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2014株洲中考新题型 1. A recent report from Zhuzhou Daily says about 18% of Zhuzhou teenagers can have problems with their minds(内心,精神). Some students become worried because they have to study very hard. Others have trouble getting on well with people like their parents and classmates. Zhang Qiang, a Junior 2 student from Zhuzhou , could not understand his teachers in class and was doing badly in his lessons. He was afraid of exams. When he looked at the exam paper, he couldn’t think of anything to write. Another student, a 15-year-old girl called Wu Yan often argued with her classmates even her parents because of some different ideas. She became so annoyed about them that she started to cut her finger with a knife. However, many students who have problems won’t go for advice or help. Some think they will look stupid(愚蠢的)if they go to see a doctor. Others don’t want to talk about their secrets. In order to solve the teenagers’ problems, here is some advice : ●Talk to your parents or teachers often.

●Take part in group activities and play sports.

●Go to see a doctor if you feel unhappy or unwell.

2. In most Chinese tea villages, March is the time of year in which locals start to pick and process tea. The usually quiet villages suddenly become crowded centers of activity, as people take out special tools and prepare for tea processing. In some villages, local residents hold traditional ceremonies, thanking heaven for its blessing. The price of tea picked in March is extremely high because it is fresh, tender and contains multiple trace elements.

China has been famous for tea production since ancient times. Of the goods transported and traded along the Old Silk Road linking China to the Middle East and Europe, the importance of tea was matched only by silk. China produces Oolong, black, green, white, yellow and dark tea. The Oolong, green and black varieties are most famous for their high quality.

Most of China's tea villages are found in remote mountainous areas in the country's south and southwest, where the beautiful scenery is often hidden under clouds.

1. Title: _______________

Trading in the past

Producing place


5.______for expensive March tea From 2.__________________ till now Along the 3.________________ to many other countries. Remote and quiet tea villages Oolong, black, green, white, yellow and dark tea Fresh, tender and containing multiple trace elements 53. Chinese Tea/China’s Tea

54. ancient times

55. Old Silk Road

56. Famous products

57. Reasons

3. Although we don’t want an earthquake to happen, it happens usually. Recently, The earthquake that shook Japan on March 11th, 2011 caused the tsunami(海啸). So far, the tsunami has taken 12, 671 people’s lives away. We can’t stop the earthquake happening, so it is quite important to teach people how to survive(幸存) in an earthquake. Would you know what to do during a big earthquake?

Firstly,Keep calm. Always remember that panic can hurt you.

Secondly,find some safe places to stay in and don’t run in a hurry. If you are in the room, you should hide yourself under something hard,such as desks,tables or even beds and stay away from shelves and cupboards,and never take a lift to go downstairs. If you are in the open air,you should find an open place and never get close to cars or waterside.

Thirdly,we should help each other when we meet trouble.

At last,no matter how strong the earthquake is,if we have the belief(信念) to defeat(战胜) it and never give up,we must be able to overcome any difficulty.

Chinese Seasonal Festivals


Every year in September or October, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by

Chinese people all over the world. On this day, the moon is said to be its biggest and brightest. People like to meet in the evening and watch the moon.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is important because it is a special occasion for family. It is also a day for special foods like moon cakes. There are all kinds of moon cakes. Traditional moon cakes are usually made with bean paste, but nowadays, there are many different kinds of moon cakes including fruit, coffee, chocolate and even ice-cream moon cakes.


The Lantern Festival falls on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. It marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

There are many stories about how the Lantern Festival started. In one story, lanterns were lit to celebrate the power of light over darkness. In another story, a town was almost destroyed but the light from many lanterns saved it. The story was about a god who wanted to burn down the town. He was fooled when he saw thousands of lanterns. He thought the town was already burning.

In the past, lanterns were usually lit by candles and decorated with pictures of birds, animals and flowers, etc. Nowadays, most lanterns are made with light bulbs and batteries, and they come in many shapes and sizes. In the north-eastern part of China, there are even ice-lanterns.

The special food for the Lantern Festival is the sweet dumpling. Sweet dump- lings are boiled and served in hot water.


The Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar year. As it is in early summer, it marks the beginning of the hottest season of the year.

The tradition of the Dragon Boat Festival started more than 2000 years ago. In the old days, dragon boat races were organized only by Chinese people. However, in recent years, people from other cultures have also taken part in races and enjoyed the fun.

There is a special food for the festival. It is called Zongzi, which is sticky rice in fresh bamboo leaves.

66. What time did the train start its trip to King’s Cross that morning?

67. What happened to Daniel because of the delay of the train?


68. Why did it get hotter and hotter in the train?

69. What did the bar on the train serve?


70. What do you think the company will do after they receive Daniel’s e-mail?

I think they will

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