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9A Unit 2 Colour

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9A Unit 2 Colour

课时练习1 (Comic strip& Welcome to the unit)


1.宁愿…而不愿…____________ 2.你穿粉红色好看________________

3.一个充满色彩的世界_________ 4.彩虹的颜色____________________

5.颜色影响我们_____________ 6.没有什么不对__________________


( )1.Tom is looking_______ the window.What is he looking________?

A.out,at B.out of,at C.out,after D.out of,after

( )2.The boy looks nice____ white and the red sweater looks good____ the girl.

A.with,on B.in,on C.on,in D.in,with

( )3.Emily has just___ a rainbow.She____ it a few minutes ago.

A.saw,saw B.saw,seen C.seen,saw D.seen,seen

( )4.My watch doesn’t work.I think there must be________ with it.

A.anything wrong B.nothing good

C.anything good D.something wrong

( )5.Do you know how many students________ in the classroom?

A.are there B.there are C.be there D.there be

( )6.Tom would rather_________ his homework than_______ football.

A.does,plays B.does,play C.do,play D.do,plays


1、Girls like w___________ skirts in summer.

2、There’s something w___________ with my bike. It’s broken.

3、The blue coat looks good o___________ you.

4、We live in a world f___________ of colours

5、A beautiful r___________ apears in the sky after the heavy rain.


1、How many ___________(colour) are there in a rainbow?

2、I’d rather ___________(wear) blue than pink.

3、He can describe moods of people by ___________(look) at the colour they choose to wear.

4、I like watching TV. But it ___________(take) me much time.

5、He wants me ___________(tell) my friend about the rainbow.


The colour systems(系统)used by scientists and artists are completely different.An artist will mix blue and yellow paint to get a shade of green;a scientist will mix green and red light to create yellow.The printed page in a magazine is yet another system.


Scientists recognize the light primaries(原色)are red,green and blue.When mixed,red and

green light rays produce yellow,blue and green produce cyan,red and blue produce magenta.Red,green and blue mix to create white(light).This colour model is used in computer monitors,television sets and theater.

Most artists recognize red,yellow and blue as the three basic primary colours.These primaries are the pure colours which can not be created by mixing any other colours.

In the print industry,cyan,magenta,yellow and black are used as the primary colours.Whe

you mix all the colours,the result is gray.

( )1._________on the colour systems.

A.Scientists and artists have the same idea

B.Scientists agree with artists

C.Scientists and artists have different ideas

D.Some of their ideas are the same

( )2.How many colour systems are mentioned in the passage?

A.Two. B.Three. C.Only one. D.Four.

( )3.If a scientist wants to get yellow,he must________.

A.mix blue and green B.mix blue and red

C.mix red and green D.mix red,green and blue

( )4.If an artist wants to get green,he must________.

A.mix blue and yellow B.mix blue and red

C.mix red and yellow D.mix red,yellow and blue

( )5.Which of the following is NOT true?

A.Red,green and blue are used in television sets.

B.If scientists want to get white,they will mix red,yellow and blue together.

C.Most artists think red,yellow and blue are the pure colours.

D.In the print industry,if you mix all the colors,you will get gray.


一.1.would rather…than 2.Pink looks good on you. 3.a world full of colours

4.colours of the rainbow 5.colours affect us 6.Nothing wrong

二.B B C D B/D C B B C

四.C B C AB


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