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七 年 级 英 语

(考试时间:100分钟 满分:120分)

班级 姓名 学号

第一部分 听力(20分)


( ) 1 A. one B. four C. eight

( ) 2. A. I B. E C. Y

( ) 3. A. pencil box B. key C. box

( ) 4. A. English B. bed C. yellow

( ) 5. A. uncle B. photo C. map


( )6.What’s this?

A. B. C.

( )7.W

hat’s the girl’s name? A. Helen B. John C. Amy

( )8. Where are the keys?

( )9.Which(哪一) picture is right(对的)?

A. B. C.


This is a of my room. A desk , a table and a sofa are in it. My books and my are on the desk. A map and a The is on the table. I have a baseball. It isn’t on the sofa. It is on the floor. My schoolbag is on the

第一部分 笔试(100分)



( )16. ----What’s this? ----It’s ______ orange.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )17. ----Where _____ their keys? ----They _____on the table.

A. is, are B. is, am C. are, are D. is, is

( )18.---Who’s that boy? ----______name is Tom Smith.

A. His B .He C. Her D. She

( )19.--.Are these your _______? ---Yes, they are my uncle’s sons.

A. sisters B. cousin C. cousins D. brother

( )20. ----Is this ______ pencil? -----Yes, it’s_________.

A. her, her B. her, she C. her, hers D. she, her

( )21.---______ is your pen? -----It’s black.

A. Where B. How C. What D. What color 2

( )22.---Thank you _____ your help!

--You’re welcome.If you need more help, please call me ____ 26898056

A. on, at B. for, at C. for, in D. in, at

( )23. --Are those your parents? -_____. They are my uncle and aunt.

A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t. C. Yes, it is. D. No, it isn’t. ( )24. ---How do you ________your name? -----J-I-M, Jim.

A. look B. call C. spell D. ask

( )25.---______ is your key? ----It’s on my table.

A. Where B. How C. What D. Who

( )26. ---Is this your ruler? ---_____________. It’s Bob’s ruler.

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t

C. Yes, they are. D. No, they aren’t.

( )27. ---Are these your_______? ----Yes, And that is my________.

A. pencil, erasers B. pencil, eraser

C.pencils erasers D. pencils, eraser ( )28.Is your family? ----Yes, and ______ are my brothers.

A. this, these B. this, this C. these, these D. these, this

( )29. ----What do you call your father’s_______. ----Uncle.

A. mother B. sister C. brother D. father.

( )30.---Your jacket is very nice. ---____________.

A. oh, no, no B. Thank you

C. My jacket is not nice. D. You’re welcome.




( )31.How are you?

A.I’m fine. B.you are OK. C.I an OK. D.Nice to meet you. ( )32. Hello, My name is Tom.

A.I am boy B.I’m teacher C.I am Tom D.His name is Tom ( )33.Thank you!

A. Thanks B. Thank C. Thanks you D. Thank your ( )34.Iam fine!

A. very bad B. very well C. not nice D. not good ( )35.His name is Jim Green.

A.His fist name is Jim B. His last name is Green

C. His full name is Jim Green. D.He isn’t Jim Green. Ⅴ.完形填空。(10分)

This is my family . There are four people(人) in my __36__ . __37_ my father , my mother , my sister and I . My father __38__ a cook(厨师) . He cooks(烹饪) nice __39__ . He likes playing chess(象棋) . My mother is a teacher . She __40__ books . They both work in the same school . They like tea very much , __41__ they don’t like milk . My name is Wang Peng . __42_ like playing __43_ football . My sister Wang Min likes __44 . And she wants to be the __45__ running(跑步) star(明星) .

( ) 36. A. home B. house C. family D. room

( ) 37. A. They B. They’re C. There D .Their

( ) 38. A. are B. has C. be D. is

( ) 39. A. bananas B. apples C. oranges D. food(食物)

( ) 40. A. likes (喜欢) B.am C.are D. is 4

( ) 41. A. so B. then C. but D. and

( ) 42. A. My B. I C. She D. He

( ) 43. A. a B. an C. the D./

( ) 44. A. food B. cards C.sports(运动) D. photos

( ) 45. A. well B. better比较好) C. good D. best(最好) Ⅵ. 阅读理解题(30分,每小题2分)。


I'm a Chinese(中国) girl. My name is Li Ying. I'm twelve years old(十二岁). I'm in No. 5 Middle school(第五中学). Chen Hong is my friend. She is thirteen years old(十三岁). Mr Wu is my Chinese (语文)teacher and Miss Zhao is my English teacher.

( )46. Li Ying is a _______ girl.

A. Chinese B. English C. Japanese D. England

( )47. Chen Hong is ___________.

A. twelve B. thirteen C. eleven D. ten

( )48.My Chinese teacher is _________

A. Mr Chen B. Miss Zhao C. Mr Wu D. Mr Wang

( )49.My English teacher is _________

A. Miss Wu B. Miss Zhao C. Mr Wu D. Mr Wang

( ) 50.Li Ying and Chen Hong are________

A. teachers B. friends C. boys D. English


This is my friend John Wilson and his family. There are (有) many people(人) in his family. This is his grandfather. His name is Peter. 5

This is his grandmother. Her name is Mary. This is his mother. Her name is Anna. This is his father. His name is Tony. He likes playing soccer( 他喜欢踢足球). These are John's sisters, Lily and Lucy. They both(两者都) like sports(运动).

( )51. How many(多少) people are there(有) in John’s family?

A. Four. B. Five. C. Six. D. Seven.

( )52. Mary and Peter are ______ grandparents.

A. John’s B. Tom’s C. Anna’s D. Tony’s

( )53. What’s John’s grandfather’s name?

A. Peter. B. Mary. C. Tony. D. Wilson

( )54. _______ is John’s sister.

A. Lucy. B. Mary. C. Anna. D. Tony

( )55. What does John like? (John喜欢什么?)

A. Basketball.(篮球) B.Soccer(足球)

C. Sports. D. We don’t know.(我不知道)

C (任务型阅读:阅读短文,回答下列问题)

I am Gina. I have a nice room. There is a bed, a chair and a desk in the room. Three nice pictures are on the wall. My computer is on the desk. My picture books are next to(临近) the computer. And my backpack(双肩背包) is on the chair. Where are my keys? Oh, they’re on the floor. That’s my room. Is it very nice?

56.What is on the wall?

57.Where is Gina’s computer?

58.Are Gina’s picture books under the computer?(用下列句子选择回答:yes, 6

they are./ No, they aren’t)

59. What is on the chair?

60. Are Gina’s keys on the floor? Ⅶ词汇运用。(15分).


61.What’s your (名字) ?—Marry.

62.This is my brother. is Bob.

63. (谁) is your new English teacher?


65. The baseball is under the ( 床).




67.My name is Alice.(\改为同意句)(2分)

68.This is my sisters(变为复数形式)

My sisters.


,Anna. 对划线部分提问)

his pen?

Ⅷ.补全对话:选择方框中的句子完成对话,把序号填入横线处。( 10分) A: 71 ?


B: It is a photo of my family. A: 72 ?

B: Sure, here you are.

A: Who is this man? Is he your father? B: No ,he is not. 73 .

A: Is he a worker? B: 74 .

A :Where are you? B: 75 .

71.______ 7 2.______ 73.______ 74.______ 75.______







Ⅰ. 听出你所听到的单词,听二遍。(5分)

1. four 2.E 3. key 4. English 5. photo

Ⅱ. 听小对话,从ABC三个选项中选择符合对话内容的图片。(每段对话听二遍)。(5分)

6.A: What’s this in English?

B: It’s a pencil.

7.A: What’s your name?

B: My name is Helen.

8.A: Where are the keys?

B: They’re in the desk.

9. A: Is that your father, Jim?

B: No, that’s my grandfather.

10. A: What are these letters?

B: They are WTO.

Ⅲ.听短文三遍,根据所听内容,填入所缺的单词。(5分) are on the wall. The on the table. I have a baseball. It isn’t on the sofa. It is on the floor. My schoolbag is on

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