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导学案Unit 3 Topic 2 What do your parents do

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Unit 3

Topic 2 What do your parents do ? Section D


1、I can’t see your grandparents in your home.Where are they?

They __________ __________ (和...住)my uncle.

2、My cat is very cute. I_________ color is white.

3、My family is very big. I l__________ my family very much.

4、I like to __________ __________ (和...玩) my cat after school.


1、一个七年级的学生________________ 2、一个幸福的家_____________ 3、住在北京_____







5、自己填写Grammar和Functions 表格,然后检测答案,熟读句子,掌握语法。


1、in a hospital 表示在医院里,指地点概念。而in hospital 指“因病住在医院里”。

He is ill in hospital.他生病住院。

He is in a hospital.他在医院里。(不一定是因为生病来到医院里)

〖拓展〗 at school/at the school

He is at school.他在上学。(专门指学习)

He is at the school.他在学校里。(未必是去读书)

2、She teaches in a high school.她在中学教书。

Teach 动词,意为“教,教授”,第三人称单数形式为teaches,名词为teacher.常用短语有teach sb. Sth.教某人某东西,还有teach sb. to do sth. 教某人做某事。

〖注意〗 在“教某人某科目”中,某人应该用人称代词的宾格。如:“教我们英语”,应说成“teach us English”,而不能使用其形容词性物主代词,说成teach our English.


( )1、—Where does he live? —He _____China.

A.lives B.Lives in C.lives with

( )2、My parents______office workers.

A. both are B.all are C.are both

( )3、Mr. Green is ______father.

A.Lily and Lucy's B.Lily's and Lucy's C.Lily's and Lucy ( )4、---Is that ______English book? ---No,I think it's _______.

A.me, he B.your, his C.my, his

( )5、---____________________? ---He is a doctor .


A.Who is your mother ? B. What does your mother do ? C.What is your mother ? ( )6、 Does she want ______to school?

A.go B.goes C.to go

( )7、---_______does he work ? ----He works in ______office.

A.What, a B.Where , an C.Who, an

( )8、---Where_______Mary live? ---She_____________China.

A.does lives B.Do live in C.is lives in D.does lives in



A:Daddy, This is my new friend, Bob.

B:Welcome to our house, Bob. Come in and make yourself at home.

C:Thanks. Wow, what a nice room!


C: B:C:He’s a doctor. B:Oh, I’m a doctor, too.C:He works at the Red Star Hospital. B:C:Sure. His name is Jack Green. B:Oh! It’s a small world. Your father and I are friends二、根据短文意思和首字母提示,写出相应单词。 from London. But now I am in Beijing. I am fourteen years old. There are five people in my family. My father is a d the People’s Hospital. M. She teaches English in No.14 Middle School. I am her student. I am in Class Eight, Grade Nine. My Tim is only four years old. He doesn’t go to school. My grandma lives with us. She doesn’t work(工作) now. She looks Tim at home. We are very happy.


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