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1.Do you row much? Yes.quite a b_____.

2.My d______is to be a singing.

3.What are you going to do in the f________? I am going to be a teacher.

4.Yao ming is one of the best basketball p________in the world.

5.Mary wants to be a s__________like Edison.

6.Now people_________________(遍及全国) use this kind of equipment to do exercise.

7.Running is good for our legs,_________(心脏)and lungs.

8.She is good at j______.She is going to join in the high jump.

9.Walking is a good way to keep f_______.

10.After working for a long time,he stopped and _________.(放松)

11.They will arrive in China____________________(后天

12.Walking is a good way___________(保持健康)

13.Kangkang, I will t_______the ball to you ,catch.

14.Lily must hide s_________else,because I can’t see her.

15.Would you mind teaching me? C________ not.

16.Would you mind_______ ________ ________the ball here?(我再这里踢球吗?) ________ ________ ________. (当然不介意了)

17.It was cold yesterday.I______ _______(病倒了)

18.Would you mind playing football with me? I’d______ _______ _______.(十分乐意)

19.Mary was a good girl.She f________her homework on time every day.

20.Beijing held the Olympics.We______ _____ _______(尽最大的努力)to prepare for it.

21.They______________(打架)because of the lost game yesterday.

22.Your father’s father is your g____________.

23.I’m sorry for what I did. It’s n_________.

24.We are going to h______a school sports meet next week.

25.A hundred years is a c________.

26.How do you s_______in a basketball game?

You can get points by throwing the into the other sides’s basket.

27.There are many trees on both s____of the road.

28.Lin Shuhao become a _______for kids.

29.Kangkang is one of the _______(主要的)plays in our football team.

30.My hometown is beautiful.There is a small river running t__________it.

31.Suddenly, a car h_____the tree and stopped.

32.We t_______LiLei______(使......成为)our monitor.

33.There is n_______in the box.It’s empty.

34.Now I can_______ _______ _______(在......获得很大乐趣)in reading books.

35.Water ______ _______ ______(对......重要)humman.

36._______ ________(大多数)people like watching basketball games in NBA.

37.I’m sure we will enjoy ourselves in the teachers’______________.(接力)

38.The Great Wall is a s_______of China.

29.They had a good c________to win the game,but Mike misses the goal.

30.______ _______(起先),he was in the calssroom.

31.Do you know what UN_______ ________(代表)?

32.We are going to London_____ _______ _______ ______(在.....之初)July.

33.I’m not sure_______(是否)there are UFOs.

34.Teamwork is more important t______a player’s good skills in a game.


1.I see you________(read)English every day.

2._________(skate)is her favourite sport.

3.I spent three hours in ________(make) a kite.

4.He did very ________(good)

5.Eating more fruit is good for your_________(healthy)

6.There is going to ______(be) a football match next week.

7.The train________(arrive) at the station at this time every day.

8.Do they go______(cycle)every Saturday?Yes,they do.

9.We___________(have) an English party this weekend.I hope you can come.

10.There ____________(be) a baseball match this afternoon.

11.Our plane________(leave) at ten o’clock tonight.

12._____you______(go) to my party next week?Yes I am.

13.Our plane______(fly) to Beijing at ten tonight.

14.The boy spends much time_______(play) computer games.

15.My sister________(become) a teacher two years ago.

16.James was from__________.He was a___________.(Canada)

17.Thomas Edison ______many inventions.He was a great_____________.(invent)

18.They are sure________(come) tonight.

19.He enjoys________(read) books after supper.

20.Jane keeps_______(send)an e-mail to her good friends every week.

21.He will join in the ______(boy)800-meter race in the school sports meet.

22.Mother feels tired after________(work) a day.She is sleeping now.

23.Will you_______(play)the piano______(quiet)?It’s too noisy.

Sorry,I________(try)to play it more quietly.

24.Hello!Is that Mary? _________(speak)

25.I finished_______(do) my homework just now.

26.My mother bought a pair of _______(run) shoes for me.

27.Lin Tao was so ________(excite) that he couldn’t sleep.

28.He did_______(bad)in the high jump yesterday.

29.I hope to have a chance_____(go)to London.

30.Ling is the first time_______(come)to school every day.



1.Li lei________bananas_______apples when he was a child.

A.prefers;to B.prefer;to C.preferred;better D.preferred;to

2.I hope my good friend______to the party.

A.will come B.come C.comes D.came

3.My daughter is going to be a teacher when she________.

A.grow B.grew C.grows up D.grew up

4.We are going to go fishing________the summer holiday.

A.to B.during C.at D.for

5.There _______an English party next week.

A.will have B,is going to have C.is going to be D.was going to be

6.I often see the girls_____in the room.They’re very pleased.

A.dance B.dances C.dancing D.to dance

7.Let’s go! Our class are having a basketball game against Class One.

Really? Why not_______?

A.to cheer on them B.cheer them on C.cheer on them D.to cheer them on

8.Running every day_____me very healthy.

A.makes B.make C.to make D.making

9.Don’t worry. I’ll do my best____you when you are in danger.

A.help B.to help C.helping D.helps

10.I’m not good at English,but I keep _____hard.

A.study B.to study C.studying D.studies

11.The woman_______the boy.Because he broke her window with a ball.

A.shouted at B.was happy with C.was sorry for D.asked for

12.Herry is sure______to you.

A.to write B.that write C.of write D.about write

13.Summer holiday is come.What is your plan______the holiday?

A.to B.for C.with D.in

14.How delicious the cake is!

I’m glad you like it.Would you like to have _____one

A.another B.others C.the other D.other

15.The bad weather stopped us from_______hiking.

A.go B.goes C.to go D.going

16.A large number od children_______watching TV.My son likes ,too.

A.likes B.like C.liked D.to like

17.I left my keys in the room yesterday,so I had to get in______the window.

A.in B.over C.to D.through

18.It is important_____us_______learn English.

A.for;to B.to;to C.for;in D.to;in

19.When you are in a game,remember to play_______a team.

A.for B.with C.against D.as

20.I can’t move the heavy box to _____other side of the street.Could you please give _____hand?

A.the;/ B.an;a C.an;/ D.the;a

21.Would you like to play tennis with me?

I’d like to,but I have _______homework to do.

A.the number of B.lots of C.a large number of D.many

22.I’m sorry I broke the window. -----------

A.That’s OK. B.Not at all C.Never mind D.OK

23.What_____stories do you know about our English teacher? Nothing______.

A.other;other B.else;else C.other;else D.else;other

24.We are going to have a sports meet next week. _______exciting.

A.Listens B.Hears C.sounds D.Listens to

25.It’s the first time for me________Beijing.

A.going to B.goes to C.went to D.to go to

26.The little girl has fun_______songs.

A.sing B.to sing C.sang D.singing

27.When shall we meet,Susan? Let’s______it six o’clock.

A.have B.get C.do D.make

28.He was so______when he heard the ______news that he got first place in the match.

A.exciter;exciting B.exciting;excited C.excited;excited D.exciting;exciting

29.When did you_____the high jump club?

Last month.I’m going to_______the high jump in our school sports meet.

A.join;join B.take part in;join C.join;take part in D.take parti in; take part in


1.Learning English well is important_____us.

2.Look at the tiger in the cage.We are all sorry_____it.

3.What do you mean______saying that?

4.Please pass the ball_____your teammate more often.

5.He does well_____playing tennis.

五、按要求改写句子 对划线部分提问)

_______ ________his teacher was angry with him.

2.Pass the ball to your teammate more often.(改为同义句)

Pass________ _________ ________ _______more often.

3.I’m quite sorry for breaking your cup.(作委婉回答)

_________ ________.Please be careful next time.

4.They learn teamwork is very important.(改为同义句)

It is very important_______ ________ ________ ______teamwork.

5.I’ll do it right away.

I’ll do it______ _______ ______.

6.We are sure we will win next time.

We are sure_____ _____ next time.

7.Could you please not speak loudly?

Would you mind______ ______ loudly?

8.He is very sorry for his words.

He is very sorry for_____ _______ _______.

9.I’ll be in the long jump.

I’ll______ ______ ______the long jump. 对划线部分提问)


11.It’s my first time to take part in the high jump.

I took part in the high jump______ _______ ______ ______.

12.No one can do it.

No one_____ ______ _____do it.



There is going to be a great basketball game in Sports Center tomorrow.The students ofGrade Eight will go there and watch it.We are going to meet at the school gate at 8:30a.m.Please put on our school clothes and we will go there by bike.Please don’t be late.

My favourite sport

I love sports.My favourite sport is playing basketball.I think it is exciting and good for my health.I usually play basketball with my friends on the playground after school.

I always feel well and become stronger and stronger because I do sports every day.And it can make me active all the time.I hope all of us can take an active part in sports,and I also wish everyone good health.

Dear Mr.wang,

I’m sorry to tell you that I’m not feeling well today.I have a bad cold.The doctor told me to stay in bed for two days.So I can’t go to school today and tomorrow.So I’d like to ask for two days’ leave.I hope I will get well very soon.

Thank you!

Yours, Tom

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