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八年级英语上期中测试卷 - 副本

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一、听句子和对话, 选择与所听内容相符的图画。( 5分)

( )1.









二. 单句理解。找出与所听句子意义相同或相近的选项。(5分)

( )6 A. meat is good for you B. you mustn’t eat meat

C. you should have meat as little as you can

( )7 A. She will have Hong Kong on Tuesday

B. She is going to Hong Kong on Tuesday

C. She’s going back from Hong Kong on Tuesday

( )8 A. I have one more book than her B. She has one more book than I

C. I have more books than her

( )9 A. I’m busy before 10:00PM B. I’m not free at 10:00PM

C. I will be busy after 10:PM


( )10 A. Chinese is more interesting than English

B. English is more interesting than Chinese

C. English is less interesting than Chinese

三. 对话理解 选择与你所听内容的正确应答。(10分)

( )11. A. by bus B. by car C. by plane

( )12 . A. Yes, he can B. No, he can’t C. sorry, we don’t know

( )13. A. lie down and rest B. drink a lot of water C. go to see a dentist

( )14. A. football B. ping-pong C. tennis

( )15. A. the girl B. the boy C. both the girl and the boy

( )16. A. wet B. cloud C. fine

( )17. A. 12:00 B. 12:30 C. 1:00

( )18. A. they are students B. they are teachers C. they are workers

( )19. A. tea B. coffee C. orange juice

( )20. A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Thursday


Do you often think of your parents? You may say, “ of course, Ido. I buy a gift for my mother on Mother’s Day and on Father’s Day, I give my father a gift , too.” but what about the other days of the year?

We talked with each other happily. Then she wanted to call her parents. So he dialed(拨号) the number, but then she put down the phone. After about she dialed the number again. “hi, Mom…”Later I asked, “why did you dial the number twice?” She said, “ My parents are old and They can’t get to the telephone quickly. I always do so when I call themI want to give them enough time to answer the call.”

My friend is a good girl. She is always thinking about her parents. You also want to be a child, right? 笔试部分(95分)


( )26.Tom and Paul _______in Class Three Grade Eight

A. are both B. both are C. all are D. are all


( )27.________it is raining , ____they still come

A. Though , but B. But , though C. Though, / D. /, though

( )28.There isn't _____in today's newspaper.

A. new something B. something new

C. new anything D. anything new

( )29.Here _____the results _____your English test

A. is , of B. are , on C. are , of D. is , about

( )30. The girl__________ for Hong Kong next week.

A. leaves B. is leave C. is leaving D. leaving

( ) 31. ____ you’re right.

A. .May be B. May C. Maybe D. May be

( )32. Why not go_____ with grandpa the whole day?

A. fish B. fishing C. to fish D. fishing to

( )33.Cindy is my best friend, because she is _____ than any other girls.

A. funnier B. more funny C. the funny D. funny

( )34. _______ is it from Beijing to Nanjing. It’s over 1000 kilometers.

A. How far B. How soon C. How long D. How many

( )35.They arrived in Beijing ________a Sunday afternoon.

A. in B. at C. of D. on

( )36.Can you finish _________the book in a week?

A. read B. to read C. reading D. reads

( ) 37.________important for everyone to have a healthy lifestyle.

A.It’s B.He’s C.They are D.That’s

( )38. ---Whose book is it?

---look! Jane’s name is on the cover(封面). It _________ hers.

A.can’t be B.must be C.should be D.must is


( )39.Jack and Kate came back 2 hours ago. But _________ students in the class aren’t here.

A.the other B.others C.another D.the others

( ) 40.Thanks a lot for ________ me ________your dancing party.

A.invite;for B.invite;to C.inviting;for D.inviting;to


Every year students in many countries learn English. Some of these students are children, __41__ students are young people. Why do all these people want to learn__42__? It is not__43__to answer this question. Many boys and girls learn English at school. It is one of their __44__. Many people learn English because it is__45__in their work. Some young people learn English_46__their higher studies because some of their books are__47__English. Other people learn English because they want to __48__newspapers in English. Some people learn English because they want to __49__ in the USA, England or Australia. English is very__50__in our life .

( )41. A. all B. the other C. both D. other

( )42. A. English B. Chinese C. maths D. Japanese

( )43. A. hard B. easy C. good D. nice

( )44. A. books B. classes C. schools D. subjects

( )45. A. good B. useful C. fine D. pleased

( )46. A. for B. of C. to D. from

( )47. A. in B. with C. at D. of

( )48. A. look B. see C. look at D. read

( )49. A. go B. work C. like D. come

( )50. A. help B. helping C. helps D. helpful



Many people think country music and western music are nearly the same. In fact, they are two different kinds of music in America.

They come from different parts of America. Country music comes from the southeast of America. But western music comes from the southwest of America.

Another difference is the ways of playing them. Country music has a simple (简单的) way of playing. It uses fewer instruments like guitars and harmonicas (口琴). But western music needs more and bigger instruments like trumpets, trombones (长号) and so on.

Country music is folk (民间的) music. It’s the music that travels in the country. Men and women often play it. However, there is much dancing in western music and men often play it.

However, country music and western music often share similar topics (相似的主题) for songs. They have these songs with the topics like love, money, crime and so on. These songs often tell the life of the poor in America.



( )51. Country music is ________ western music.

A. the same as B. different from C. better than D. worse than

( )52. Country music comes from the ________ of America.

A. southeast B. southwest C. northeast D. northwest

( )53. ________ often play western music.

A. Men B. Women C. Children D. Men and women

( )54. Country music and western music are similar on ________.

A. numbers B. playing ways C. instruments D. topics for songs ( )55. Country music and western music often tell the life of ________ in America.

A. boys and girls B. the old C. the poor D. the rich


One year ago Bertha and Grace became close friends at a college in Dartmouth.

One day, Bertha said that her aunt Margaret had invited her to spend the summer holiday with her. And they would have picnics and parties as well. But Grace told Bertha that she planned to stay in Clarkman’s bookstore until the new term began.

Grace had to do something to feed herself because her parents died many years ago. Bertha watched her friend’s pale (苍白的) face. Just then she got a good idea. The next day when Grace came back, Bertha showed her an invitation letter from her aunt Margaret.

“Grace, would you like to spend your holiday with us? I will help you find a part-time job in our town.” Grace cried after reading it.

“Grace, please spend the holiday with me, or Margaret will be disappointed (失望的). I want you to be happy,” Bertha said.

The holiday quickly passed by, and finally one letter from Margaret came to Bertha.

“Bertha, Grace is the sweetest girl in the world, and I am very grateful to you for sending her here.” 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。

( )56. Grace planned to ________ for her summer holiday.

A. visit her aunt B. see her parents C. stay in Clarkman’s bookstore D. work in a restaurant ( )57. Margaret was Bertha’s ________ according to the passage.

A. aunt B. grandmother C. mother D. teacher

( )58. Grace got ________ from Margaret the next day.

A. a book B. an invitation letter C. some money D. a part-time job ( )59. It’s clear that ________.

A. Bertha went to work in Clarkman’s bookstore at last.

B. Grace went to Margaret’s house with Bertha.

C. Bertha felt sorry for inviting Grace to spend holiday with her.

D. Grace wrote a letter to thank Bertha after the holiday.

( )60. From the passage, we know that Bertha was ________.

A. honest B. brave C. kind D. poor



Mr Smith gave his wife money every Friday evening. His wife always spent it all the next Wednesday, so that for the next three days she had no money to spend at all. One day Mr Smith asked her,“ But how did you spend all that money?” She answered, “I don’t know . ”So one Friday evening, Mr Smith gave her money together with an exercise book and a pencil. He said to his wife ,“Please write down how you spend the money . ”Next Tuesday, his wife had no money again. Mr Smith took the exercise book to see how she had spent it. “I have done what you told me ,”she said gladly. She had written “Friday, I got 18 pounds from Mr Smith. ”on the first page, and on the second page, she wrote ,“Tuesday, I have spent it all. ”

( )61. Mrs Smith always spent all the money .

A. the next day B. in four days C. in a week D. on next Wednesday

( )62. Mr Smith gave his wife an exercise book and a pencil and asked her

A. to do homework B. to have a look

C. to write down how she spent the money D. to draw a picture on it

( )63. Mrs Smith was ____ to do what Mr Smith asked her to .

A. happy B. sad C. sorry D. excited

( )64. Mr Smith gave his wife money ____ a week.

A. once B. twice C. three times D. four times

( )65. The story tells us that Mrs Smith was not very ____.

A. glad B. tall C. careful D. good


(66)Many pupils tell us that they are busy with their study every day and don’t have enough time to do “ I don’t have much time for friends. I wish I could talk to them more.”

Mary feels that(67play with her friends. She spends most of her time studying and doing her homework.

Alice, 14, wants more time for skating and Rick, 15, wishes he had more time(68) Morgan, 12. said, “ I never have time just to be myself, talk with my friends and write in my diary!”

Well, time is the same to every one of us . We can’t get more time or make time slow down. What we can do is try our best to manage(明智的使用) it. This means that we should know about everything we have to do and want to do. For example, we have to study, sleep, eat and make our house clean. We want to do things that make us feel relaxed (放松的) and happy. Then we should try to understand how much time each activity will take in a day. After we know that, we can make a plan to help us get through the day without hurry.

I think that if all of us use our time properly, we’ll feel happier.


66. 译成汉语_____________________________________________________________

67. 译成英语_____________________________________________________________


68. he had more time_________________________________________



( )69. A. much too B. too much C. too many


( )70. The writer wants to talk about .

A. what we have to do B. what we want to do C. how to manage (安排) our time


W: Hi, Jack. Have you ever read the story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland?

M: Yes. I have read it several times. What about you? Do you like it, Jenny? W: No, I don’t like it. I like the book called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. M:

W: Yes, it is.

M: W: My mother likes Jane Eyre. And my father likes Romeo and Juliet.

M: W: Yeah. As for my brother, he likes Treasure Island.

M: Sorry. 75九.据意填词 (5分)

to go to school by bus.

77. Thanks a lot for your i ____________(邀请).

78. It’s my s (秘密).I can’t tell you.



80.My best friend likes 化学 )at school.


81. 我们应该照顾好我们的身体。

We should ourselves.

82. 国外的生活和国内的生活有很大的不同。

The life in foreign countries is that in China.


______ ______ watching TV, only a few students watch it every day.


He feels ______ ______. Because he will take an exam.


I _______ go home______ the concert was over.


It was cold yesterday. She ______ ______ put on her heavy coat.


I like to have friends are me.


Liu Ying is not sports her sister.


to visit my cousin.

十一.书面表达( 10分)

Tom邀请Sonia下周(晚上)到他家里玩,但是Sonia日程安排很紧(见下)不能去。请你代她回一封邮件给Tom. 要求:①请合理使用have to和be v+-ing等结构;②不少于60词。首句已给出,不计词数。

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