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July has many different hobbies. Such as reading many different kinds books, so she knows many things( a lot). She is also keen on taking photos, because it can make her relaxed. She is interested in collecting stamps, too. Besides, she likes feeding fishes. What an interesting life she has!

The winter holiday is coming.
Firstly, we should have a good rest during the winter holiday . And we should finish our holiday homework. Secondly, we ought to keep doing sports to stay healthy and try to take some activities. Thirdly, we should try our best to help do some housework, then our parents will feel relaxed and happy. Though the winter holiday is not too long, we still need to make good use of it to spend a happy and meaningful holiday.

Water is very important to all of the living things. We have to drink water every day. We also use water to wash clothes, cook, take a shower and so on. Although water covers two thirds of Earth, most of the water is not drinkable because we can drink fresh water and it is very easy to be polluted. The world is short of water, so we must do our best to save water.

The importance of water
Water is very important for our daily life. We use water in many different ways, such as drinking, cooking and washing. All the living things need water. Without it, people, plants and animals will die. However, many people are wasting or polluting water now. so we should try our best to save water and protect it well.

How to save water? First. Turn off the tap when we don’t use it. Second ,water plants and flowers with used water. Third, take a shower instead of a bath, because it needs less water. Water is valuable , so let’s protect water together. Don’t let our tears become the last drop of water on Earth.

写一封求助信。假如你是王志东,一名中学生,现向 旅行社写信寻求帮助安排家庭旅行。 内容如下: 1. 计划从深圳乘飞机,想了解春节期间去北京 的航班。 2. 希望推荐个好的三星级旅馆并安排房间。 3. 建议好的在北京吃饭的餐馆。 4. 推荐北京内外的风景名胜。

I am a high school students. My family is planning a trip to Beijing during the Spring Festival. We are planning to travel by air from Shenzhen, so we would like to know about flights to Beijing during the Spring Festival. Also, Could you recommend a good three-star hotel and arrange rooms for us? Could you please suggest some good restaurants to eat and some places of interests in Beijing, too.

(1) 假如你是李珍,你的英国朋友Jean 邀 请你本周日和她一起逛街,可碰巧你有事 不能去。请你根据下面的图片提示,用英 文给Jean写一封电子邮件表示歉意并说明 理由。

1. 上午

2. 下午

3. 晚上

I have many things to do that day. I have to do my homework in the morning. In the afternoon, I will visit my uncle. He is ill in hospital. I have a piano lesson in the evening. I’m free next Su

nday afternoon. Please let me know if you are also free at that time. Then we can go shopping together. Write soon. Li Zhen

My friend Mary is my classmate with long yellow hair. She is 16 years old. She is good at singing and dancing. She gets up early everyday and so she is never later for school. Mary is strict with herself and studies hard, so she always get ”A” grade. She often helps others. Now she is helping me with my English. I like staying with her, and we will be good friends forever.

Li Lei and Li Mei went to see a film. On their way home, they saw a strange man carrying a big bag on his back. He came out of a shop. They thought he must be a thief. They called the police. Soon the police came and the thief was caught. Li Lei and Li Mei were very happy.

Last Sunday, Mary went to the market to buy some vegetables. When she came home, she began to clean the house. Then she played the piano for about two hours. When she felt tired, she surfed the Internet . How busy she was!.

Look at the pictures, One day, Tom failed in the exam, he was worried his father would be angry with him. He talked with his friends about it. His friends decided to help him. They studied together. At last, Tom made great progress and he got good mark. How happy he was! That’s all, thank you!

On my way home I saw a man throwing some waste onto the ground from the second floor of a building. The ground looked dirty. So I picked up the waste and threw it into the dustbin. I brought out a piece of paper and wrote a notice. It said “Please don’t throw any waste onto the ground!” Then I put the notice against a tree. When the man saw the notice, he said sorry to me.

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