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2013年秋七年级英语上册 Unit 1 My name’s Gina. Section A 2a-2c教案 (新版)人教新目标版

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Unit 1 My name’s Gina.

(The 2nd period Section A 2a—2c)

Teaching aims(教学目标)



Language points(语言点)

1.要求掌握以下句式:What’s your/his/her name?

My/His/Her name is ??

2.要求掌握下列词汇:his, and, her, question, answer, look

3.语法:了解缩略形式What is=What’s ,I am = I’m等;初步了解代词my,your,his,her的用法(此知识可在今后学习中进一步巩固)。


Teaching steps(教学步骤)

1. Warming- up and revision(课堂热身和复习)

1(1)Sing ABC song 教学设计说明

1. 为活跃英语课堂(2)Greeting (Say hello between the teacher and the Ss) 氛围而进行的活(3) Review introduction 动。

2 T: Good morning. I’m Diana.What’s your name? S: I’m Xu Dong./My name is? Nice to meet you. 2.为了复习第一课时T: Nice to meet you ,too. 的句式,教师可带上

面具以新面孔出现,2. Presentation(呈现新知识)

与学生进行仿真交T: Boys and girls,let’s play a guessing game, 流。教师与多个学生3“What’s his/her name?” OK? 进行交流,进一步熟

悉同学,并且给学生 Show the students the famous persons, let 多种激励性的评价。 them guess the names of these persons by using:

43.从guessing game His name /Her name is ?? 中引出What’s 5 I think his/her name is? his/her name?

His/Her name Is he/she??? is??。让学生利用 名人的图片来进行猜


4.板书What’s his/her name? His/Her name


5.对有能力的同学, 鼓励使用更多的句式


来表达。Is he/she?? I think he/she is? I think his/her name is??


3. Summary (short forms)

My name’s ______. Your name’s _______. His name’s _______. Her name’s ________.


4.Work on 2a(完成P2-2a)

T: Now, look .at the pictures on P2, listen to the four conversations. Just listen.

(Play the recording for the first time, students only listen.)

Then, listen to the recording again, and number the pictures . Check the answers. 5.Work on 2b(完成P2-2b)

Listen again. Circle the names you hear. The first name is done for you.

Play the recording. Students listen and circle

the names they hear. Then check the answers. 7

6.Listen and repeat(听音跟读)

T: Now let’s listen to the tape and repeat. Please try to read like the tape. 8

7.Work on 2c(完成P2-2c)

T: Suppose you are new students in No. 1 Middle School. You are from different countries. You meet for the first time. Make up a dialogue in


8. Grammar focus(老师用中文总结这两天所学的语法点) T:这两天学习了自我介绍、认识新朋友、问候的句型。 My name is ?? I’m ?? What’s his/her name? Nice to meet you.

回答What’s your/his/her name? 的答语用: My/His/Her name is?.

注意几种缩略的表达法:What’s=What is

I’m=I am name’s=name is10

6.小结物主代词my , your, his, her 的用法。

并了解一些缩略形式及读法,为下一步的听力做准备。 7.

Conversation1:Jenny, Tony

Conversation2:Tonny, Jenny

Conversation3:Bob Conversation4:Jim 8.将四段对话让学生跟读一遍,为下一步的同桌活动做准备。教师要特别强调语音语调的模仿。可以先全班跟读,再让学生个体跟读。


10. 指导学生阅读grammar focus时,注意使学生理解question, answer, look三个词。


9. Exercise

Workbook P1 Ex.1 Find these words. Circle the words.

P2 Fill in the blanks in the conversations..



Oral work: (1) Listen to1a, read and recite it.

(2) Read the sentences in Grammar Focus. (3) Go on making up your dialogues with your partner and polish it. Written work: (1) Finish workbook P1P2Exx

(2) Bring some photos to school. 12


11. 练习册的两个习题巩固本节课的语言重点。

12. 准备若干亲友的照片,若干生活中常用电话号码的图片(急救、报警、火灾等),为下节课准备。


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