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51 be on a visit to = pay a visit to= visit参观 drop in on sb. drop in on sp. 顺便来访

52 be popular with sb 受某人欢迎 53 be quiet 安静

54 be short for 表**的缩写 55 be sick/ ill in bed 生病在床 91 fit sb = be fit for sb 适合某人 92 forget to do 忘记没做的 forget doing 忘记做过了 93 from…to… 从某某到某某

94 get /have sth done 做完 ,被(别人)做 56 be sorry to do sth 抱歉做某事 be sorry to hear that 抱歉听到… be sorry to trouble sb 抱歉麻烦… 57 because+句子 because of +短语 因为

58 begin to do = begin doing= start to do= start doing 开始做某事

start…with…=begin…with… 以什么开始什么 59 between…and… 两者之间

60 borrow sth from sb 向……借……=borrow sb. sth. lend sth to sb = lend sb sth 借出

61 bother/ trouble sb 打扰某人 I’m sorry to bother you. 62 call sb sth 称呼某人…

63 care about 关心 care for 在乎,喜欢,照顾

64 catch up with sb 赶上某人 keep up with 与..保持一致 65 chat with sb 和某人闲谈 take sb to +sp 带某人去某地 66 come in 进 67 come over to 过来 68 come up with 提出

69 communicate with sb 和某人交流 70 consider + doing 考虑做什么 71 dance to 随着……跳舞

72 decide to do sth= make a decision to do 决定做某事 73 do a survey of 做某方面的调查

74 do better in 在……方面做得更好= be better at 75 do wrong 做错

76 Don't forget to do sth 不要忘了做某事=Remember to do 77 Don't mind +doing /从句 /名词 不要介意……

78 each +名(单)每一个 79 end up +doing 以…结束 80 enjoy +doing喜欢

81 be strict in (doing) sth 严于(做)某事 be strict with sb 对某人要求严格 82 be worth doing 值得做什么 be worth sth. 值得某事

83 wait for sb 等某人 can’t wait to do 迫不及待做 84 escape from 从……逃跑 85 expect to do sth 期待做某事

86 fall down from从…摔下来 = fall off 87 fall in love with sb /sth 爱上什么 88 find +it +adj +to do 发现做某事怎么样 think it adj to do认为做某事怎么样 believe it adj. to do相信做某事怎么样 make it adj. to do使做某事怎么样 89 find +宾+宾补 发现什么怎么样 make +宾+宾补 使什么怎么样

with + 宾+宾补 伴随着什么怎么样 90 finish 完成+doing(名词)

95 get a part-time job= find a part-time job

96 get along well with sb = get on well with sb 与某人相处得好

97 get along with sb = get on with sb 与某人相处 get along with sth.= get on with sth. 某事进展 98 get ready for sth. = be ready forsth. 为什么而准备

99 get sb in to trouble 给某人麻烦= get into trouble with sb. 100 let sb. do make sb. do 让使某人做某事

have sb. do get sb to do sth

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