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Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake 课件PPT 新版八年级英语上册

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Unit 8
How do you make a banana milk shake?

What kind of fruit do you like? I like …..


How do you usually eat bananas?
A: Peel the banana and eat it. /pi: l/ 剥;削 B: Peel the banana, cut it up

and eat it.

/k? t/ 切碎

c: Peel the banana ,cut it up

and pour some yogurt into it
/p?: / 倾倒

/j?:g?t/ 酸奶

pour …into.. 把…倒入….

banana milk shake /?eIk/

ingredients What do we need? blender / In'gri:dI?nts /
(材料;原料) three bananas

/'blend? /


a cup of milk /k?p/ 杯子 two spoons of /spu:n/ 勺子 ice cream

cup 杯子
plate 盘子

Let’s make a banana milk shake together

First, peel the bananas.

Next, cut up the bananas. put the bananas Next, and ice cream 把…放进…去 into the blender.

Next, pour the milk into the blender. Then, turn on the blender.

打开 (After that, turn off the blender.)

Finally, drink the milk shake.

Challenge yourself:

How to make a banana milk shake?

First, peel…

Next cut up…

Next, put … into …

Next, pour …into ...

Then, turn on…

Finally ,drink…

? Make a milk shake with your favorite fruit.

? A: How do you make a banana/ apple/…
milk shake ? B: Peel the bananas…

fruit salad


listen and fill in the blanks . one two three one cup two spoons

Watermelon apples bananas orange



Pair work :

How many … do we need? We need ….

How much … do we need? We need…..

How to make a fruit salad. match the sentences First Next Then mix it all up

cut up three bananas, two apples and a watermelon and an orange. put the fruit in a bowl


add two spoons of honey and a cup of yogurt to the fruit

How to make fruit salad.

First cut up … Next put…in Then add ...to Finally mix …up

Writing Work in groups to write a recipe(食谱) about how to make tomatoes and beef noodles ingredients

tomatoes boil the noodles salt beef /s?: t/盐 /b??l/ 煮 add … to…. Like this: Do you know how to make noodles? First,________Next, _____________ Then________Finally ____________

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 奶昔 打开 关上 切碎 把….倒进…. 一杯酸奶 两勺蜂蜜 混合在一起 把…加到…上 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? milk shake turn on turn off cut up Pour ...into a cup of yogurt two spoons of honey ? mix up ? add … to…

Exercises 1.You should _______ the apple before you eat it. A. eat B. peel C. cut D pour B 2.Please ____ the TV and there is a football match on it. A. opens B. turn on C. turns off D turn up A 3.I think you should ____ some salt ___ the noodles A. add, to B. put, in C. pour, into D cut ,up 4.The watermelon is too big. Let’s _____. A A.cut it up B. cut them up C. cut up it D. cut up them

Cook :Good morning, everyone!

I’m … from “Super kitchen”.

Today let us make a banana milk shake/fruit salad

Do you know how to make a banana milk shake? --First, peel the bananas. --Next, … --Then… --Finally …

Homework: 1.Try to recite the new words and phrases 2.Make a meal for your parents


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