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甘肃省景泰县五佛中学七年级英语上册《Lesson 23 The Corner Store》学案

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《Lesson 23 The Corner Store》


1、重点单词:corner, money, clerk, fridge, twenty, pass, can

2、重点短语:corner store, take down, pass around

3、重点句型:① Can I help you? ②Let me see.


【 预习导学 】

英汉互译 1、让我想想_________ 2. many bottles of coke__________

3. 在那边__________ 4. In the fridge_______


A、听力训练 Do the exercise in page 59. First part

B、任务阅读 Do the exercise in page 59. Second part

C、难点点拨 1. pass v.传递;通过


Please pass me a cup of water. 2. can 容器 如:a can of beer 3. 语法:不可数名词的度量 a glass of water 一杯水 two glasses of water 两杯水


a piece of paper_____ a piece of meat________ a piece of music_________ a pair of pants_________ a pair of shoes_______ A pair of glasses________

【 巩固练习 】 根据句意写单词或短语。

① P____me the book, please.

② The broken desk is in the c____of the classroom.

③ Mum, I need to buy some pencils. May I have some m____?

④ Ten and ten is t______.

【 当堂检测】 1. 选择

( ) ① The ____keeps the food fresh.

A. Fridge B money C glass D bottle ( )

② ---what ______your mum like to drink?

--- She would like a glass of milk.


A. do B does C would D woulds ( )

③ ---_____ bottles of coke do you like? --- Twenty.

A. How B. How many C How much D How often ( )

④ ---Can I help you, sir? ---- ________. I want to buy some T-shirts for my children.

A. Yes, please. B.No, thanks. C It doesn’t matter. D Of course I can.

2. 用所给单词的适当形式填空

①. Here _____(be) some money.

② Here are three _____(glass ) of juice

③ How many _____(bottle) of milk do you have?

4. Are you ready _______(go) to school?

5. Money ____(be) not the most important .

【 作 业 】1、完成练习;2、预习背诵Lesson 24单词。

【 我的反思 】


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