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The Object Clause

大兴学校 黄承承

【教学目标】 掌握宾语从句的基本用法并能运用到实际中 【知识要点】 宾语从句的连接词、语序、时态 【在英语学习中的位置】 宾语从句是我们接触的第一种复合句, 对以后的状语从句、定语从句的学习, 特别是直接引语和间接引语的学习


宾语从句是主从复合句的一种。 在及物动词的后面可以接一个句子 来充当宾语 如: I know that the man is a policeman. 

宾 语 从 句 三 要 素

连接词 时 态

句子的两种语序: 1.陈述句结构叫陈述语序
He likes watching English movies .

2 疑问句结构叫疑问语序
Does he like watching English movies?

宾语从句必须用 陈述语序 ________

? 宾语从句的语序应为陈述句的语序。例如: ? I hear (that) physics isn?t easy. ? I think (that) you will like this school soon. ? Can you tell me how I can get to zoo? ? Please tell me when we?ll have the meeting.

练习:将下列句子改成陈述句语序: 1.Is there a bank near here?
There is a bank near here

2.Is it on Fifth Avenue? It is on Fifth Avenue 3.Are they doing homework? They are doing homework

4.Does she work in a hospital? She works in a hospital 5.Did you go to Center Park? You went to Center Park 6.Do we have to wear a uniform? We have to wear a uniform 7.Can we wear hats in school? We can wear hats in school

8.Where’s your pen pal from? Where your pen pal is from 9. Where does he live? Where he lives 10.What language does she speak? What language she speaks 11.Why do you like pandas?

Why you like pandas

由从属连词that 引导的宾语从句 由从属连词 whether, if 引导的宾语从句 由连接代词 who, whom, whose, which, what 和连接副词 where, how, why, when引导的宾语从句。

that 1.当陈述句充当宾语时,由 ____ 连接 ( that可以省略).
eg: I hear

“he will be back in an hour.”

I hear (that) he will be back in an hour.
He said “he is very nervous.”

He said (that) he was very nervous

1 He will come back in a week. (I think)

I think that he will come back in a week.
2 He is an honest. (The teacher said)

The teach said that he was an honest.
3 He will succeed. (I am sure) . I am sure that he will succeed. 4 I am doing my homework. (He said)
He said that he was doing him homework.

if/whether 2.当一般疑问句充当宾语时,由________ 连接.

(1) Is Jim a good student?

I don’t know.

I don’t know if /whether Jim is a good student. (2) Does Kate get up early? Did you know?

Did you know if /whether Kate got up early?

1 Do they like to make friends with us? He asked.
He asked if /whether they liked to make friends with them.

2 Is he doing his homework? Jim asked.
Jim asked if /whether he was doi

ng his homework.

3 She asked me: “Do you like maths?” She asked me if/wheather I liked maths. 4 We are not sure “will he come here tomorrow or not?”
We are not sure whether he will come here tomorrow or not

If 与whether 的区别
1. I don’t know _____________ he will come or whether not.
与or not 连用只能用whether

2. I don’t care of __________ he is handsome. whether

3. He wondered __________ to stay here the whether next week.
与to do 不定式连用只能用whether

4. Whether he will come is not decided. _______

小结:只能用whether不用if 的三种情况
? 一般情况下,if 和whether可以互换,但以下3种 情况只 能用whether: (1)与or not连用: He asked me whether or not I was coming. (2)在介词之后: It depends on whether it is going to rain. (3)在不定式之前: We haven?t decided whether to go there. (4)作主语只能用whether

Whether he will come is not decided.

3.当特殊疑问句充当宾语时,由 特殊疑问词 连 ________ 接. Eg:

1.What is she doing? Can you tell me?
Can you tell me what she is doing? 2.Where does she live? Do you know? Do you know where she lives?

1. Where do they stop on the way? I asked. I asked where they stopped on the way. 2. What will you say at the meeting? Could you tell me? Could you tell me what you will say at the meeting? 3.She asks. How does Lily go to school? She asks how Lily goes to school.
4. Can you show me? How do you drive a car Can you show me how you drive a car.

1. 如果主句的时态是一般现在时,宾语从句的 任何 时态根据具体情况来确定,可以是_________ 时态。 I don?t think (that) you are right. Please tell us where we’ll go fishing tomorrow. Do you know when Mr. Smith moved here?

? 2. 如果主句的时态是一般过去时,宾语从句只 过去 能用相应的_________时态(一般过去时, 过去进行时, 过去将来时,过去完成时)。 例如: He told me ?he was born in Beijing in1992.? ? He told me that he was born in Beijing in 1992. He said ?I will go back to the U.S. soon.? ? He said that he would go back to the U.S. soon.

? 3. 如果宾语从句所陈述的是客观真理,即使 一般现在 主句用了过去时,从句仍用 _______ 时态。 ? 例如: The teacher said that the earth moves around the sun.


主句若是现在时,从句时态任你选。 主句若是过去时,从句时态相应变。


宾 语 从 句 小 结
1. 当陈述句作宾语从句时, 结构:主句+that + 主语 +谓语部分 2. 当一般疑问句作宾语从句时,结构:主句+ if(whether) +主语 +谓语部分

3.当 特殊疑问句作宾语从句时,结构:主句+特殊疑问词+

主语 +谓语部分

主句 1.一般现在时 2. 一般过去时 3.(特殊):任何时态 从句

时态不变 时态相应变化 一般现在时



1.Do you know __________________? C

A. where does she live
C. where she lives

B. she lives where
D. where she live

2. His parents wanted to know what he ______at B that time. A. is doing C. has done B. was doing D. will do

3.—We don’t know ______. C -- It is said that he was born in Canada. A. what he is B. when he was born C. where he comes from D. if he lives here
4.Lily’s mother looked for her for half an hour, but could not find ________? C A. what Lily was B. what was Lily

C. where Lily was D. where was Lily

A 5 The girls asked if they ____ some food and drink with them.
A. took C. takes B. take D. will take

6 Linda said the moon___ round the earth. C A. travelled C. travels B. has travelled D. had travelled

A ? 7. Could you please tell me ________ he will come here tomorrow? ? A. if B. weather C. what D. which ? 8. Could you tell me ___? C
A. when will they leave Beijing B. when would they leave Beijing C. when they will leave Beijing
D. when did they leave Beijing

II.改错: 1.Miss Zhang asked me why was I late for school.
Miss Zhang asked me why I was late for school. __________________________________________ 2.Father told me the sun always rose in the east. Father told me the sun always rises in the east. __________________________________________ 3.He doesn’t know that when she can come back. He doesn’t know when she can come back. __________________________________________

一、将下列句子合并成宾语从句。 1. Where is Jane from? Sue doesn’t remember. Sue doesn’t remember where Jane is from. ____________________________________________ 2. Has Mrs. Brown seen the film? Could you tell me? ____________________________________________ Could you tell me if Mrs. Brown has seen the film? 3. We know. The moon goes around the Earth. We know that the moon goes around the Earth ___________________________________________ 4.Do you know? Where is the park? Do you know where the park is? ___________________________________________ 5.She asks. How does Lily go to school? She asks how Lily goes to school. ___________________________________________ 6. Can you show me? How do you drive a car? Can you show me how you drive a car. ___________________________________________

能力提高练习 1. I don't know _________ he will come tomorrow. _________ he comes, I'll tell you. A. if; Whether B. whether; Whether C. if; That D. if; If 2. I don't know _________ the day after tomorrow. A. when does he come B. how will he come C. if he comes D. whether he'll come 3. Could you tell me ____the nearest hospital is? A. what B. how C. whether D. where 4. Could you tell me _________ the radio without any help? A.

how did he mend B. what did he mend C. how he mended D. what he mended 5. I want to know _________. A. whom is she looking after B. whom she is looking C. whom is she looking D. whom she is looking after 6. Do you know where _________ now? A. he lives B. does he live C. he lived D. did he live

7. Do you know what time _________? A. the train leave B. does the train leave C. will the train leave D. the train leaves 8. I don't know _________. Can you tell me, please? A. how the two players are old B. how old are the two players C. the two players are how old D. how old the two players are 9. The small children don't know _________. A. what is their stockings in B. what is in their stockings C. where is their stockings in D. what in their stocking 10. I can't understand _____. A. what does Christmas mean B. what Christmas does mean C. what mean Christmas does D. what Christmas mean 11. I don?t know _____ he will be back home.

真题再现 1.-Hi, Daming. It's said the famous singer will come to Tai'an. Do you know _____? D -Next month. A. when does he come B. when he comes C. when will he come D. when he will come 2 —Can you guess ______ the new schoolbag C yesterday? —Sorry, I’ve no idea. A. how much did he pay for B. how much he spent C. how much he paid for D. how much did he spend

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