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Unit 2
I used to be afraid of the dark


复 习 目 标

基 础 巩 固

点 拨 解 疑

当 堂 练 习

延 伸 迁 移

1、复习本单元重点单词、短语及句型。 2、复习有关used to的基本用法,并能运用 used to句型进行交际和写作。 3、通过对比自己与同学的发展变化,比较现在与 过 去,不断克服自己的缺点,健全自己的人格,日 BACK 趋完善自己。

过去常常 used to

飞机 airplane 使害怕 terrify

candy be terrified of入睡go to sleep 非常害怕的 昆虫 insect 糖果

咀嚼 chew 口香糖 gum 聊天 chat 每日的daily 连环漫画 comic 笔直的straight 卷曲的 curly
quiet outgoing严肃的 serious安静的 重的,胖的 heavy 外向的 interesting interested 有趣的 对…感兴趣 死亡 death 造成 cause pay attention attention 对…注意 他自己 himself 有耐心的patient 注意 to 浪费 waste 正,恰恰 exactly 最后in the 班主任 head teacher end even no


take pride in 令人惊奇的是 to one’s surprise






give up

candies 1. I used to eat ________(糖果) all the time. death 2. The disease caused thousands of _______(死亡) a year. wasted 3. You ________(浪费) a lot of water by having a bath instead of a shower yesterday. himself 4. Guy made a bookcase by ________(他自己). patient 5. You need to be _______(耐心的) with children. fford 6.I can’t a_______ to buy a house. 7. She has had to make some very difficult d________. ecisions ecessary 8. Is it n________ for all of us to be present at the meeting? ttention 9. If you don’t pay a_______ now, you’ll get it all wrong later. atching 10. My little brother used to spend much time w_______ TV.

used to go to sleep 1、过去经常_________2、入睡____________

in the end make a decision 3、最后____________ 4、下决心_________________
even though no longer 5、即使_____________6、不再_____________ give up 7、放弃__________ take pride in 8、对…感到自豪__________

pay attention to chew gum 9、留心____________ 10、 嚼口香糖___________ pay for on the swim team 11、支付____________12、在游泳队_____________ be terrified of/be 13、极度恐惧的____________ afraid of chat with 14、和某人聊天_____________

be interested in 15.对 …感兴趣___________ to one’s surprise 16令某人惊奇的是__________ not ...at all 17. 根本不________ deal with 19.处理 __________ look up 18.查阅 ______________ be angry with 20. 对…感到生气__________

a 48-year- old man end up 21. 结束_________ 22. 一个48岁的男人________ can afford 23.买得起________ to do 24. 尽某人最大的努力 try one’s best to do ____________.

cause a lot of trouble 1. 造成很多麻烦 2. 一个十五岁的男孩 a fifteen-year-old boy 3. 一个问题孩子 a problem child 4. 和他妈妈最近的一次对话 a recent conversation with his mother

5. 他爸爸去世后 after his father’s death a few years ago 6. 几年前 7. 变得艰难得多become much more difficult 8. 他妈妈支付不了他孩子的学费。

His mother couldn’t afford to pay for her child’s education.


look after him as well as she can/could

get into trouble with the police
11.放弃做某事 give up doing

12.最后,最终 in the end/ at last/ finally

make a difficult decision

send him to a boy’s boarding school

15.令某人惊奇的是… to one’s surprise 16.这正是我所需要的。

It was exactly what I needed.
17.帮我明白她给了我多少 help me to understand how much she has given me 18. 即使 even though 19. 不再 no longer take pride 20. 对……感到自豪 in …/be proud of

21. 我做的每一件好事

everything good I do

22. 使我妈妈更留心我,更注意我
make my mother pay more attention to me

23、最好的学生之一 one of the best students

24、能够 be able to
25、帮助他找到自信 help him to feel good 26、父母的存在对孩子是很重要的 It’s very important for parents to be there for their children.

Used to 的用法
used to 过去常常,过去惯常,用来表示以往的事实或状 况。其后要接动词原形. 即: used to do 1)I used to go on Saturday, but now I no longer do so.

2)My parents used to live in South America and I used to fly there in the holidays.
3)Tom used to walk to school, now he rides a bike to school.(过去反复的动作) 4) There used to be a church here.(过去存在的状况)

used to否定形式可为used not to ,也可为 didn’t use to .疑 问句式也有两种:Did…use to?或 Used … to?
He used to be short. Did he use to be short?

=Used he to be short?

Used to ; get(be) used to与be used to do
1.used to “过去常常,过去惯常”,只用于过去时, to 后要接动词原形.
2.be used to …(get used to …) “习惯于”, 可用于任 何时态,该短语中的 to 为介词,后跟名词或动名词。 3. be used to do “被用来做…”,常用于被动语态中. used 是动词use的过去分词. I used to get up early. I am used to getting up early. I used to travel by air. I am used to traveling by air. The robot can be used to do some dangerous work. The knife is used to cut fruits.

1. 她过去留短发,但现在长长了。
She used to have short hair, but now she has long hair.

2. 过去我总爱吃糖。
I used to like eating candy.

3. 我过去是足球队员。
I used to be on a football team.

4. 我开着卧室的灯睡觉。
I go to sleep with my bedroom light on.

5. 我过去害怕独自一个人呆着。
I used to be afraid of being alone.

6. 我仍然害怕在大众面前说话。
I am still afraid of speaking in front of a group.


be short ___ you? used 1.你过去是矮的,对吗?You _______ to ___

______, didn’t use play the ________? 2.你过去弹钢琴吗?Did you _____ to ____ ______ piano 3.我过去是安静的。 quiet used to ____ really _______. I _____ _____be used /didn’t tests 4.我过去不喜欢考试。I ____ ______ to like _______. not use 5.你过去有长头发。 她过去有卷发。 hair used ____ ____ ______. used to have You ___ ____ _____ long____. She __ ___to have curly hair 6.你过去害怕黑暗吗? Did use terrified of ______ you ______ to be _______ _____ the ______? dark 7.我开着卧室的灯睡觉。 bedroom light on sleep with I go to ______ _____my ______ _______ _____. 8.在我上中学以前,我过去花很多时间和朋友做游戏。 started Before I _____ high school, I used to spend a lot of time ______ _____ playing games with my _______. friends _______ _____ 9.这些天,我几乎没时间去音乐会。 for concerts hardly ever These days, I _____ ______ have time _______ ________.

10.他妈妈付不起孩子的学费。 education couldn’t afford _____ _____ her child’s ____. to pay for His mother ___ _____ ____ 11. 他对学习不感兴趣,常惹事到警察局。 interested in He was not ________ ______studying and he often _____ ______ got into _____ with ______trouble _____the police. 12.尽管爸爸不和我们在一起了,他正看着我们,会对我做的每件 好事感到骄傲。 watching Even ____ my father was_____ ______ with us, he was _____ though no longer ____ take pride in everything me and would always _____ _____ ____ ____good I do. 13.我认识到自从我爸爸死后,我一直害怕孤单,尽力使我妈妈更 注意我。 realized being I ____ that since my father died I have been afraidof ____ ___, ____ pay more attention to alone and tried to _____ my mother _____ ____ ____ __me. ____, make for 14.我已经四年没见你了。I have not seen you ___ four years. ___ ____ 15.我踢足球并在游泳队里. soccer team on I play____ and I’m ____ the swim___. sure change 16.人都会变的。People _______ __________.

二、died,dead,death 和 dying区别:
1.die v. 短暂性动词,它的过去式是died.

如: His grandfather died three years ago.三年前他爷爷去 世了。
2.dead adj. 死的,死去的

如:His grandfather has been dead for 3 years.
3. death n. 死,死亡 如: I was extremely sad when I heard his death. 听到他死亡的消息,我极其难过。 4.dying 是die 的现在分词,也可作形容词,意为“垂死的”。


death 1.His father’s __________ made him very sad.
2.He has been dead _______ for 2 years.

died 3.He _______ 2 years ago.

dying 4.The old man is ________.He has something to say to his sons.

He’s so poor that he can’t afford to buy a computer.

用took ,spent , paid , cost 填空 paid ◎I _____ 10 yuan for that book. ◎She ____ 100yuan on her dress. spent ◎It ____ cost her ten do


took ◎It ___ her ten hours to finish it.

※It takes sb some time to do sth ※Sb spends some time /money doing sth

Sb spends some time /money on sth
※Sb paid money for sth.

※Sth cost +money/Sth cost sb +money.

1.Jim sings better than Sally.

as well as Sally doesn’t sing _____ ______ ______ Jim.
2.Unluckily, he got lost.

Unfortunately he got lost. ____________,
3.She decided to go to college.

made a decision She ______ ____ ______ to go to college. given up 4. His father has ____ ____(放弃)smoking ______(smoke). asted 5. You have w_______ so much time.

a waste of time 浪费时间

Exercises in class

aren’t you 1. You are from Britain, ________________? isn’t it ? 2. His school is very big, ________________? do you ? 3. You don’t like listening to music, ____________? doesn’t he ? 4. He goes to school every day,______________? don’t they ? 5. They help each other, ________________? are you ? 6.You aren’t a League member, _____________? isn’t it ? 7.It’s a nice picture, ____________? do you ? 8. You don’t want to go abroad, _____________? does she ? 9. She doesn’t study very hard, _______________? don’t they ? 10. They speak Japanese, ______________?

will you 7.Let us see a film tonight,____________? 8.Let’s see a film tonight,____________? shall we 9.There is no water in the bottle,__________ is there 10,There are few flowers on the are there trees,_____________? don’t they 11.I think they like the book,____________? is he 12.I don’ t think he is a teacher,__________?

( D )1.Jim spent two hours ___that house. A two draw B draws C draw D drawing

( B )2.She often spends much time ___the clothes.
A in B on C at with

( D)3.-Diana spends one hour ____ spoken English every day. A practice C on practicing B to practice D in practicing

( C)4.-Now, I have a ___homework to do every day . I feel very tired.
- Me, too. I really ____ the old days. A lot, miss B lot of, like C lot of, miss D lot , like

( B )5.Do you mind ___ the door? A open B opening C to open D opens ( A )6.You needn’t worry ___ your son. He can take care of himself.

A about

B of

C at

D on

( C)7.Don’t ___ the last bus . Please be quick. A take B catch C miss D lose

( C )8.Our teacher often ___us after class. A chat with B chat to C chats with D chats to

( B )9.It’s ___ interesting book that we all like it.
A such a B such an C so a D so an

C 1. I ___ frustrated when I wasn’t sure of the correct answer. A. may be B. used to C. used to be D. use to be 2. When I was a child, I used to ______ chocolate. B A. liking B. like C. liked D. likes B 3. _____work in Microsoft? A. Did you used to B. Did you use to C. Do you used to D. Do you use to B 4. Where _____ live before you came here? A. did you used to B. did you use to C. use he to D. he used to C 5. No one likes him _______. A. still B. never C. any more D. too

D 6. I am ____ of spiders. A. terrify B. terror C. terrifying D. terrified B 7.

He is afraid of ______ strangers. A. see B. seeing C. saw D. seen A 8. It ___that he has been ill for a long time.
A. seems B. looks C. looks as if D. seems as if B 9. I always go to sleep _____the light on

A. in B. with C. to D. and

D 10. Don’t _____ about things so much. It will
make you stressed out. A. afraid B. terrify C. terrified D. worry

( ) 9. Don’t _____ about things so much. It will make you stressed out. A. afraid B. terrify C. terrified D. worry ( ) 10. Some boys of class One enjoy _____music. A. listen to B. listens to C. listening to D. listened to ( ) 11. Are you ______ in the ______ story? A. interested, interesting B. interesting, interesting C. interested, interested D. interesting, interested ( ) 12. He ____ use to like painting. A. doesn’t B. don’t C. hasn’t D. didn’t

( ) 13. Would you mind waiting for me at the gate? A. Sure. B. Not at all. C. Certainly. D. Yes. ( )14. It ______ us three days to finish the work. A. spent B used C took D takes ( )15. Our country ____ a lot in the last fifty years. A will change B has changed C change D Changed

选择填空 ? ( ) 1.I _______ upset when I failed the exam. ? A. be B. used to C. use to be D. used to be ? ( ) 2. When I was a child, I used to ______ chocolate. ? A. liking B. liked C. like D. likes ? ( ) 3. ______ work in Microsoft? ? A. Did you use to B. Did you used to ? C. Do you used to D. Do you use to ? ( ) 4. Where _______ live before you came here? ? A. did you use to B. did you used to ? C. use he to D. he used to
? ?

( ) 5. You didn’t use to live in Beijing, _________? ? A. didn’t you B. did you ? C. weren’t you D. were you ? ( ) 6. I am ________ of spiders. ? A. terrified B. terror C. terrifying D. terrify ? ( ) 7. He is afraid of ______ tigers. ? A. see B. seen C. saw D. seeing ? ( ) 8. It ______ that he has been ill for a long time. ? A. seem B. looks C. look D. seems


一、 alone / lonely
lonely 是形容词 意为“孤独的,寂寞的”说明一个人的 心理感受,带有浓厚的感情色彩,也可修饰地点,意为 “人迹稀少的,荒凉的”;alone 既是形容词又是副词, 作副词时, 意为“单独地,独自地”,相当于by oneself ,作形容词时,意为“单独的,独身的”,表 示客观情况,不带感情色彩。

alone 1.He was ______ in the room . alone 2.Though he lives _____,he doesn’t lonely feel_____. alone 3.We must do our homework _____.

A 1、[10年烟台中考]You should not walk _______
outside, especially at night. A. alone B. lonely C. slowly D. fast 2、I am very_______ because I often work_______ in the shop. A. lonely; lonely B. alone; alone C. lonely; alone D. alone; lonely 3、(用alone; lonely 填空) alone lonely The old man lives ________on the _________island.



性格及 爱好等方面的变化.

I have changed a lot. I used to be very thin and shy before, but now I have a medium build and I become outgoing and friendly. And I used to like playing computer games very much, but now I’m interested in computer science but not only computer games. Because I want to be a computer programmer when I grow up, which can make me earn lots of money.

Task 2

书面表达:根据下列表格信息,说一说 Jim 的今昔变 化,注意 but 和still 的使用。
used to be short be shy take a bus to school be afraid of the dark sleep with the bedroom light on now be tall be outgoing walk to school be afraid of the dark sleep with the bedroom light on

I think Jim has changed a lot in the last 10 years.______________________________________ ___________________________________________

Thank you!

See you !

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