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Unit7 where would you like period 2

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Answers to 1b
Sam Gina Brazil Japan likes exciting vacations has been bored lately has been stressed out

Lydia Florida

1. Would …you like …? 表提议,邀请等,表礼貌。
用No, thanks./ Yes, please. 答。 2. Would … you like to… ? 表意愿。 用Yes, I’d like /love to . 3.would 可与like, love , hate , prefer, be happy /glad 等连用。

Page 53
Mexico 墨西哥 Hawaii 夏威夷 San Francisco 旧金山,圣弗兰西斯科 There’s not much to do there. 那儿没什么可做/好玩的。 beautiful views 美丽的风景 pay for… 付……款


1. hope

to do …


that 主语+谓语动词……。 不能说 hope sb. to do …. 可以说 wish sb. to do … (希望大体上是可以实现的) 2. some day 将来某一天 , 同义词:someday / one day

3. I like places where the weather is always warm.
我喜欢气候总是温暖的地方。 4. I’d like to go somewhere relaxing. 我想去休闲的地方。 不定代词的(修饰语)的定语要后置。 = I’d like to go somewhere that is relaxing.

Page 54
1.Why not do(动词原形 )…?=Why don’t you do….? 为什么不……? 2. consider+名词 /doing…考虑…… 3. there be+人/物+地点/时间范围 “某地有某物/人” 主语+have(has)+东西 “拥有……” 4. plan on doing…打算做某事 5. get around 观光,到处走动 6. all year around 全年/整年 7. be supposed to do… 应该做…… suppose that +句子 “认定/猜想”
We are not supposed to play football on Sundays. What do you suppose you will do after school? 8. It is easy to get around the city by subway. 坐地铁观光这个城市更容易些。 “ It’s+形容词+to do…”是动词不等式作主语。 例如:To learn English well is easy.= It is easy to learn English well. 9. lots to do 有很多事情可做

Page 55 words and expressions
go out 外出 for half an hour 半小时 answer the telephone 接电话 take a message 带口信 leave a message 留口信 call (back)… 打(复)电话 (Li Ping) speaking 我是李苹 information on…关于……的信息 vacation packages 旅游套餐 look for… 寻找……

somewhere warm 温暖的地方 (不定代词的定语要后置)
go on a nature tour 回归自然的旅游 have a great whale watch tour 看鲸鱼的旅游 depend on 依赖,依靠(要看……) advertisement 广告 California 加利福尼亚 How about…? ……又怎么样? Los Angeles 洛杉矶 Hollywood 好莱坞/ 荷里活

Page 55
Answers to 2b:
Wants Doesn’t want

Customer 1: Customer 2:

to go somewhere warm to go on a nature tour to go somewhere that’s fun for kids

to fly to go anywhere cold to go to a big city

Customer 3:

1. a lot of = lots of 许多,很多,大 2. spend… on sth. 在……方面花…… (in) doing …在做……上花时间 3. take a trip 做一次旅行 4. In(the east of …)在范围内 on(the east of …)在范

围之外 5. provide sb. with sth. 为某人提供某物 6. love/like doing… 喜欢做… 7. big enough for… 大得足够…… 8. let sb. do sth. 让某人做某事 9. be away 离开(延续性动词) leave (结束性动词) 类似的:come/go- be (in), buy-have, borrow- keep die- be dead, open- be open

2a Listen and number these statements in the order that you hear them.

____ I love places where the people are 3 really friendly. ____ I hope to see Niagara Falls some 4 Hope to do sth day. 希望做某事 ____ I like places where the weather is 2 one day=some day always warm. 后接名词单数形式 ____ I hope to visit Hawaii one day. 1

2b Listen again. Why do the people decide not to visit these places? Match each place with a reason.
Place Reason not to visit the place

b 1. Hawaii a 2. Mexico c 3. Niagara

a. We don’t know the language. b. It’s too touristy(游客众多). c. There’s not much to do there.

Can you guess my friends’ dream vacations?

Garfield loves to visit the beach some day. _______ Because it’s _______. relaxing
Garfield loves places where it is ________. relaxing

Ferris wheel 摩天轮

Backkom hopes to visit places where it is ___________. thrilling

Ba Jie prefers to visit ________. the moon Because ___________________. Chang Er lives there.
Ba Jie prefers places where ____________. Chang Er lives

DoreiAmeng hopes to visit places where there is __________________. lots of delicious food

My dream vacation
I hope to visit Hawaii some day. I like places where the weather is always warm, and we can meet many foreigners, though we don’t know their language.

Your dream vacation
Sentence patterns: A:I hope to visit ... some day. B:I do, too/So do I. I like places where ...

capital 1.Pairs is the ________of France. D 2.Notre Dame Cathedral is a _____ A park B zoo C country D church B 3.Which of the following is in Pairs? ________ A the Great Wall B Eiffel Tower C pyramids D Sydney Opera House C 4.It’s better for tourists to take the ____ to travel around Pairs than take a taxi. A bus B subway C underground train D car 5.Which of the following is not true?A A Everything in Pairs is very expensive. B Most people in Pairs learn English. C Pairs is one of the liveliest cities in Europe. D It’s expensive to travel all over Pairs by taxi.

Write a short passage
“An ideal place on my vocation”

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