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八年级上册Unit2 复习学案

时间:2013.11.1 设计人: Ke Li 审 核 人: 班级 姓名 学习小组 一、复习目标

(一)掌握并会熟练运用本单元出现的单词和短语(二)掌握本单元的重点句子 (三)会运用本单元的语法知识(一般现在时和频度副词)

二、复习重难点 1.掌握一般现在时各种句式 2.动词单三形式及其构成 3.会运用本单元的知识描述自己或他人的生活习惯。


1. 熟读记忆本单元的回生单词及重点短语,随堂听写。

2. 熟读本单元语法部分句型及对话。


1. 复习本单元的频度副词,表频率的短语,及他们在句中的用法。




1. _____more fruits and vegetables is good _____ our health.

A. Eating; to B. Eats; for C. Eating; for D. Eat; for

2. —How_____ do you read English? --Sometimes.

A. long B. often C. far D. much

3. He knows a lot, ______he is still a child.

A. so B. although C. but D. or

4. My mother________ surfs the Internet, she likes watching TV.

A. doesn’t hardly ever B. hardly ever C. isn’t hardly ever D. hardly never

5. — ______does he do on the weekend?-- He often helps his mother with housework.

A. How B. How often C. What D. How soon

6. ____he was tired, ______he didn’t stop ______.

A. Although, but; to rest B. Though; / ; working

C. Although; / ; resting D. Though; but; working

7. Your lifestyle is the same _____ . A. to my brother B. to mine C. as mine D. as my brother

8. It is raining, so Herry decides ___ at home.

A. stay B. staying C. to stay D. stayed

9. ---What do you think of the new movie?

--- I think it is ___, but someone thinks it is a little___.

A. wonderful enough, bored B enough wonderful, bored

B. wonderful enough, boring D enough wonderful, boring

10. ---Why didn’t she come to school today? ---____ her mother’s ill.

A. Because B. Because of C. So D. But

11. It is bad for your eyes ______ computer games too much .

A. plays B. to play C. play D. to playing

12. The students play sports every day and they try _____ themselves healthy.

A. keep B. keeping C. kept D. to keep

13. She is in good _______ because she has a ______ lifestyle .

A. health, healthy B. healthy, health C. healthy, healthy D. health, health

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14. I have______ to tell you.

A. anything exciting B. exciting something C. exciting anything D. something exciting

15. The doctor tells me I should eat meat and take exercise.

A. a little, a few B. less, more C. many, much D. much, many


One day Mrs. White went to see her doctor because there was something wrong with her heart.

y. Then he said, “Well, Mrs. White, stop __17 and you’ll soon be quite again.”

“But doctor,” answered Mrs. White. “I can’t smoke. I don’t like smoking .”

“Oh, well!” said the doctor, “ don’t drink any more wine.”

“But I don’t drink wine.” Mrs. White answered .

“Stop tea and coffee then,” the doctor said.

“I only drink ,” answered Mrs. White. “I don’t tea or coffee.”

The doctor thought a moment and then said, “Well… or you like fried potatoes?”

“Yes, I like them

“ . Then stop eating those.” Said the doctor, he got up to say to Mrs. White.

( )16. A. looked at B. looked over C. looked after D. looked around

( )17. A. eating B. drinking C. smoking D. talking

( )18.A. good B. ill C. well D. worse

( )19. A. at all B. in all C. at once D. at last

( )20. A. and B. but C. then D. or

( )21. A. quick B. at first C. slowly D. quickly

( )22. A. drank B. to drink C. drinking D. drink

( )23. A. water B. coffee C. wine D. tea

( )24. A. want B. like C. try D. have

( )25. A. at B. in C. for D. about

( )26. A. are B. do C. will D. would

( )27. A. at all B. little C. quite D. very much

( )28. A. Excuse me B. Really C. That’s right D. All right

( )29 A. so B. where C. when D. then

( )30. A. hello B. good-bye C. sorry D. yes

四.选词填空, 从方框中选择合适的单词并用正确的形式填入下列句子中。 (10分)

46. Lucy sometimes _____ (watch) TV at home on Sundays.

47. It ____(take) me 2 hours to finish my homework yesterday.

48. The students spend 2 hours in ______ (plant) the young trees.

49. The places of interest are_____ (bore).

50. If you do that, you’ll soon feel much ______ (health).

五.写作。(10分) 你的生活习惯和饮食习惯健康吗?请写一篇短文介绍你的生活习惯和饮食习

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