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九年级新目标unit7Section B(1-2c)课赛

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Where would you like to visit?
Section B (1-2c)


not too touristy, lots to do, tasty food fantastic / wonderful sights, peaceful, friendly people, lots of boats


Jeff has a summer job at a travel agency. Listen to theconversations and number the pictures. Ace Travel





Listen to the conversations again 2b and complete the chart.
Wants Customer 1 Customer 2 Customer 3 to go somewhere warm Doesn’t want

to fly to go anywhere cold to go to a big city

to go on a nature tour to go somewhere that’s fun for kids

Look at the chart above. Role play Jeff’s conversations.

A: Where would you like to go? B: I’d like to go somewhere warm. A: What else can you tell me?

B: I don’t want…
else, adj.,意为“别的;其他的”,常放在特 殊疑问词或不定代词之后

Exercises in class

1.There are many things ___ in Sydney when you visit there. A. do and play B. to do and play C. doing and playing D. to be done and playedD. 2.-What ____ do you want to explain? - _____. A. else; Nothing else B. other; Nothing else C. other; Nothing other D. else; Other nothing 3.He went to the village ____ his parents used to live yesterday. A. which B. where C. that D. who

4.I feel ____ because the subject is ____. A. tired; tired B. tiring; tiring C. tired; tiring D. tiring; tired 5.____ you arrive at the party on time, we won’t wait for you. A. If B. Unless C. When D. While 6.I’m thinking about ____ to spend my summer holidays. A. who B. what C. where D. whom 7.-Will you go there by ___ train ? -No, I’ll take ____ taxi. A. /; a B. a; the C. /; / D. the; a

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