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Unit 7


What do you think of Paris?

Read this newspaper article about Paris. Then conclude what aspects do this passage talk about Paris.

1. The status(地位)of Paris 2. Sights

Paris is the capital of France and is one of the liveliest cities in Europe.

It has some fantastic sights, including the Eiffel
Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most famous churches in the world.

3. Transportation
Traveling around Paris (by taxi) can cost a lot of money., but it is convenient to take the underground train to most places.

4. life
France is quite an expensive place. Wine is not expensive.

5. Language

5. Language
Most people have learnt English. But they don’t like to speak English. Unless you speak French yourself, it is best to travel with someone (who can translate things for you. )

读一读,找出下列词组。 1、最…..之一One of adj(最高级+n复 2.考虑做某事 consider doing sth =think of doing sth

3.、乘地下火车 take the underground

4、大体上 一般而言 in general
be supposed to do sth 5、应该做某事 should do sth

capital 1.Pairs is the ________of France. D 2.Notre Dame Cathedral is a _____ A park B zoo C country D church B 3.Which of the following is in Pairs? ________ A the Great Wall B Eiffel Tower C pyramids D Sydney Opera House C 4.It’s better for tourists to take the ____ to travel around Pairs than take a taxi. A bus B subway C underground train D car 5.Which of the following is not true?A A Everything in Pairs is very expensive. B Most people in Pairs learn English. C Pairs is one of the liveliest cities in Europe. D It’s expensive to travel all over Pairs by taxi.


1.Hon Kong is a good place forshopping _____(shop).
2.I hope to visit ____(visit) Macau some day. to go 3.Where would you like _____(go)? not go 4.Why______( not go) to Xi’an by train? trekking 5.The boy would love to go______(trek) in the Amazon Jungle in Brazil. 6. Mary is one of my best friends _____(friend). classmates 7. Some of her _________(classmate) are interested in classical music.

to help 8.My mother is considering how_____improve my English? ( help)) 9.They consideredmeeting _____(meet) their teacher at the airport. learning 10.Have you ever considered ________(learn) how to cook? to take 11.We consider how _________(take) care of the baby. 12.It’s best ____ at home to do some reading on rainy days. A.stay B. to stay B.C. staying D. stays

Thank you for your help!

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