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( )1.How do you study _______a test? I study _______working with friends.

A. for ; for B. for ; by C. by ; for D .by ; by

( ) 2. David used to _____________ in the afternoon.

A. practice swimming B. practicing swimming C. practice swim D practices swimming

( )3. That's very kind you. I know it's very hard you to do that.

A. of, of B. of, for C. for, of D. for, for

( )4. I don't know _______.Can you tell me________?

A. how swim; what to do B. how to swim ; what to do it

C. how to swim; what to do D. what to swim; how to do

( )5.Teenagers _______ allowed to drive in the street .

A. should not be B. should be not C. not should be D. shouldn’t

( )6. My sister spends too much time ______computer games.

A. to play B. play C. plays D.playing

( )7.The girls have read books.

A.two hundreds B.hundred of C.two hundred of D.hundreds of

( )8.It’s ______ cold today, but I have still finished ______ homework.

A. too much; too much B. much too; much too

C. too much ;much too D. much too; too much

( )9.He has done _________ to improve his writing.

A. something useful B. anything useful C. useful nothing D. useful anything

( )10.The film is very by it.

A.moving, moved B. moved, moving C.moving, moving D. moved, moved

( )11.I pretended ________her when I walked by.

A. not see B. not to see C. don't see D. to not see

( )12. If I _______ you , I _______ do that .

A. was , would B. were ; wouldn’t C. am , won’t D. were , won’t

( )13._________that river ________very clean?

A. Did ;use to B. Did ;use to be C. Does ;used to D. Does ;use to be

( )14.Whose guitar is this? Susan plays the guitar. It must _______.

A.belong to her B. belong her C. belong to hers D. belong hers

( )15.Yao Ming is a famous basketball star_______ is playing in the NBA .

A which B who C when D where

( )16.This is the first thing you are after you get there.

A.suppose to do B.supposed do C.supposed to do D.supposed doing

( )17.Do you like music ____makes you excited?

A. that B. what C. who D. it

( )18.She prefers ________at the party rather than______.

A. to sing; dance B. to sing ; dancing C. sing; to dance D. sing ;dance

( )19.I like places __________it's not cold in winter.

A. those B. which C. where D. this

( ) 20.Please remind me _______ to my teacher .

A. write B. to write C. writing D. Wrote

20.He used to like playing________ piano,but now he likes playing _________ basketball. 1

A./:the B.the;the C.a: / D.the;/

21.一 ______ do you learn new English words?

一I learn new words by joining an English club.

A.What B.How C.Why D.Which

22.When they heard the ___________ news,they got very ___________.

A.frustrating, frustrated B.frustrated, frustrated

C.frustrated, frustrating D.frustrating, frustrating

23.My grandpa is _________ weak ______ look after himself.He needs help.

A.so, that B.very, to C.so, to D.too, to

24.--Excuse me does Mr.Green's son live here.

--He ________ be here, but he has moved.

A.used to B.used for C.was used to D.got used to

25.______ his surprise, his brother succeeded in climbing up the mountain.

A.At B.On C.To D.In

26.Tom is a ________ boy.He is too young to drive a ear.

A.fifteen-years-old B.fifteen-year-old C.fifteen years old D.fifteen year old

27.Tony didn't run ________.He was behind all the other runners.

A.slowly enough B.fast enough C.enough slowly D.enough fast

28.-- We will go to Beijing for three days during the vocation of October.--______________

A.So does he B.So he does C.So will he D.So he will

29.I________ a big house for my family if I _____ a lot of money.

A.would buy, have B.would buy, had C.will buy; had D.will buy, will have

30.There are about ______ people in this town.

A.five millions B.million of C.five million D.five millions of

31.The notebook ___________ be John's .There is his name on it.

A.must B.might C.could D.can't

32."The volleyball must belong to Mary" means_________

A.The volleyball must be Mary B.Mary has a volleyball

C.The volleyball must be Mary's D.That can't be Mary's volleyball

33.--We need a music CD that we can dance_______

--I have one.I'II take it ______the party.

A.in, in B.in, to C .to, to D.to ,in

34._____you go, ____you do in your school, You must obey the rules.

A.Wherever; whatever B.Where; what C.Whatever; wherever D.What; where

16.--- How do you study a test?

--- I study working a group.

A. for, in, with B. for, by, at C. for, by, with D. of, in, by

17. --- Hey! Don’t you remember me?

--- Wow! Paula? You used to ________ curly hair.

A. be B. are C. have D. has

18. Sixteen-years-olds shouldn’t ______ to go to an Internet bar.

A. be allowed B. be allow C. allow D. are allowed

19. -– Do you feel tired?--- No, I don’t. If I were tired, I ______a rest.


A had B would have C will have D have

20. --- Tom, where is your father? --- I’m not sure. He_______ in his office.

A. is B. may be C. maybe D. may

21. I don’t like people ______ talk much but do little.

A. who B. that C. which D. whose

22. ---Where would you like to go ? ---I’d like to go ________.

A. warm somewhere B. place warm C. somewhere warm D. warm place

23. ---You look so es, I've got a birthday present.

A. sad B. happy C. tired D. worried

24. ---Mom, ________ is my MP4? ---I put it in your backpack.

A. what B. how C. whose D. where

25. ---I’m not hungry but thirsty. ---________

A. I’m hungry, too.

B. What about some cakes? D. How about a glass of water? C. I’m happy to hear that.

26. —________are you talking about? —The Olympic Games in Beijing.

A. What B. Whom C. How D. Where

27. ---Why not come and join us in the game?

---_______. But I must meet Mr Smith at his office now..

A. I’d like to . B. Let’s go C. Yes, please D. No, problem.

28. — My clock doesn’t .— Let me have a look. Maybe I can help you.

A. work B. stop C. open D. answer

29. — We can use QQ to talk with each other online.

— Really? Could you please show me _______ it?

A. what to do B. how to do

A. In a park. B. In a school. C. when to do D. why to do 30. In which of the following places can you often see this sign?

C. In a science museum. D. In a street.


In learning English, one should first pay attention to listening and speaking.It is the groundwork(基础) of reading and writing.You' d better much listening.Don' t be of making mistakes.But be careful not to let them stop you While you are doing this, a good to write or keep a diary, write notes or letters.Then if you can, ask some others to go through you have written and tell you where it is wrong.Many mistakes in your speaking will be correcting mistakes, you can do better in learning English.

If you are slow in speaking, don′t about it.One of the helpful ways is reading, either aloud or to yourself.The important thing is to choose .It mustn't be too difficult for you.When you are reading this way, don' t stop to the new words if you can guess their meanings when they have nothing to do with the sentences.You can


do that some other time.

35.A.have B.send C.make D.try

36.A.sure B.proud C.afraid D.tired

37.A.English B.Chinese C.Japanese D.French

38.A.start B.idea C.time D.way

39.A.how B.when C.what D.why

40.A.happily B.easily C.really D.slowly

41.A.talk B.fear C.worry D.hurry

42.A.something B.everything C.anything D.nothing

43.A.by B.on C.at D.in

44.A.look B.look for C.look up D.look over


Do you know the most unusual building of the 19th century? Perhaps it was the Crystal Palace. It was built in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition of 1851. The Crystal Palace was different from all other buildings in the world, for it was made of iron and glass. It was one of the biggest buildings of the time and a lot of people from many countries came to see it. A great many goods were sent to the exhibition from various parts of the world. There was also a lot of on show. The most wonderful piece of machinery on show was Nasmyth's steam hammer. Though in those days, traveling was not as easy as it is today, steam boats carried thousands of visitors across the Channel from Europe. On arriving in England, they were taken to the Crystal Palace by train. There were 6,000,000 visitors in all, and the money from the exhibition was used to build museums and colleges. Later, the Crystal Palace was moved to South London. It remained one of the most famous buildings in the world until it was burnt down in 1936.

( )1.We can learn from the passage that Hyde Park is more than years old.

A. 100 B. 165 C. 150 D.65

( )2.The underlined word “machinery” in this passage means .

A. something for exhibition B. iron and glass

C. machines in general D. a steam hammer

( )3.If it costs every 1.5 pounds to visit the Crystal Palace, how much money did England get

from the visitors?

A. £ 1,000,000 B. £ 9,000,000 C. £ 7,500,000 D. £ 6,000,000

( )4.How could visitors to the Crystal Palace cross the English Channel in the least possible

time? . A. By steam boat B. By air. C. By train. D. By machinery

( )5.What happened to the Crystal Palace in 1936?

A. It began to be one of the most famous buildings of the world.

B. People changed it into a college and museum after a fire.

C. A fire pulled it down. D. People built a museum and a college near it.


46. The above job ads(广告) are probably from a .

A. newspaper B. story book C. TV show D. radio program

47. If you like children and have two days free, you can call at for a job.

A. 766588 B. 633800 C. 556779 D. 558366

48. If the owner of the large house asks a cleaner to tidy his house twice a week, how much will the cleaner get in a month?

A. $240 B. $200 C. $160 D. $120

are needed in AL Hotel.

A. Cleaners B. Baby-sitters C. Reporters D. Waiters

50. If you’re a college student of English who enjoys writing, during your summer holidays you will be more interested in the job in .

A. ad. (1) B. ad.(2) C. ad. (3) D. ad.(4)


Do Yao Ming, Liu Xiang and Justine Henin have anything in common with people like us? You probably answer “NO!”

It seems that top athletes live in a world that is completely different from ours. However, if we could see into their minds, it would be clear that they are actually just like us.

Just how an athlete becomes a success means sportspeople not only have to prepare physically, but mentally(内心地). They have to get to know themselves, manage stress and develop their powers of concentration. So they can put all their effort into their events.

We may not be sports stars ourselves, but we have to face same problems. We set goals for ourselves and think about personal development. We have to manage our fears before big exams. Like sportspeople, we try to be mentally strong and give our best.

Only few of us will be competing in the Olympic Games. But, all the same, there is much we share with sports heroes. Just like athletes, how we feel influences our decisions, behavior and achievements.

Top athletes show us that success isn’t simply down to chance. We can control the direction of our life’s journey.



① ________________ ② ________________




8.What does Justine Henin do?

She _________________________________________________________

9.The writer has a positive attitude towards top athletes’ success, doesn’t he?


10.What can we learn from the reading above?


四. 根据句意和首字母提示完成句中所缺的英语单词。

70.The student made m_____________ again yesterday, so his teacher was angry.

71.Our math teacher has taught at this school for more than 20 years. So he has a lot of e_______

72.Our teachers often tell US the i____________________ of studying knowledge.

73.We are so c ______________that we aren’t afraid to speak in public.

74.To be h______________,I am not good at the schoolwork.

75.Don’t c______________ on your clothes.you should study hard.


91.we must plant trees every year in our country.(改为被动语态)

Trees must _____________ _____________ every year by us in our country.

92.This computer is Alan’s.(改为同义句)

This computer_______ _______Alan.

93.Tom likes music.The music has lyrics.(合并为复合句)

Tom like music ______ _______lyrics.

94.We are so young that we can’t do the hard work.(改为同义句)

We are ________ young _______do the hard work.

95.He liked English better than math last year,(改为同义句)

He._______English____________ math last year.


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