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Text For English Majors

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Text For English Majors

The range of the text: Unit 1of A English Course, Level 3

Time: 90 minutes Marks: 100

Part 1 Vocabulary and Phrase (15points)

A. Guess the meanings of the following words from the context by maching each word in Column A with the word or phrase in the Column B that is similar in meaning. (10*1=10)



1. fume a. smoke or vapour; offensive or suffocating gas

2. sandy b. of the colour of sand; pale reddish-yellow

B. Complete each unfinished sentence with a word, phrase, or structure from the box in the proper form.(5*1=5)


in terests and past experiences of the applicant.

Part 2 Comprehension (15 points)

A. Explain the following in your own words. (5*2=10)


1. Being very short of money and wanting to do something useful, I applied, fearing as I did so, that without a degree and with no experience of teaching my chances of landing the job were slim.

B. Guess the meaning of the following phrases from the context by decide which of the choices given below would the best answers. (5*1=5)


1. “The teaching set-up appalled me.” “the teaching set-up” means ()

A. A particular way of teaching

B. A schedule of teaching

C. An institute of teaching

D. A beginning of teaching

Part C Grammar (15 points)

There are fifty sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C, and D. choose one word or phrase that best complete the sentence. (15*1=15)


1. He took me task for not doing it.

A. Into B. upon C. to D. on

Part D Reading comprehension (20 points)

In this section there are four reading passages followed by 20 questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggedted answers marked A. B. C. and D. choose the one that you think is the best answer. (20*1=20)

Part E Translation (10 points)

Three Chinese-English translations and two English-Chinese translations (5*2=10)

Part F Writing (25 points)

A. Letter writing (10*1=10)

B. Writing (15*1=15)

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