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代词填空: 第二人称 第一人称 单数 复数 单数 复数
主 格 宾 格 形 物 名 物 I me
my we us you

第三人称 单数 复数
he/ it they / she him/it them /her



your his/its their /her mine ours yours yours his/its theirs /hers

your our

一、按要求写出下列代词的形式 me 1.I (宾格)______ his 2. he (形容词性物主代词) _______ we 3. us(主格)_________ them 4、they(宾格)________ 5. she(宾格) ______ her yours 6、you(名词性物主代词)________ it 7、it(宾格)______ them 8、him(复数)_________ her 9、her(形容词性物主代词)_________ 10、my(复数)________ our theirs 11、they(名词性物主代词) _________ I 12. we(单数)_____

I 13.me(主格)____ 14.you(形容词性物主代词)_______ your 15.he(名词性物主代词)_______ his she 16.her(人称代词主格)_______ we 17.our(人称代词主格)________ 18.they(形容词词性物主代词)______ their 19.their(人称代词主格)_______ they 20.me(名词性物主代词)________ mine him 21. his(人称代词宾格)_______ these 22.this(复数)_________ 23.those(单数)________ that 24.who(所有格)__________ whose

二. 从括号内选择正确的代词填空

1.Your football clothes are on the desk. Please put ___(they,them,their, theirs) away. (请把它们收起来吧。)
2. (We,Us,Our,Ours)_____ English teacher is Mrs. Green. We all like _________(she,her,hers). 3. (I,Me,My,Mine)____ can‘t get my kite. Could you help ______(I,me,my,mine)?

4. Tom can’t get down from the tree. Can you help _________(he,him,his)? 5. Her kite is broken(坏了). Can _______ ( you,your,yours ) mend(修理) it? 6. We can‘t find our bikes. Can you help ________(we,us,our,ours)? 7. These are _________( he,him,his ) planes. The white ones are _________ ( I,me,mine, my ).

二. 将下列句中汉语译为英语: 1.Where is________(你们的)room? your 2._____(你)can go to ask ______(他们). You them 3. Is his ___(他的bike new? Mine (我的)is new. _____ my 4.Where is ________(我的)eraser? 5.Put on ________(你的)sweater. your 6.‘‘_______(谁)is it?” ‘‘It's________(我)” Who me 7. It’s time to go to school. us Let ________(我们)go. She 8._____(她)is an English girl. His _____(她的)name is Lucy. Whose 9.________(谁的)eraser is that ? hers 10.This knife isn’t ______(她的). his It's ______(他的).

二、用括号里的代词的适当形式填空 our 1. Mr. Yang is _______(we) teacher. He ________(him) is from Beijing. _______(his) He teaches ______ (our) English. us 2. Look, there is a cat. _______(they) is It Lily's. _______(it) name is Mimi. Its her 3. Let______ (I) tell ______(she) about _____ his me (he) life at school. 4. This is ________(they) room. Where is their ________ (our)? o

urs 5. Don't use the eraser. ___(it) is ______(me). It mine my 6. The lady under the tree is ______(me) She her aunt. _______(her) often sings with _____(she) husband.

三. 在短文空白处填入适当的代词: My name is Jim. There are(有) three my people in my family, my _ father, _3___ 1 2 mother and _I_ . _ 5 father is a policeman. 4 My _He __6 is thirty-five. _ 7 mother is a teacher. My _ 8__ likes her students. She looks _9 10 _She after them very well. _I__ am a student. I 11_ 12 have two good friends, Tom and Lucy. _We _13 often(经常) play football together(一起). _We _14__ all(都) have a new pen. Tom's is blue. It_ 15 is in his bag. Lucy's is red. _It_ is in 16 17 18 pencil-box. Mine is green. _It_ is in 19 20 his my hand(手).

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