ,reading C.buys, read D buys,reads

( )073.We_____ soccer last weekend because we _____busy

.A. play, are B. didn’t played, were C. didn’t play, are D. didn’t play, were

( )074.The large tiger is looking____food for dinner. A. at B. for C. with D up

( )075. 一Would you like some bread for breakfast ? 一_____I’m a little hungry now.

A .Yes, please. B. Sure, I’d like. C. No, thanks. D. I’m sorry

( )076一. Let's play the computer games. 一______A.Yes, I do B. Thank you C. That sounds good D. No, we don't.

( )077 They ______a letter now.A. are writeing B. writing C. are writing D. are write

( )078. 一Are they working near the house ? . 一______.A. Yes, they do B. No, they don’t C.Yes, they are D. No, they are

( )079. 一______English every morning ? 一Yes, and now I______ Chinese.

A. Are you reading; read B. Do you read; readC. Are you read; am read D. Do you read; am reading

( )080. There ____ rain in Canada every year.A. has many B. has much C. are many D. is much

( )081. 一Who’s cooking at home? 一_____. A. Linda does B. Linda is C. Linda has D. Linda’s

( )082. Look ! My family _____TV. A. watch B. is watch C. are watching D. watches

( )083. What are they doing? – They _____ a story.A. listen B. listening C .are listening D .are listening to

( )084. Let’s____ping-pong. A. play B. to play C. playingD. are playing

( )085. He is waiting _____the bus stop. A. for B. at C. on D. to

( )086 . . — _____ ? . — It’s windy.

A. How is it going B. How is the weather like ? C. How is the weather D. Do you like the weather

( )087. . — How is your weekend going ? . — _____. A. Hot B. Pretty good C. Sure D. Of course

( )088. Thanks for _____us. A. join B. joining C. joining D. join

( )089. Some people are taking photos, ___are reading books. A. other B. the other C. another D. others

( )090 .____the weather like in Sydney ? A. What B. How C. What’s D. Where

( )091. Jim ______at home last Friday. A. am B. is C. are D. was

( )092. Where did your brother ___last night? A. goes B. go C. going D. went

( )093. ____they ____tennis after school yesterday?A. Do. Play B. Did. play C. Do. played D. Does. play

( )094. — How _____your last weekend? —It_____ great .A. was, was, B. is , was C. is, is D. was,is

( )095. On Sunday morning, I helped my mother _______the cleaning.A. do B. did C. does D. doing

( )096. We went to the beach _____ Sunday morning. A. in B. at C. on D. for .

( )097. It was a fine day. We decided _____volleyball.A. playing B. play C. to play D. played

( )098.We had great fun____English. A. learn B.to learn C.learning D. learned

( )099. — _____were the beaches? —They were beautiful but crowded.A. How B. What C. Where D. When

( )100. Last Wednesday, I_____ at home after dinner.

A. did some reading B. went for a walk C. went to a movie D. did some shoppig



1.left 2. is singing 3. to buy 4. studying 5. to have 6. did ;go 7. visited 8.does 9.was 10.will be 11.shop 12. learning; speaking 13.relaxed 14.eating 15. is 16.put 17.didn’t have 18. teaches 19. work 20. work 21. Don’t be 22.does ;have 23. will be 24. Don’t fight 25.singing 26.opening 27.wear 28. not to talk 29. swimming 30. work31. giving 32. lying 33.was 34. live 35. were 36. playing 37. writing38. had 39. to be 40. enjoys 41. does; look 42. is 43. is waiting 44. running 45. Listen

46. arrives 47. talking 48.take 49. to sing 50.walking



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