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( ) 1. He is afraid of ___________ strangers.

A. see B. seeing C. saw D. seen

( ) 2. Finally she ____what I meant.

A. realize B. realizes C. realized D. is realized

( ) 3. I will not go ____I hear from that.

A. unless B. where C. which D. that

( ) 4. I’ll explain it to you ______on.

A. later B. late C. latest D. last

( ) 5.I often_____a new word in my dictionary when I don’t know how to read it .

A. look at B. look up C. look for D. look after

( ) 6. Look out ! The traffic is moving fast. It is ______dangerous _____cross the street.

A. so, that B. so, to C. much, to D. too, to

( ) 7. I can help you do housework now, because I have _____finished my homework .

A. ever B. already C. never D. before

( ) 8. In fact, the earth is _____nearer to the sun during the winter.

A. few B. little C. a few D. a little

( ) 9. Do you find the book _______?

A. frustrate B. frustration C. frustrating D. is frustrated

( ) 10. The English party began______an English song and ______a well-known piano music.

A. with, ended with B. for, ended with C. for,,ended up with D. with, ended up

( ) 11. would you show me _______an e-mail, please ?

First time for me.

A. how to make B. how to send C. which to make D. when to send

( ) 12. The children planted more trees and flowers after they ____Greener China.

A. joined B. took part in C. became D. were

( )13. I always go to sleep ___________ the light on.

A. in B. with C. to D. and

( ) 14 If you don’t want to go swimming , I won’t, _____.

A. too B. also C. either D. neither

( ) 15. Mom, don’t complain _____my carelessness any more .

A. about B. with C. to D. on

( ) 16. He found __very interesting to ride horse on the farm .

A. this B. that C. it D these

( ) 17. Do you know _____I could pass the exam?

A. that B. whether C. what D. which

( ) 18. I___________ frustrated when I wasn’t sure of the correct answer.

A. may be B.might be C. used to be D. use to be

( ) 19.What time is it now?


A. That’s five B. It’s 7;45 C. It’s time to go to school D. Thank you

( )20. I am ___________ of spiders.

A. terrify B. terror C. terrifying D. terrified


1. It’s fun (watch )basketball games .

2. He studies English by (listen) to the tapes .

3. He has a lot of trouble (solve) the problems.

4. He has (deal) with all the problems .

5. They are all (excite) about it .



These days computer games have become more and more popular in many cities and towns. A lot of small

shops along busy streets have ___1___ into computer game houses in order to get more ___2___. These places are always crowded with people.

In the computer game houses, people ___3___ a lot of money matching on the machines. It’s ___4___ for one to

beat a computer, but one can get ahead after trying again and again. People want to win when they play computer

games. The more they ___5___, the more they want to win, and at last they even can’t live ___6___ it.

They result is that some people don’t want to ___7___ and take days off to play in computer game houses for hours and hours. For school boys, things are ___8___. They couldn’t set their mind on their lessons. When school is over, they rush to the computer game houses near their schools. Some of them can get enough money from their parents. Some of them are not ___9___ to get the money. So they steal others’ money and become bad.

Computer game addiction (上瘾) is a serous problem in our life. Something has to be done to ___10___ it.

( ) 1. A. got B. became C. changed D. gone

( ) 2. A. boys B. money C. computers D. houses

( ) 3. A. take B. spend C. cost D. pay

( ) 4. A. time B. easy C. good D. hard

( ) 5. A. lose B. make C. pay D. miss

( ) 6. A. with B. for C. without D. by

( ) 7. A. live B. play C. win D. work

( ) 8. A. even worse B. changed C. better D. well

( ) 9. A. happy enough B. enough lucky C. enough happy D. lucky enough

( ) 10. A. close B. keep C. develop D. stop



If you look at the sky one night and see something moving and shining that you have never seen before, it might be a comet (彗星).

A comet sometimes looks like a star. Like a planet, a comet has no light of its own. It shines from the sunlight it reflects (反射). Like the earth, a comet goes round the sun, but on a much longer path (轨道) than the earth travels.

If a comet isn’t a star, what is it then?

Some scientists think that a large part of a comet is water frozen into pieces of ice and mixed with iron and rock dust and perhaps a few big pieces of rock. When sunshine melts (融化) the ice in the comet, great clouds of gas go trailing after it. These clouds, together with the dust, form a long tail.

Many people perhaps have seen a comet. However no one knows how many comets there are. There may be millions of comets, but only a few come close enough for us to see.

An Englishman named Edmund Halley, who lived from 1656 to 1742, found out a lot about the paths that comets take

through the sky. Some comets move out of our sight and never come back. Others keep coming back at regular times. A big comet that keeps coming back was named after Halley because he was the one who worked out when it would come back again. Maybe you have ever seen Halley’s Comets because the last time it came close to the sun and the earth was in the year 1986. Then people all over the world were outside at night to look at it. You will probably be able to see Halley’s Comets when it comes near the earth again.

1.A comet is like ________.

A. sun B. moon C. sunlight D. the earth

2.A large part of a comet is ______.

A.water and rock

B. water frozen into pieces of ice and mixed with iron

C. ice, iron and rock dust

D. only a few big pieces of rock

3.Maybe many people _______.

A. haven’t seen any comets B. have seen all comets

C. have seen a comet at daytime D. have seen a comet

4.Some comets keep coming back ________.

A. at any time B. at noon C. at regular times D. at daytime

5.Halley’s Comets came back _____.

A. in 1990 B. in 1980 C. in 1986 D. in 1989


A farmer had a cow. He took very good care of this cow and one day when it was ill, he was very worried. He telephoned the vet.

“What’s the problem?” The vet asked him when he arrived.

“My cow's ill,” the farmer said. “I don’t know what's the matter with her. She’s lying down and won’t eat. She's making a strange noise.”

The vet looked over the cow. "She's certainly ill," he said, "and she needs to take some very strong medicine." He took a bottle out of his box, put two pills into his hand and said, "Give her these. The pills should make her better." “How should I give them to her?” the farmer asked.

The vet gave him a tube (管子)and said, "Put this tube in her mouth, then put the pills in the tube and blow. That'll make it."

The next day the vet came to the farm again. The farmer was sitting outside his house and looked more worried. “How's your cow?” the vet asked.

“No change,” the farmer said, “and I’m feeling very strange myself.”

“Oh?” the vet said, "Why?"

“I did what you said,” the farmer answered. “I put the tube in the cow's mouth and then put two pills down it.”

“And?” the vet asked.

“The cow blew first,” the farmer said.

1.In the story, the vet must be _________.

A. the farmer's friend B. a milk factory

C. a hospital for cows D. a doctor for animals

2.The farmer asked the vet for help when his cow _______

A. couldn't lie down B. didn't eat the pills

C. couldn't make any noise D. was ill

3.What medicine did the vet give the farmer?

A. Bottle of pills. B. A long tube.

C. Two pills. D. A small box.

4.The vet taught the farmer how _________.

A. to blow the tube B. to make the cow take the pills

C. to take the medicine D. to put the tube in his mouth

5.Which of the following is true?

A. The farmer ate the pills himself.

B. The cow got better after taking the medicine.

C. The vet came to help farmer change the cow the next day.

D. The farmer waited for the vet outside his house the next day.


On November 18th, 1908, three men went up in a balloon. They started early in London. The headman was Auguste Gaudron, and the other two men were Tannar and Maitland. They had a big balloon, and they were ready for a long way.

Soon they heard the sea below them. They were carrying the usual rope , and it was hanging down from the basket of the balloon. At the end of the rope they had tied a metal box. This could hold water. Or it could be empty. So they were able to change its weight. They were also carrying some bags of sand.

After the sun rose, the balloon went higher. It went up to 3,000 meters, and the air was very cold. The water in the balloon became ice. Snow fell past the men’s basket, and they could see more snow on the ground. There was also some snow on the balloon, and that made it very heavy. It began to go down towards the ground. The men tried to throw out some more sand; but it was hard. They tried to break the icy sand with their knives, but it was not easy. The work was slow and they were still falling; so they had to drop some whole bags of sand. One of them fell on an icy lake below and made a black hole in the ice. At last they pulled the box into the basket. It was still snowing; so they climbed to get away from the snow. They rose to 5,100 meters! Everything became icy. They were so cold that they decided to land. They came down in Poland heavily but safely. They had traveled 1,797 kilometers from London!

1.Three men flew in a balloon _________.

A. more than a century ago B. to visit Poland C. for nearly 1,800 kilometers D. to another city

2.The metal box was used for _______.

A. changing weight B. carrying ropes of the basket

C. keeping drinking water D. carrying the bags of sand

3.When the balloon went up higher, ________.

A.they saw the sun go down B. the temperature of the balloon began to fall

C. they could see a black hole on the ground D. they made a hole in the basket with their knives

4.The balloon landed __________.

A. in a foreign country B. on a lake C. in London D. on the sea

5.The three men had to land because _______.

A.they were very hungry B. they had not enough sand

C. they pulled the box into the basket D. they felt too cold.



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