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九年级上册英语期中考试试题 2

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C1.I like music ___________ I can dance to.

A.who B.what C. that

C2.He is not __________to do his homework. So he always makes some mistakes

A.careful enough B.enough carefully C. enough careful

C3.Ann __________to choose her own clothes

A.allowed B.is allow C.is allowed

A4. ________ be a history teacher?

A.Did she used to B.Does she use to C.Did she use to

C5. Please remind me _______ to mother .

A. write B. to write C. writing

A6._______ you do, do it well.

A.Whatever B。Whenever C. Wherever

C7.I would rather _____ English than ______ words.

A. reading; writing B. read; writing C. read; write

C8.I’d invite her ______ dinner at my house tomorrow.

A. have B. having C. to have

A9.This pair of shoes ______ Li Gang’s ,it’s too big for him .

A. can’t be B. could be C. must be

A10.He finds __________ easy to learn to dance

A.so B.it C.that



Do you have problems in your life? And do you know how to be happy? If ,you will find Being Happy Teenagers written by the Australian writer Andrew Matthews useful.In his book,Matthews us how to live a happy life and answer the questions from teenagers.

There are many subjects such as parents and friends, and forgive(宽恕)others.The book also tells as useful skills such as how to put what you have learned into pictures of your mind to your memory(记忆) better.

Many teenagers think praise(赞扬)from other people.But you can also be happy when there are no such“good”things.

Success comes from a good attitude.If you can face these problems,you will achieve success in the future.

Some school students have such as being too tall or too short.But Matthews tells us that happiness comes from thinking about things a positive way.people can notice you and you can get a better view at the movies;if you are short,your clothes and shoes take less in your bedroom! This is Matthew’s most important lesson:you choose to be happy!

A31.A.so B.not C.do

C32.A.asks B.says C.tells

A33.A.to be angry B.being angry C.becoming happy

C34.A.forget B.change C.make

B35.A.that B.what C. which

A36.A.and B.so C. or

C37.A.questions B.chances C.problems

B38.A.at B.in C.by

B39.A.short B.tall C.strong

A40.A.money B.time C. room




Emma got all of them on her mobile phone yesterday.Please read them carefully and find the best answers to the questions.

Emma, Emma, Hey,Emma,I’m going to have “Home Alone V”is now on Mr. Lee said your computer is a Would show at People’s Theater. Ok now.You can go and get it you come and join us?From ? from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Susan Yours Jessie James 13823636790 13372320909 13654243555

Emma, Emma, Buy some fruits on your way home.Thanks. Vicky 13096752112 13096752112

C41.What did Emma get yesterday?

A.Some letters. B.Some e-mails. C.Some messages.

C42.What is Home Alone V?

A.A book. B.A game. C. A film.

C43.Who asked Emma to call back?

A.Susan. B.Jessie. C.Vicky.

C44.If Emma wants to go to the party this weekend, which number should she send a message to?

A.13096752112 B.13654243555 C.13823636790


Once Effendi had a joke with the Prime Minister(宰相), He said that the Minister would die the next day. The next day, the Minister fell to the ground from the horse and really died, when the king learned this, he got angry and sent his men to catch Effendi at once. When Effendi was brought to him, the king shouted angrily, “Effendi, since you knew when my Minister would die, you must know the date of your own death, say it out, or you’ll die today”

Effendi looked at the king for a while, then he answered, “But how can I know?” The king said,“How do you know the date of my Minister’s death? If you don’t want to tell me, you will die at once.” After hearing this, Effendi felt a little afraid, but soon he had an idea.“I’ll die two days earlier than you’’, he said. The king was afraid that if he killed Effendi, he himself would die after that, He thought he must keep Effendi alive(活着)as long as possible, so he let Effendi go home. A. how Effendi fool(愚弄) the king B. when the king would die

C. why the Minister died A12.The prime Minister died because

A. He fell off the horse

B. Effendi said he would die

C. He was badly ill

B13.Why did the king ask Effendi to tell him the date of Effendi's own death?

A. Because the king wanted to know when he himself would die

B. Because the king wanted to find an excuse to kill Effendi

C. Because he wanted to know when Effendi would die A14.The king let Effendi go because

A. he hoped to live a long life.

B. he was afraid of Effendi.

C. he didn't believe(相信) Effendi's words.

A15.Which of the following is not true?

A. Effendi played a joke on the Minister.

B. If the king killed Effendi, he himself would die two days later.

C. Effendi didn't know when the king would die.


Mr. Smith was in trouble those days. He drove a car for Mr. Black, a rich businessman. He worked hard and the businessman liked him. But he couldn’t work when he drank too much. And once he almost fell into the river when he drove along the bridge. Mr. Black became angry and was going to send him away. He had a big family and was afraid of it and promised(许诺) he would stop drinking at once. The businessman told him to wait to be dealt with.

One Monday morning Mr. Smith came into the office with badly burned ears. “What happened to your ears?” asked Mr. Black.

“Well”, said the man. “I went to watch a football match yesterday while my wife was ironing (熨)clothes. She had put the iron(熨斗)near the telephone before she went to cook supper .Our team lost the game and I felt sorry for it. As soon as I went in the sitting-room, the phone rang and I answered the iron !” “And what happened to the other ear?”

“When I put the iron on the table ,the telephone rang again !”

B56._____,so he almost drove the car into the river.

A. Mr. Smith was not careful

B. Mr. Smith drank too much

C. Mr. Smith forget they were on the bridge

C57. Mr. Smith went to watch the football match _____.

A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Sunday

C59.The ______badly burned Mr. Smith’s ears.

A. telephone B. drinking C. iron

C60.What would happen to Mr. Smith ?

A. He would go on driving for Mr. Black.

B. He would never watch any matches.

C. Mr. Black would send him away.

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