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( )1.The three fishermen saw _____ in the sky last year .

Aanything strange B strange anything C something strange D strange something

( )2.Li xin thinks Yao Ming is becoming the most famous basketball player in the world ,_______..

A so am I B so do I C So I do D So I am .

( )3.If you don’t want to go swimming , I won’t _______. A too B also C either D neither

( )4..The meeting will be held in half an hour , but they haven’t got everything ____.

A ever B already C yet D still

( )5 Jim is running _____ Bruce . They are neck and neck .A faster than B as fast as C as faster as D more slowly than

( )6.I think maths is ____ difficult than English . A very B much C as D much more .

( )7.Tokyo is larger than ____ in India A any other city .B any city C another city

( )8Of the two Australian students .Masha is _____ one. So I think you can find her easily.

A tallest B the taller C taller D the tallest

( )9 ___ children there are in a family , ____ their life will be .

A The less , the better B the fewer , the better C Fewer , richer D More , poorer

( )10..Of all the stars the sun is ____ to the earth A near B nearer C more near D the nearest

( )11.It is ___ today than yesterday A very hotter B quite hotter C more hotter D much hotter

( )12. It was ____ cold yesterday A terrible B terriblely .

( )13..Last week they stayed at Mr smith’s for _____ A sometime B some time C sometimes D some times

( )14We must keep _____ in the reading – room .A quiet B quietly C quite D quickly .

( )15.___ a year does your school have sports meeting ? – twice a year

A How often B How soon C How long D How many times .

( )16.Don’t worry. Sir . I am sure I can run ___ to catch up with .

A slowly enough B enough slowly C fast enough D enough fast

( )17.It’s twelve o’clock at night . But he is ____ working A already B ever C still D yet

( )18You are ___ late . He has already gone . A terrible B nearly C terribly D near .

( )19Does Liu Hua ever guess the meaning of English words ? He __ guesses the mearning .of new words . He uses his dictionary all the time . A usually B always C never D sometimes

( )20.The writer lives _____ but he doesn’t feel _____

A alone , alone B alone , lonely C lonely alone D lonely lonely

( )21.Either of them can take this job . but what I am interested in is who is ________.

A the most careful B more careful C careful D even careful

( )22. Why don’t you ask Tom to do it ? I don’t know whether he is ___ to . He sometimes makes things worse .

A possible B able C afraid D easy

( )23. Is the physics problem _____? Yes, I can work it out _____

A easy , easily B easy , easy C easily easily D easily, easily

( )24..older / elder Her ___ brother is two years ___ than she .

( )25.ill / sick The horse has been ____ for three weeks . The ___ horse horse will be dead soon ..

( )26.fruther / farther The _____ information in from the town ____ away ..

( )27He draws ___ his uncle A as well as B as good as C as better as D as best as .

( )28..The Changjing River is one of _____ in the world .

A the longest river B the longer river C the longest rivers D the longer rivers

( )29.Robert is much ____ than ____ in his class .

A more tall , any other students B more tall , anyone else C taller , any other student D taller , any other students

( )30..I have never seen ___ fine picture A such B such a C so D so a

( )31.When a piece of ice is taken into a warm room , it becomes ________

A big and big B bigger and bigger C small and small D smaller and sm


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