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1. Peter, remember ___________ your umbrella. It’s raining.

A. to take B. taking C. took D. for taking

2. It’s not polite to speak in public.

A. loud B. loudly C. louder

3.Your bike is my sister’s.

A. same as B. as the same C. the same as

4. I’m in any book.

A. interested; interesting B. interesting; interested C. interests; interest

5. He asked his father .

A. where it happens B. what was happen C. how it happened

6. He found very interesting to ride a horse on the farm.

A. this B. that C. it

7. His parents make her at night.

A. stay at home B. stags at home C. to stay at home

8. Which do you like , Jeans or cheongsam?

A. good B. better C. well

9. Oh, Danny. It’s raining outside. You’d better your raincoat.

A. put on B. Wear C. dress

10. —— How did Kate get so much money?

—— She it her best friend.

A. borrowed; from B. borrows; for C. borrow; to

11. They have never been to New York, _______?

A. have they B. haven't they C. don't they

12. ________ interesting book the girl has!

A. How B. What a C. What an

13. The teacher told us not ____ in the sun .

A. read B. to read C. reading

14. Do you have _____to say ?

A. important anything B. anything important C. important something

15. There is _____ milk here,but there are quite ____ apple.

A.less; fewer B.fewer,less C.less;less

16.He doesn't ________ much time ________ her homework.

A.spend;in B.spend;on D.take; to

17._______ you work, _______ you can get.

A. The harder, the more B. Harder, more C. Less, more

18.---Have you finished your homework? --- Sorry, I’ll do it_____.

A. right away B. wrong way C.right side

19.My grandpa lives in a small village _____ ,but he doesn’t feel____ .

A. alone , lonely B. lonely, alone C. alone, alone

20.They are good friends now. They _____ each other.

A. get on B. get along with C.get on well with

21.I have been skating _______ nine o’clock.

A. for B. since C. at D. from

22.Would you mind ______ those old jeans?

A. don’t wear B. not to wear C. aren’t wearing D. not wearing

23.---He’s never been to an aquarium.


A. Neither have I B. Neither do I C. I never too D. I don’t too

24.It’s really cold today, ______ ?

A. does it B. doesn’t it C. isn’t it D. is it

25.--Could you please _____ in the room?

--Oh, I’m sorry. A. not smoking B. not smoke C. not to smoke D. don’t smoke

26.I got home _____ they were having dinner.

A. as soon as B. while C. because D. after

27.She _______ a lot of money on clothes.

A. takes B. costs C. spends D. buys

28.I will stay at home and read books if it _______ tomorrow.

A. is raining B. rains C. rain D. will rain

29.The teacher encourages her students _____ English as much as possible.

A. to speak B. speaking C. speak D. spoke

30.His father _____ to Nanjing. He _____ back next week.

A. has been, is B. has been, will be C. has gone, is D. has gone, will be

31.The teacher said that they ______ hard-working students.

A. is B. are C. were D. was

32. It’s very important for us _____ English well.

A. learn B. to learn C. learns D. learning

33. It took me half an hour _____ the work.

A. to finish B. finishing C. finish D. finished

34. Yesterday I lent a book _____ him.

A. to B. in C. from D. for

35. What _____ food do you advise people to eat?

A. a kind of B. kinds of C. kind of D. a kinds of

36. I saw him ____ into your room when you were not in.

A. goes B. go C. to go D. went


1.The old man is _____ ______(恼火)his son.

2.I did _____ ________ (学得更好)maths than English.

3.When the UFO ______ _______ (起飞 ) , the man was riding the bike.

4.Langzhong is a beautiful place, I fall in _______ _______ ( 爱上)it.

5.They decided _____(visit) Radio Beijing with Sally.

6. Keep _____(study) English if you want to work on Radio Beijing.

7. People from all over the world make friends by _______(write) letters.

8. If it ____(be) sunny tomorrow, I _____(walk) to school.

9. Try _____(spend) some time alone with your friend.

10.Don’t talk! The students _____(have) a test.

11. ____(read) English books is good for us.

12. Mary ______(live) here since she _____(move)here three years ago.

13. I don’t know which sweater ______(buy).

14. Yesterday he ____(fall) off the bike and _____(hurt) his leg.

15.Today is my ______(twelve)birthday.

16.There______(be)a class meeting next Monday.

17.Would you mind not_______(talk)in class?

18.Several________(mouse)are running around my bedroom.

19.The more sports you do, the________(health)you are.

20. I think there _________ (be) fewer trees next year.

21.He _________ ( collect) 300 pictures since 5 years ago

22.Sam always ________ (help) his classmates last term.

23.Would you mind ________ (play) games after school?

24.My father came into the bedroom while I _______ (dance).


1.He would like a cup of tea. (变为否定句)

He ___________ ___________ a cup of tea.

2.What do you think of talk shows? (同义句转换)

___________ do you ___________ talk shows?

3.I paid 88RMB for that T-shirt. (同义句转换)

I ___________ 88RMB ___________ that T-shirt.

4.He often took a bus to school when he was a student. (同义句转换)

He often went to school ___________ ___________ when he was a student.

5.My mother said to me, “Don’t go alone at night.” (改为简单句)

My mother told me go alone at night. (对划线部分提问)

the Browns to China?

7.Mr. Fat has few good friends. (改为反意疑问句)

Mr. Fat has few good friends, 8.My home is about twenty minutes by bike. (改为同义句)

It me twenty minutes there from my house by bike.

9.It’s a good idea.(改为感叹句)

How is!

10.He has already finished his homework(改为否定句)

He _______his homework______.

11.I borrowed the book two weeks ago.(同义句)

I______ _______the book________two weeks ago.

12.Have you been to beijing?(做否定回答)

No, ______ _______.

13.My father has lived here since two years ago(对划线部分提问) _______ _______ _________ your father lived here?

14.To study english well is important for us.(改同义句)

_______ ______important for us_____ _____English well.

15.We planted many trees last Sunday(改被动句)

Many trees_____ _______last Sunday.

16.The old man was so tired that he couldn't walk any further.(改同义句) The old man was_____ _______ _______ ______any further.

17.My brother is too young to go to school.(改同义句)

My brother is _____ _______ ______tgo to school.

18.I bought the story book when I was ten.(改同义句)

I _____ ______the story book_____i was ten.

19.Mr green is going to teach us maths. He is not going to teach us english.(合并)

Mr green is going to teach us maths_______ _______English. 20.They had lunch at school, ______ ___?(完成反义疑问句)

21.She paid 100 yuan for the coat. (改为同义句)

She ____ 100 yuan ____ the coat.

22. Shanghai is larger than any other city in China.(改为同义句) Shanghai is ____ ____ ____ in China.

23. Why don’t you go to school earlier?(改为同义句)

____ ____ go to school earlier?

24.He has never been to america,________ __________?(反义疑问句)

25.There is little money left,_______ ________?(反义疑问句)

26. He has been running for four and a half years.(改同义句)

He has been running for ____ _____ ____ _____ ______.

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