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甘肃省景泰县五佛中学七年级英语上册《Lesson 20 I Like the Supermarket》学案

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《Lesson 20 I Like the Supermarket》



1.不得不 A.look at the list

2.充满 B.Good job!

3.看清单 C. write down

4.写下来 D.have to

5.做得好! E.be full of


1.Will you come to the (超市)with me?

2.His schoolbag is (装满了)(装满了)of the books.

3.The little boy likes (饼干) 4. (一切)is ready.Let’s go!


探究一 I have to go to the supermarket.我不得不去超市。

have to这一情态动词的用法你有多少认识呢?

(1)have to是情态动词,基本意思是“必须”,表示客观上的必要。have to后接动词原形,并且有人称和数的变化,在一般现在时第三人称单数中要用has to,在一般将来时中用will have to。

I have to leave home at seven.我必须在7点离开家。

(2)have to的否定形式是在have to前加don’t,Doesn’t或won’t等,意思是“不必"。have to的疑问形式需要借助助动词来完成,其答语也用所借助的助动


---Do they have to go?他们必须去吗?

---Yes,they do./No,they don’t.是的,他们必须去。/不,他们不必去。

【例l】 我母亲病了,我不得不待在家里。(汉译英) My mother is ill and I stay at home.

【解析】 由句意知,待在家里是不得不,由客观的外界状况所决定的,故用形态动词 1

have to.

【答案】 haye to

探究二 It’s full of delicious food.那里充满了美昧的食物.

be full of的含意你清楚吗,它还有另外一个同义短语,你又知道吗? full形容词,意为“满的”。be full of意为“充满”,相当于be filled with. 课堂检测:

知识点一:have to的用法

1.我周末不必去上学。 I go to school on weekends.

知识点二:be full of的用法

2.The box is filled with cereal,(改为同义句) The box is cereal.

知识点三:look at的用法

3. the picture.The girl is smiling happily.

A.Look B.Look at

C:Have a look D.See

知识点四:write down的用法

4.把你的电话号码写在这张纸上。 your phone number this piece of paper.


1.He has a car.

2.Mr.Green likes Chi nese food.

3.Jenny comes from Canada.

4.We have meat,vegetables and noodles for dinner.



Li Hai is from a family of three people.They liketo eat different kinds of food.Li Hai likes hamburgers very much.H e likes having them for every meal.But

he doesn’t like vegetables at a11.Li Hai’s father is from Guangdong.He likes rice a lot.But he doesn’t like meat at a11.Li Hai’s mother is from Dalian.Shelikes fish and vegetables very much,but she doesn't like rice or hamburgers.The y all 1ike fruit.


1.Do they like fruit?

2.Does Li Hai like hamburgers?

3.Wtlat does his father like?



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