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仁爱英语九年级Unit 4 Topic 3导学案

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题目 Unit 4 Topic 3 The world has changed for the better Section A 课型:对话课 备课人:黄有利 审核人:九年级英语组

导学目标:学习一般过去时的被动语态:学习be made of 和be made from的区别 学习句型When/where was it developed? 2 学习表达希望和祝愿的句型.

3 谈论新科技及发明。

学习重点:1a 2a


一 预习指导

1 根据音标写出单词及汉语意思,并找出含有本单词的包子。

['rɑk?t] ___________ _______________ ____________________________

['metl] _____________ ________________ ___________________________

['s?t?lait]_____________ ________________ _________________________

['tu:θbr??]_____________ ________________ _______________________

[i?k] _____________ ________________ ____________________________

[ri'k?:d?] _____________ ________________ _________________________

['did?it?l] _____________ ________________ __________________________ 2 翻译下列短语

Be allowed to do be bad for

Be made of be made from

Be used for come true

A piece of take photos

3 知识理解

be made of 由某种物质做成(看得出原材料,物理过程)

be made from 由某种物质制成(看不出原材料,化学过程)

be made up of 由几部分组成

be made in 在某地/某时制造

be made by 由某人制造

be made into 被制成

be used for 被用来做

be used to do 被用来做

be used as 被用作

used to do sth. 过去常做

be used to doing sth. 习惯于做

Ⅲ. Fill in the blanks with the right prepositions.

1.The desk is made _____ wood.

2.The red wine is made _____ grapes.

3.This delicious cake was made ___my mother.

4.Glasses is made ___ glass.

5.Our group is made up ___ four students.

6.That kind of machine is made _____Japan.

allow v. 允许

1. allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事

spend time on

It’s bad for your health if you spend too much time on them.

1.I wish I could go into space some day.

some day---------某一天,总有一天(将来)

e.g. I wish I could have my own house some day.

2.I hope your dream will come true.

come true--------变成真的,实现

realize/achieve-------make sth. come true



1.肯定句式 :主语+was /were+vt.-ed

2.否定句式 :主语+was/were + not+vt.-ed

3.一般疑问句式: Was /Were+主语+vt.-ed


( )1.He ___play computer games unless he finished his homework.

A. was allowed to B. was not allowed to C. allow to

( )2.We all know that paper ___wood.

A. is made of B. is made into C. is made from

( )3.This kind of machine ___in 2006.

A. is invented B. is made C. was invented

( )4.A(An)___is used for taking photos.

A .Camera B. Lift C. MP3 player

( )5 .We should spend more time ___because it’s too important.

A .to learn English B. learning English C. in English Ⅱ.Change the following sentences.

1.My mother allows me to use her cellphone.(改为被动语态)

I ___ ___ ___ use my mother’s cellphone.

2.A rocket is used for launching satellites and spaceships. (就画线部分提问) ____ ___ a rocket ___ ___?

3.The digital camera was invented in 1975. (就划线部分提问)

____ ____ the digital camera ______ ?

4. Maybe he is an inventor. (改为同义句)

He ____ ____ an inventor.

5.What’s this in English? (改为同义句)

____ ____ you ____ ____ in English?

题目 Unit 4 Topic 3 The world has changed for the better Section B 课型:对话课 备课人:黄有利 审核人:九年级英语组

导学目标:1 继续学习一般过去时的被动语态

2 了解一些科技成果,讨论克隆技术的益处和害处

3 培养学生对科学的热爱之情。

学习重点:1a 3a


一 预习指导

1 根据音标写出单词及汉语意思,并找出含有本单词的包子。

[b?lb] _____________ ________________ ____________________________

[kl?un] _____________ ________________ __________________________

[iks'perim?nt] ____________ ________________ _______________________

['benifit] _____________ ________________ ___________________________

['?:g?n] _____________ ________________ ____________________________

[eidz] _____________ ________________ ____________________________

['l?pt?p] _____________ ________________ ________________________ 2 翻译下列短语

It’s said that be different from

More than ten years so far

Human being the same…as…

No doubt in danger

With one’s help such as

Make sure

科技博物馆____ 在日常生活中____

be similar to…____ .during one’s life___

从……中克隆的 _____ be made into______

3 知识理解


1.in our daily life = in our everyday life

2.invent v. inventor n. invention n.

The inventors invented many great inventions.

3.It’s said/reported that-clause.

4.during one’s life =in one’s life

3. human being n.

意为“人”,当“人类”讲时,通常用复数human beings.

4. be similar to 与……相似

the same…as ,as…as 与……一样


be different from, take photos,

be similar to, so far, the same…as

1.The weather in the USA_____________ that in Australia.

2.The student has made _______ mistakes ____ he did last time.

3.Digital camera is used for ____________.

4 ________, more and more teenagers in America have showed great interest in learning Chinese.

5.Group Three’s opinions __________ ours.


1.It was used in our _______ study.( day )

2.The airplane is different from _______ .(today )

3.I think the film was________by Zhang Yimou in 1998. (direct)

4.Edison, an American _________, created many things. (invent)

5.So far, they have _______ many animals. (clone)

6.Shenzhou Ⅵ _______________ (launch) in 2005.


1.Guglielmo Marconi is the i ______ of the radio.

2.This kind of machine is w______ used for harvesting in the countryside.

3.Nowadays more and more people use mobile phones to c________ with each other.

4.Shakespeare c___ many famous characters, such as Hamlet, Romeo, Juliet and so on.

5.The government is trying out a new e_________ in city planning.

6.Your views on education are s______ to mine.


6.Class Three are doing e____________ in the lab.

7.O___ scientists find life on Mars, we will have a new living homeland.

8.He w______us not to go out after it was dark, for the road covered with snow was dangerous.

9.We should make a c____________ to protecting the wild animals.

10.After school, students should help their parents do some h_________.


1.It is bad for your health to eat _________(太多).

2.Our country has ______Chang’e I ______(发射) space successfully.

3._________(据说)that Jesus Christ was born in a barn.

4._________(到目前为止),we have finished a lot of jobs.

5.Jim’s pen ____________(相似) mine.

6.We should have the good habit of_________________ (独立思考).

7._________(总而言之), he is a great astronaut.

8.I believe our hope will ___________(变成现实).

题目 Unit 4 Topic 3 The world has changed for the better Section C 课型:阅读课 备课人:黄有利 审核人:九年级英语组

导学目标:1 复习一般过去时被动语态的用法

2 讨论机器人



一 预习指导

1 根据音标写出单词及汉语意思,并找出含有本单词的包子。

['s?:v?nt] _____________ ________________ _______________________

['hausw?:k] ____________ ________________ ____________________

[bi'heiv] _____________ ________________ _________________________

[,k?ntri'bju:??n]___________ ________________ _______________________ 2 翻译下列短语

For certain all the time

Be surprised at no longer

Treat…as between…and…

Pay…for... in a special way

In the future make a contribution to

Have bad effects on

3 知识理解

1. No one knows for certain.没有人确切地知道。

no one 与none

a. no one 用来指人,其后不能接of 短语,用做主语时,谓语动词用单数。 No one likes a person with bad manners.

b. none 既能指人又能指物,其后可以接of 短语,当of后是可数名词复数时,谓语动词用单、复数均可。

None of the students is /are in the classroom.

c. 特别注意:

① —— How many people are there in that room? —— None.

② —— Who is in that room now? —— No one.

5.One scientist warns that if robots start to think for themselves,

they will no longer want to be our servants, but our masters.

a. warn warn sb. ( not) to do.告诫某人 (不)做某事

warn sb. about /of sth. 警告某人注意某事

b. no longer = not …any longer

no more = not … any more

6. They might treat us as we now treat pets.他们可能会像我们现在对待宠物那样对待我们。

a.might 是may 的过去式,可用于指过去,也可用于指现在,但语气缓和委婉 b. treat … as … 以 ……方式对待……/把…… 看做……

8. in the medical field 在医学领域

field 有“学科,领域,专业”等含义

9. make a contribution /contributions to … 为……做贡献

注意: make a contribution /contributions to doing sth.

10. have an effect/ effects on … 对……有影响



No one knows ___ ______ what our future _____ _____ _____.


Do robots ______ ______us like _______ all the time?


People _____ ________ _____ the rapid development of robots.


I think that robots _____ _____ _____ ________ some day.


X-ray machines _____ ____ ____ __________ ____ human beings.


词组:between…and…; no longer; for certain; treat…as; have bad effects on

1.We ______ robots ______ our pets at present.

2.The X-ray machine also ________________ people’s health.

3.He is ___________patient with us. He is easily annoyed (恼怒的).

4.That movie is about a war _______ the robots _____ humans beings.

5.Do you know the answer ___________?

( )1.The workers made great contributions ______the tall building.

A. to build B. to building C. build

( )2.___of the students are playing outside, for it’s raining.

A. No one B. None C. Someone

( )3.The policeman warns the boys ____ on the street.

A. to play B. not to play C. don’t to play

( ) 4. The little boy _____when he saw his mother.

A. cried any longer B. didn’t cry any more C. cry no more

( )5.Animals ____our friends.

A. should be treated as B. treat as C. are treated by

( )6. We are ___ to hear the _____ news.

A. surprised; surprised B. surprising; surprised C. surprised; surprising 词汇:A, 根据所给英汉提示写出单词。

1.What are these ____________(牙刷)made of?

2.A team from UK were the first to _______(克隆)an animal successfully.

3.The light bulb is one of Edison’s ____________(发明).

4.Would robots like to be human beings’ __________(佣人) if they can think for themselves?

5.We will go ______________(只要)the weather is good.

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