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? Unit

7 Reading I’d love to sail across the Pacific!

opening 1.Would you mind ______(open) the window for me? 2.Every year many _________(tour) go tourists there for their vacation. 3.There are many things ____(do) in to do Singapore. to get 4.It’s easiest_____ (get) around the city by subway. to make 5.I hope_____ (make) more friends in China.

(1929—1968) 神学博士,牧师, 美国民权运动领袖。 1964年获诺贝尔和平 奖。

1963年8月28日, 25 万人响应马丁路德金 的号召,在美国首都 华盛顿游行,争取立 法保障黑人的权利。 马丁路德金在林肯纪 念馆前的石阶,对群 众发表著名的「我有 一个梦想」(I have a Dream)演说,希望 白人和黑人有一天可 平等地生活在一起。

美国1861年的内战, 虽然解放了黑奴,但美 国的种族隔离仍然持续, 尤其在南部,黑人不能 入读白人学校、不能在 招待白人的餐厅进食、 不能乘坐同一辆公共汽 车、或必须让座给白人。 北部情况较佳,但黑人 的待遇仍然很差。

遇害时,他正准备帮助孟菲斯 黑人清洁工人组织罢工。当时他 在旅馆阳台上与同伴们谈话,被 刺客詹姆斯· 厄尔· 雷用枪击中。

马丁· 路德· 金在旅馆的阳台上 遇害。他的同事们急忙呼救, 并一起向打枪的方向指去。

1968年3月被种族主义 分子枪杀。终年39岁。


从1968年3月起, 美国政府将每年1 月的第三个星期 一定为马丁· 路 德· 金全国纪念日。

Step 1 Talk about hopes and dreams. A. We can achieve all our dreams. B. We can sail across the oceans. C. We can help look after our family. D. We can live on the moon.

hopes B C

dreams A D

Dreams are more___________ to achieve than hopes!


Step2 Read for knowing about the structure.

main ideas

findings Introduce the ________ of a survey __________ in which thouintroduction sands of students in China took part. Teenagers’ hopes are hopes different _________. structure Teenagers have __________ all kinds of dreams dreams. conclusion similar Teenagers have _________ hopes and different dreams; _______ Let’s ___________ dreams. hold on to

1. 梦想 dream of/about 2. 成千上万的 thousands of 3. 遍及中国 across China=all over China 4. 继续做 continue doing 5. 以便 in order to/so that/to /in order that 6. 根据 according to 7. 各种各样的梦想 all kinds of dreams 8. 愿意做 be willing to do… quite a few 9. 相当多 sail across the Pacific Ocean 10.横渡太平洋 hold on to 11.坚持 12.当翻译 work as translators 13.一方面… on the one hand …on the 另一方面

other hand

Step 3 Read for details.
main ideas
Teenagers have some different hopes. other

examples _________________________ start work as soon as possible
continue studying 1.

________________ 2.go to a university _________________ do jobs they enjoy


Teenagers have all kinds of dreams.

1.be volunteers at the Olympics more go to the moon realistic 2.__________________ 1.work hard less _______ become famous realistic 2._________________ 3.go on exciting trips sail across the Pacific 4._________________ impossible __________________ be able to fly

Step 4 Read the last part and try to conclude. Conclusion :
1. job hopes, a good educationand a good_____ ____________ good and ________ things . crazy dreams, _________


In a word, it’s ___________ to dream, so____________________ your dreams, they may _________________ sooner and later.

Step 5 Read again and think about the questions.
1. Is there anyone in the world who does not hope or dream? 2. Can all dreams come true?

3.What do you have to do to make your dreams come ture?

Step 6 Fill in the blanks with key information from the passage. Have you ever dreamt about things you want to do in ___________ the future? People have their own dreams. Some would like to _____across the Pacific. Many want to be sail ________, volunteers so they can be translators __the Olympics. at provide Others are willing to start work early to _______ better famous lives for their family. Quite a few want to be _______, like being sportspeople or singers. To ______ our achieve dreams, all of us need to_________working as hard as continue possible.In conclusion, no matter how difficult it is to hold on to realize our dreams, we should _________ them. One come true day, they may __________.

some day

come true

take a trip

get around

provide...with .

take a trip 1.My family and I want to__________ this winter somewhere in the south of China. with 2.I hope you can __________me__________ provide some information about the kinds of vacations. 3.It is easiest to __________the city by subway. get around 4.I’d like to visit Australia_________. some day 5.If you study hard ,I think your dream come true will_________.

Step 7 Group work: Make a survey about your classmates’ hopes and dreams and report.
Names Hopes Dreams

In a word, ____________________________________.


Life is a sailing with your hopes and dreams through wind and storm!

Living without a dream is like sailing without a compass. (罗盘)

Hold on to your dreams and work hard ,you will succeed!

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