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Would you mind turning down the music(Reading)

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Unit7 Would you mind turning down the music?Period5

Reading 导学案

学习目标:keep?down; voice; term; etiquette; normal; behavior; at first; Asian; Europe; uncomfortable; impolite; allow; public; take care; cough; sneeze; break the rule; politely; smoke; put out; cigarette; criticize; careful; drop; litter; pick?up; behave

句型Would you mind + gerund (formulaic)

学习重难点: 运用阅读技巧,提高阅读速度及效率,培养对语篇的综合理解能力,同时促

进写作水平的提高。2. 养成查字典、翻阅资料、小组合作的习惯,培养自学能力。 前置学习:单词闯关

亚洲的,亚洲人的_______ 允许,准许(v)________ 公众(n)______

咳嗽(v)________ 打破,违背(v)_______ 抽烟,吸烟(v)________

小心的,谨慎的________ polite_______(反义词)behave(v)_______(n)行为,举止, 短语过关

把??调低,关小_____________ 排队等候__________________ 当心,小心_______________ 违反规则_____________

熄灭________________ 捡起_____________

插队 即使

让某人一直做某事 让门开着 展示交流:


1.“礼节”指正常的、礼貌的社会行为。"Etiquette"means_____and_____social behavior.


Etiquette is_________ ________ _________in every culture or in every situation.


___ ____you are with your friends,it is___ ____ ____your voice____in public places.

4.打扰了,请熄灭你的烟好吗?Excuse me,could you please_____ _____ your cigarette?

5.你介意把它捡起来吗?____________ _________ _________picking it up?


快速阅读课文“Would you mind keeping your voice down?",选出每段的段落大意。 Paragraph1_______Paragraph2_________ Paragraph3________ Paragraph4__________ a.We have to be very careful how we criticize people.

b.The way people behave is different in different cultures and situations. c.Sometimes,rules of etiquette are the same almost everywhere.

d.Etiquette is a very important idea to understand.

e.We might want to ask someone to behave more politely if we see them breaking the rules of etiquette.


1.The word “etiquette” means normal and polite social behavior.

2.In Europe, standing very close to the person with whom you are talking is quite common.

3.Talking loudly is fine in China.

4.It is better to keep your voice down in public places.

5.“ Would you mind?” is a polite way to give people suggestions .

6.We have to be careful to make requests

7. Rules of etiquette are always different.


1.Even if you are with your friends,it is better to keep your voice down in public places.

Even if “即使,尽管”,与even though同义,常用来引导让步状语从句。

It's better to do sth.意为“最好做某事”,相当于It's best to do sth.

①即使这台电脑很贵,我也要买。___ ___this computer is very expensive,I'll buy it. ②冬天最好穿暖和的衣服。It's better_________ _________ warm clothes in winter.

1.?dropping litter is almost never allowed.

①allow后常接名词或动名词作宾语,allow sth./allow doing sth. 允许做某事。 ②allow后接不定作宾语补足语,allow sb to do sth.允许某人做某事。

③be(not)allowed to do sth.“(不)被允许做某事”,allow用于被动语态。

①他们不允许在这儿钓鱼。They don't allow________here.

②父母允许我在周末玩电脑游戏。My parent____me____ ____computer games on weekends. ③在公共场所吸烟是不被允许的。Smoking__________ __________ in public.

④It ________to drive after drinking wine.

A is allowed B is not allowed C is made D is welcomed



1.It's_________(use)to understand what etiquette means.

2.The seat is too hard. You may feel_______(comfortable)to sit on.

3.It's _________(not allow)to talk loudly in a library.

4.It's__________(polite)to cut in line.

5.Be careful of your__________(behave)in the public places.


1.________ __________(当心)not to break the window.

2.This is my pen.Could you__________ __________ _________(把它捡起来)for me?

3.I'll get there,_________ ________(即使)I have to work.

4.Don't stand__________ __________(离??近)the person you're talking with.

5.He was so excited that he couldn't_____ ______ ____ ______(压低他的声音). 学后反思:_________________________________________________

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