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Module7 Unit1

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Unit 1
Alice was sitting with her sister by the river

Do you like to read fairy stories?
A fairy tale is a story written for, or told to children. The story often includes elements of magic (魔法).

Now look at the following pictures. Can you tell me the name of each story?

Work in pairs: A : What was he/she doing at 8 o’clock yesterday morning? B : He/She was… They were…

词,可利用几分钟时间带学生 快速回顾温习。对单词的熟练


Words and expressions
fall follow hole rabbit ssh v. 下落;跌落 v. 跟随;紧跟 n. 洞;孔;穴 n. 兔;家兔 int. 嘘(示意某人不要 说话) n. 地面 茶会

ground tea party

What famous stories have you read?

1. The White Rabbit 2. The Red Queen 3. The March Hare 4. Alice 5. The Mad Hatter 6. The Red King 7. The Cheshire Cat

Talk something about the pictures.

One day, Alice was sitting with her sister by the river. Suddenly a white rabbit with a watch ran past her. …


the White Rabbit

the Red King

the Red Queen

the Mad Hatter

the March Hare

the Cheshire Cat

Apples fall from the tree. 苹果从树上落下。 fall v. 下落;跌落 The little bear followed his mother. 小熊紧跟着妈妈。 follow v. 跟随;紧跟

hole rabbit n. 洞;孔;穴 n. 兔;家兔

ground n. 地面

ssh tea party 茶 int. 嘘(示意某人不要说话)

Listen and number the words as you hear them. fall
hole strange

4 5 1

follow 2
rabbit 3

Listen again and number the pictures.

sees the has a tea party follows a Cheshire Cat at the March white Hare’s house rabbit 2 3 1

Now complete the notes. 1. Alice was sitting with her ______ sister by the river. _____ 2. The white rabbit with a ______ watch ran past. 3. The Mad Hatter, the March Hare and a mouse were having a tea ____ party. 4. The Queen of Hearts was playing a strange game. ______

? Ssh!
? Sorry!

? It’s about…

Language Points

1. It’s about…
2. a girl called…



3. by the river
4. have a tea party


5. on the grass
6. all those questions


7. see sb. doing sth.

8. smile at sb. 9. play a strange game

朝某人微笑 玩一个奇怪的游戏 跑过

10. run past

1. fall fall意为“下落、跌落”, 为动词;其后可

输给别人”。此外, fall 还可作名词, 意为


fall over sb. / sth. 被…… 绊倒
fall off 下降, 跌落

fall down 掉下, 落下, 跌倒, 价格下跌
fall in love with 爱上, 喜爱

fall into 陷入, 变成, 分成, 养成
fall asleep 入睡; 睡着

一般来说,过去进行时是指“过去的某 一时间进行发生的动作或事情”。 一、结构 1. 过去进行时由“主语+was/were

+ 现 在 分词”构成 e.g. We were having supper when the phone rang.

2. 过去进行时的否定式由“was/were not +现在分词”构成 e.g. This time yesterday Jack was not watching TV. He was repairing his bike. 昨天这个时候,杰克不是在看电视,而 是在修理自行车。

3. 过去进行时的疑问式由“was/were

+主语+ 现在分词”构成
e.g. Were you playing basketball at four yesterday afternoon? 昨天下午四点你们在打篮球吗?

疑问句: (1)一般疑问句: was / were + 主语+ 动词ing形式。肯定回答: Yes, 主语+ was / were.否 定回答: No, 主语+ wasn’t / weren’t. 如: —Were you reading at this time yesterday? — 昨天这个时候你在看书吗? — Yes, I was. / No, I wasn’t. — 是的, 我在看。/ 不, 我没在看。

(2)特殊疑问句: 疑问词+ was / were + 主语+

What were you doing at this time


What was he researching all day last


二、基本用法 1. 过去进行时的基本用法主要表示过去 某一时间正在进行的动作。 e.g. He fell asleep when he was reading. 他看书时睡着了。 2. 过去进行时表示感情色彩与现在进行 时相似,过去进行时也可表示满意、 称赞、惊讶、厌恶等感情色彩,也通 常与always,forever等副词连用。

e.g. They were always quarrelling. 他们老是吵架。 3. 常用的时间状语:this morning, the whole morning,all day, yesterday,from nine to ten last evening,when,while,at that time,just now,a moment ago

特殊用法: (1)常用于介绍故事的背景。如: Once an Arab was traveling in the desert. 从前,有个阿拉伯人在沙漠中旅行。 (2)when引导的从句表示一个短暂的时间点, 谓语动词用一般过去时, 主句用一般过去时或 过去进行时; while引导的从句表示一段持续 的时间, 主句为一般过去时, 从句谓语动词用 过去进行时。如:

I was writing a letter when he came in. 当他进来时,我正在写信。 The telephone rang while she was washing. 当她正在洗衣服时, 电话响了。 (3)过去进行时常与always, continually等连 用, 表示过去反复发生的行为动作, 带有赞美、 厌烦等感情色彩。如:

He was continually asking her questions. 他一直在问她问题。

One day Alice was sitting with her sister by the river with a book. Suddenly a white rabbit ran past her. It was looking at its watch.

Alice followed the rabbit and fell down a hole in the ground. Then she saw the Cheshire Cat. It was sitting in a tree and smiling at everyone.

Then Alice met the Queen of Hearts. She was playing a strange game. It’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Every boy and girl in Britain has read it.

Ask and answer. What were you doing at 7 o’clock last night?
I was doing some housework.

I was having dinner.

What were you doing between 7o’clock and 9 o’clock yesterday?
I was doing my homework.

I was watching TV.

What was your father doing when you came back home yesterday?
He was cooking.

What was your brother doing when you saw him half an hour ago?

He was playing computer games.

What was Tom doing at that time last Sunday? He was playing the piano.

How about David?

He was riding a bike.

What were they doing at that time last week? They were shopping.

How about them? They were having a picnic.

What were they doing at 9 o’clock last night? They were reading.

How about Tan Mei’s family? They were going to the cinema.

Listen and underline the words the speaker stresses. 1. — The Cheshire Cat was sitting on the grass. — No, it wasn’t. It was sitting in a tree. 2. — The White rabbit was looking at its watch. — Yes, it was.

Do an interview. Student A: You are a school newspaper reporter. You are interviewing a school basketball star about what he did yesterday.

Student B: You are a star on your school basketball team. A school newspaper reporter is interviewing you for. — What were you doing at 5 am yesterday? — I was getting up.

Do an interview.
Tom: Hello, Dave. Dave: Hello, Tom. Tom: What were you doing at 7:00p.m. last Saturday? Dave: I was watching TV. Tom: That sounds relaxing. What was your mother doing? Dave: She was cleaning the house. Name Activity …

This is my friend Dave. At 7:00 p.m. last Saturday, he was watching TV, his mother was cleaning the house, …

Work in pairs.
Think about what you were doing at the time. Then ask and answer.
Yesterday: 8a.m. 11a.m. 4 p.m. 8p.m. Last Saturday: 8a.m. 11a.m. 4p.m. 8p.m. What were you doing at 8 a.m. last Saturday? — I was going to do shopping.

Make a survey.
Name What were you doing at 9 p.m. yesterday?

本课时主要句型 1. Ssh! 2. Sorry! 3. It’s about… 4. Why was it running? 5. One day, Alice was sitting with her sister by the river…

用所给单词的适当形式填空。 is watching 1. Look! The girl ____________(watch) TV play and she watches is wearing two __________(watch). How strange! 2 .—Who is the girl ________(call) Betty? called

— The one in a red hat. was doing 3. She __________(do) her homework at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon. saw 4.I _______ (see) you in the library last Sunday.

A. 用动词的正确形式填空。 1. John ____________ (work) all day was working yesterday. were talking 2. They ___________ (talk) to each other when the teacher came into the classroom. were doing 3. —What _____ you ______ (do) at ten o'clock yesterday﹖ was studying —I ____________ (study) in class.

was having 4. When Harry ___________ (have) breakfast Lily __________ telephoned (telephone) him. was going 5. When I _________ (go) to school saw this morning I _____ (see) a car running into a bus. 6. This time yesterday Jack was mending ___________ (mend) his bike.

B. 单词拼写 1. Su

ddenly (突然) it began to rain _________ heavily. strange 2. How_______ (奇怪的) it sounds . holes 3. They are digging _____ (洞) to plant trees. 4. There are all kinds of watches ________ (手表) in that museum. fell 5. Many trees_____ (倒下) in yesterday’s storm.

C. 中考链接 1. Yesterday evening, I __________ along the street when I suddenly met my teacher. A. walk B. walked C. was walking D. am walking

2. — Why didn’t you answer my telephone yesterday? — Sorry. I ______ a bath. A. took B. take C. am taking D. was taking 3. When I came back yesterday evening, my brother__________ homework. A. is doing B. has done C. was doing

一、根据句意及所给中文或首字母提示,完成 下列句子。

1. My sister keeps a little _____ (兔子) as a rabbit pet (宠物). 2. There is a ____ (洞) in my coat. Can you hole help me mend (缝补) it? Suddenly 3. ________ (突然) Peter rushed out of the room and ran to the garden. 4. We had a good time at Jim’s birthday arty p____ yesterday. 5. The man f___ down from the horse and ell broke his arm.


1. Look at the book. It’s about a boycalled ____ (call) Harry Potter. 2. — ____ she ______ (sit) near the windows? Was sitting — No, she wasn’t. 3. The boys were not ______ (play) football at ____ playing that time yesterday. They___ ________ (clean) were cleaning the classroom. were reading 4. The students ____ _______ (read) books when the teacher came into the classroom. its 5. My little cat washed __ (it) face and then drank some milk.

三、用适当的介词填空。 1.The children are playing in the garden __ happily. at 2. We were playing basketball __ 3pm yesterday. by 3. Mr Zhang enjoys drawing pictures __ the river when he is free. past 4. A boy ran ____ me and looked back at me. 5. Next weekend we are going to have a picnic ____ some foreign friends. with

四、汉译英。 1. 凯特喜欢在河边画画。 Kate likes drawing by the river _______________________________. 2. 这个小孩正朝着他妈妈微笑。 The child was smiling at his mother _______________________________. 3. 树上有一只小鸟。 There is a bird in the tree _______________________________. 4. 国王和王后昨天这个时候在开会。 The King and the Queen were having ________________________________ a tea party at this time yesterday ____________________________.

Write a short passage to introduce the main characters of the story.

1. To preview the reading material She was thinking about her cat 2. To practise the vocabulary of next unit

Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。

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