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2013年秋七年级英语上册 Unit 2 Is this your pencil教案2 (新版)人教新目标版

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Unit 2 Is this your pencil?

(The first period)

Teaching aims:

A. Learn to use the drills of this lesson and make full use of it in daily conversations.

1.-Is this your pencil?

-Yes, it is. It’s my pencil.

2.-Is that your backpack?

-No, it isn’t. It’s his backpack.

B. Learn the following words and phrases: Backpack; ruler; pencil sharpener; thank

you; baseball; computer; key; notebook; ring?

C. Practise the conversations.

Teaching methods:

Discussion; A short play

Teaching aids:

Cards and real objects

Teaching process: Step1. Greetings


1. Let the Ss write a few words they know about school things 2. Learn the words with the help of the cards.

3. Listen and number the conversations.

4. Discuss in groups:

- Is this /that??

- Yes, it is. /No, it isn’t.

Step3.Group work

Identify ownership by giving the Ss a real scene and make up a dialogue. Step4. Exercises

Hand out a piece of test paper.


Write a dialogue of 60 words or so according to the drills in this lesson.



1. 能准确听出所学学习用具的单词。

2. 能正确应用和拼写所学的单词。

3. 能口头应用以下句型:(1)Is this ??? Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.

(2) What’s this in English? (3)How do you spell??.?



1. 一般疑问句Is this ??.?及其肯定, 否定回答。

2. 特殊疑问句What’s this in English ? 和How do you spell ??的运用。


录音机, 单词卡片, 尺子等学习用品 .


1. 复习

教师手拿一些实物,如尺子等,用What’s this ? It’s a ?.? 来复习学过的单词ruler, pencil, backpack等. 同时出示单词卡片让学生来拼读, 为后面练习新句型做好准备. 2. 给学生放录音,让学生做课本的2a. 找学生回答,集体订正,然后集体朗读这几个单词.

3. 在练习2b之前,可以先让学生仿照着自己编一组对话.找几组起来练习,然后听录音,学生填写答案.最后,全班分成两组,多读几遍,以起到巩固的作用.

4. Pairwork

(1)老师拿出一些相关的学习用品问同学们:What’s this in English? 帮助同学们回答:It’s a/an?




五. 游戏

(1) 让同学们放一些学习用品到老师的书包里,并且一定要记住自己的东西.

(2) 老师从书包里拿出一些学习用品用Is this your???句型来寻找物主,学生只有两次猜的机会.

(3) 让同学们自己做这个游戏.


(1) 识记单词: pencil sharpener book eraser ruler backpack dictionary

(2) 做游戏Find the owner

(3) 造一段对话用Is this your??What’s this in English? How do you spell??

(4) 用本课所学单词及句型分组编对话.


一、 学习目标




二、 学习内容


三 教学过程

(一) Master the words above

1. Match the words with the things in the picture

2. Guess the words using body language

The teacher or the students do some actions in the front and let the others guess the words

(二)Master the language structure

2. Pairwork

Students use the things that they have collected from the students around and talk A: What’s this?

B: It’s a watch.

A: How do you spell it?

B: W-A-T-C-H.

A: Is this your watch?

B: Yes, it is.


A: What’s this?

B: It’s a notebook.

A: How do you spell it?

B: N-O-T-E-B-O-O-K

A: Is this your notebook?

B: No, it isn’t. It’s her notebook.

A to C: Is this your notebook?

C: Yes, it is.

(三) Using the language 任务示范与讲解

In your daily life, you must have lost something or found something that doesn’t belong to you. Have you got it back or found the owner?


四 Homework

1 Listening Section B 2a 2b

2 Finish 3a 3b

3 Use a photo to talk

1) A: Is this your uncle? B: Yes, he is.

2) A: Is this your brother? B: Yes, he is.

3) A: Is this your mother? B: No, she isn’t.

(The fourth period)

Teaching aims:

1. Learn to ask for something by using “Is this your ??”

2. Try to master such pronouns as my\your\her\his?

3. Learn to write an easy “Lost & Found” passage.

Teaching difficult and important points:

Develop the ability to make full use of the drills in daily conversations. Teaching method:

Task-teaching; Discussion-teaching

Teaching aids:

Cards; CAI; Real objects

Teaching period: One

Teaching process:

Step 1.Self check

1. The Ss are required to remember the words of unit7 as quickly as they can in one minute.

2. Check the words they know in Part 1 on page 46 and write out their Chinese meanings. Step 2.New words

1. tennis; 2. bookcase; 3. soccer ; 4. club ; 5. star ;

6. lunch; 7. T-shirt; 8. pants ; 9. plaza ; 10.dollar ;

Step 3.Choice

Choose five new words you like and write them down in Part 2 on Page 46. Step 4.Oral exercise


Look at the picture in Part 3 and make up conversations

According to the following drills:

-Is this \that??

-Yes, it is.\ No, it isn’t.

Step5. Written work

Read the bulletin board notices on Page 45 and try to write an easy “Lost & Found” passage.


1. Lost:

My watch. My name is Kate.

Please call 222-0909.


A watch.

Is this your watch?

Please call Peter.

Phone number: 666-0808.

Step 6.Assignment

Read the drills and finish the exercise-book.


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