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广东省东莞市寮步信义学校八年级英语上册 Unit 9 Can you come to my party Section A 2a-2c导学案

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Unit 9 Can you come to my party Section A 2a-2c导学案



2.能交叉使用“have/has to”和“be+ doing”给出不能接受别人邀请的具体理由。



交叉使用“have/has to”和“be+ doing”给出不能接受别人邀请的具体理由。


温故知新 一、请回忆昨天所学的短语,充分发挥你的想象力,在下列图片对应的横线上写出合适的短语。

1._____________ 2._____________ 3._______________ 4.______________




“too many”、“too much”、“much too”的区别。

too many+可数名词 too much+不可数名词 much too+形容词/副词



1. 写出2a中涉及到的5个人名并大声朗读它们。 _________________________________________________________________________________

2. 在2b中,编者除了使用了“have/has to + 动词原形” 这一结构来表达不能接受邀请的具体理由外,还使用了_______________这一结构。这里的这个结构是用来表示动词正在发生的吗?如果不是,它是用来表示_________________.。

3. 请使用上述两种结构将2b中的句子对换。

For example: a: I’m sorry. I have to help my mom.

I’m sorry. I’m helping my mom.

b: I’m sorry. I’m playing soccer.

I’m sorry. I _________________________________.

c: I’m sorry. I have to go to my guitar lesson.

I’m sorry. I __________________________________.

d: I’m sorry. I’

m going to the movies.


I’m sorry. I __________________________________.

e: I’m sorry. I have to visit my aunt.

I’m sorry. I ___________________________________.

二、根据2a、2b题目要求,完成听力。做听力最基本的一个技巧就是注意力高度集中。 三、核对答案。对于不清楚的地方向老师提出再听、精听的要求。 四、写出更多拒绝别人邀请理由的短语。 For example: do too much homework (做太多的家庭作业);

relax at home because ??too tired.(在家放松因为太累了);

take part in the English club activity.(参加英语俱乐部的活动); go to the airport to see my best friends off.(到机场送我最好的朋友);

_______________________________________________________________________; _______________________________________________________________________; _______________________________________________________________________; _______________________________________________________________________; _______________________________________________________________________; _______________________________________________________________________

五、两人一组,按所给Model Conversation制作属于你们自己的对话。

Model conversation:

A:Hey,Dave, can you go to the movies on Sunday?

B: I’m sorry I can’t. I have to do too much homework this weekend.

A: That’s too bad./ What a pity!/ Really? It’s terrible. Maybe/Perhaps another time/ next time. B: Sure. Joe. Thanks for asking!/ Thanks for your invitation. / Thanks for inviting me.

你可使用下边的邀请:1. Come to my party 2.Go to the movies with me 3.Play basketball with us this afternoon 5.come to my house to watch NBA games on Sunday morning。当然,你也可以使用你自己的邀请。



一、 使用“too many”、“too much”或“much too”填空。

1._______people buy this book because it’s _______ interesting .

2.There are ____________ means of transportation nowadays. However, a small number of people take the air because it’s ____________ expensive and kind of dangerous.

3.Although he has ____________ money, he still feels lonely


1.I’m sorry I can’t. I have to help my parents do some farm work this weekend. I’m sorry I can’t. I _________ _____________ my parents do some farm work this weekend.

2.I’m sorry I can’t. I’m going to the airport to see my best friend off. I’m sorry I can’t. I ________ _________ go to the airport to see my best friend off.

3.Thanks for asking . Thanks for your _____________.



回顾表示不能接受邀请原因的词组;“too many”等词的区别;再次对比用来阐述不能



用所给词的正确形式填空。 1.She can’t come to my party tomorrow because she ___________(spend) time with

her grandparents.

2.Thanks so much for __________(invite) me.

3.You _________________(not have to) feel sorry. In fact, she wasn’t angry

with you.

4.If you are under too ________(many) pressure(压力), you can’t sleep well

or study well.

5.I _____________( go) to the movies with my father next Wednesday.



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