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九年级 9单元英语

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Unit 9

When was it invented?
section A

Memory challenge: (记忆挑战)

Guessing and listeningWhen was/were the… invented?






--Who was/were the …invented by ?

Steve Jobs

Karl Benz

Wright Brothers


Thomas Edison

John Baird

Who was … invented by? It was invented by … When was it invented? Inventors Inventions
paper-making plane car light bulb telephone printing Henry Ford Edison Bell Cai Lun Bi Sheng Wright brothers

--What is/are … used for?

Guessing game What inventions are they?
It’s used for washing clothes.

They are used for seeing in the dark.
It’s used for making a milk shake. They are used for talking with friends who are far away.

Making your own riddles

It’s used for … They are used for …

T: What’s this called in English? S: It’s called a telephone. T: When was the telephone invented? S: It was invented in 1876. T: Who was the telephone invented by? S: It was invented by Bell. T: What is it used for? S: It is used for talking with each other.

What When Who Use

camera 1827 Joseph taking photos

What When Who Use dark

light bulbs 1879 Edison seeing in the

A: What is this? B: It is a light bulb. A: What is it used for? B: It is used for giving light. A: Do you think it is helpful? B: Yes, I think so. Because I always

homework and read books in the

evening by its light.

A: What is this? B: It is an alarm clock. A: What is it used for?

B: It is used for waking people up in
the morning.

A: Do you think it is annoying?
B: Sometimes, when I want to go on


A: What is this?

B: It is a microwave oven. A: What is it used for? B: It is used for heating cold food and cooking meals. A: Do you think it is helpful? B: Yes, I think so. Because my parents are very busy and I can use it to cook meals by myself.


Listen and number the inventions in the order that you hear.




2b Listen again. Match the inventions with their inventors and uses.

Who was it/ were What is it/ are they invented by? they used for?
Chelsea Lanmon scooping really cold ice cream seeing in the dark

shoes with adjustable heels
batteryoperated slippers heated ice cream scoop

Jayce Coziar and Jamie Ellsworth

Julie Thompson

changing the style of the shoes

New inventions are invented all the time. Most of the inventions are helpful, but some of them are annoying. Inventions can change our lives.

Make a list of five helpful inventions and five 3a annoying inventions.

Helpful inventions telephone Example ______________ 1 plane, car 2 3 4 5

Annoying inventions Example ______________ 1 mobile phone 2 3 4 5

What do you think is the most helpful invention? What do you think is the most annoying invention? Why is that?

Robinson has many adventures. One day he went to an island (小岛) and he couldn’t leave by himself. He was so tired and hungry, he wanted some useful modern inventions. Please help him !

Robins wanted your help. If you can only take

five inventions, what would you take? Why? Make a report.

Invention Why s 1.radio listen to music all day 2. 3. 4. 5.

The passive voice.


be动词+ (及物动词的) 过去分词

{ was (were) + done

am (is, are) + done 一般现在时

1. Today Chinese _____by more and more people around the world. A. was spoken B. is spoken C. spoke D. speak (2010北京市)
2. I won’t leave my office until my work . A. finish B. will finish C. are finished D. is finished 3. Dad, the phone is ringing. I guess either you or Mum_____on the phone. A. is wanted B. are wanted C. wants D. want

4. The children ____ to swim last month and they can swim very well now. A. are taught B. were taught C. have taught D. taught 5.After the hero’s story ____ on CCTV, many people are learning from him. A. reports B. reported C. was reporting D. was reported

Write a short article about “5 Important Inventions In My Life”. Tell us, what are the most important inventions in your daily life? Write more information about them and the reasons.

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