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炎方一中 侯琼娥

Where is the ball?
It’s on on the box. under in

--Where are the keys?

--They are on the table.

Pair work: A:Where is/are …? B:It is…/They are…

Pairwork A: Where’s the… … ? B: It’s on/in/under the… …

Where’s = Where is

It’s = It is

Pairwork A: Where’re the… … ? B: They’re on/in/under the… ...

where’re = where are They’re = They are

Where 句型: 疑问副词where 引导的句子为特殊疑问句,它对 表示方位的介词短语进行提问。对此类问句不能 用YES或NO来回答,而要根据实际情况作答。

Where is …? It is + 介词短语.

Where are …?They are +介词短语.

Where’s the book? It’s in the bookcase.

Where are the books? They’re in the bookcase.

Where’re the books? They’re on the sofa.

Where’re the schoolbags?

They’re on the bed.

under The baseball is______ the table. Is the baseball under the table? Yes , it is.

The pencils are ____ the bag in Are the pencils in the bag? Yes , they are.

The keys are_____the table. on Are the keys in the box?
No , they aren’t. They are on the table.

Where’s the baseball?

It’s in the schoolbag.
Where are the books? They’re on the sofa. Where’s the pencil? It’s under the table.

Try to translate (翻译)the phrases.
1. 在书柜里面 2. 在桌子底下 3. 在沙发上面 ________________ ________________ ________________

4. 在椅子上面


5. in the bookcase ______________ 6. on the table 7. under the desk 8. on the bed ________________ ________________ ________________

Fill in the blanks.
1.Where____ my key? It ____ in my drawer. 2.Where _____ my books? They ____ behind the bag. 3.Where _____the chair? ___ is under the table. 4.Where _____my pencils. ______ are in my pencil case. 5.__________ is my baseball? It’s on the desk.


1、_____ your hat? A. Where B. Where’re C. Where’s D. What 2、Is his pencil case _____the drawer? A. in B. at C. behind D. from 3、The picture is _____the wall. A.under B. in C. on D. at 4、 --Where are his pens?-- ____ on the desk. A. It B. It’s C. They D. They’re 5、--Where ____ Mike’s books? --They are ____the floor. A. is; in B. are; in C. is; on D. are; on

二、完成句子 1、我的书在哪里?在沙发上。 --_______ _____ my books? --_______ _____ on the sofa. 2、闹钟在桌子上。 The clock _____ _____ the table. 3、她的钥匙在背包里。 Her keys _____ _____ the backpack. 4、 Lily的钢笔在书包里面。 Lily’s pen is _____ _____ ________. 5、我的棒球在哪里?在椅子下。 --Where _____my ________? --It’s _______ the _______.

Words: table, bed, bookcase,sofa,, chair,

baseball in, on, under Sentences: Where is…? It’s in/on/under ...

Where are…? They are …

Thank you very much! Good bye!

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