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1. I was born in 1980 .

_______ ________you born?

2. Mr. Black goes to Shanghai Library once a week.

________ ________ does Mr. Black go to Shanghai Library?

3.We should set off in 10 minutes.

________ ________ _________ we set off?

4.He cleans those rooms every day.

_________ ________ does he clean those rooms?

5.. They like to go for walks in the fields and forests.

____________ ____________ they like to go for walks?

6. He went to Beijing by plane last week.

________ _________he go to Beijing last week?

7. Sally put her purse into her pocket.

What _______ she ________ into her pocket?

8.It’s 2,100 kilometres from Shanghai to Xinjiang province.

_______ ________ is it from Shanghai to Xinjiang province?

9.She looks tall and thin.

_________ _________ she look _________ ?

10.Three plus nine is twelve.

_________ _________ is three plus nine?

11.We had learned six pop songs by the end of last week.

_____ ______ pop songs had you learned by the end of the last week?

12.He went to the hospital to have a checkup on eyesight.

_____ ____ he go to the hospital?

13.At the age of five, Martin weighed 25 kilos.

______ _____ did Martin weigh at the age of five?

14.He lost the key to his bike on his way to the lecture.

____ did he ____ on his way to the lecture?

15.The American spacecraft Galileo traveled and worked in space for 14 years. ______ _____ did the American spacecraft Galileo travel and work in space?

16.Mr and Mrs Brown have already been to China twice.

_______ _____ times have Mr and Mrs Brown been to China?

17.It is ten minutes’ walk to get to the bus station from my home. ______ ________is it to get to the bus station from your home?

18.The lady in yellow is our new class teacher.

_______ _______ is your new class teacher?

19.Our teacher went to Beiijing to attend a meeting.

_____ did your teacher go to Beijing _____ ?

20.Mike’s father is short and fat.

What _____ Mike’s father _____ ______?

21.It takes me about 15 minutes to get to school.

________ ________ does it take you to get to school?

22.I promise to reuse shopping bags.

What _______ you promise _______ _______?

23.I’d like to be a policeman because I want to make our city a safe place.

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