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冀教版英语九年级上册Lesson 15

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Lesson 15

I. Words :

Pull Please pull the door open .

Please push the door open.

pull and draw : 都表示位置移动,位置不移动经常用pull

He pulled the door open and rushed out .

He began to draw the net in slowly .

II . phrases :

60 centimetres tall

III. Sentences :

1. By the way , it’s your birthday soon , isn’t it ?

on the (one’s )way (to ) , in one’s /the way , in this way ,in these ways eg: I met with my new friend on my way to school .

A dog is in my way .

You can do it in this way .

He is better in these ways .

It looks like rain , doesn’t it ?

What he said is right , isn’t it ?

Let’s go to school , shall we ?

Don’t open the window , will you ?

2. I was surprised to read the man who pulled the train . Eg : I am sorry to hear that .

We are proud to be young people of new China .

We are surprised to find him there .

3. That train must have weighed more than one thousand kilos . Eg : You must have been on a trip or on a visit to your relatives .

That boy must be very tired ,isn’t he ?

LiMing may know the answer to that question .

Can Mr. Green be a teacher ?

Mr. Green can’t be a teacher .

Exx :

1. ____ her way home , Liu Mei helped a lost child find his mother .

A. By B. In C. At D. On

2. –Alice had nothing for breakfast this morning ,_____ ? -No, She got up too late .

A. had she B. hadn’t she C. did she D. didn’t she

3. –Can you introduce the town to me ?

-OK. This is the town in ______ I was born .

A. that B. who C. which D. whose

4. –Whose schoolbag is this ?

-It ______ be Mary’s . It has her name on it .

A. can B. may C. will D. must

5.It’s time for you ________ your homework .

A. do B . to do C. does D. doing

6. She ______ be here . I saw her come in .

A. can B. may C. should D. must

7. The mother _______ them close and covered them with her coat .

A. pulled B. pushed C. draw D. forced

8. I felt _____ when I heard the _______ news .

A. surprised , surprising B. surprised , surprised C. surprising, surprising

9.You can improve your English _____ reading more .

A. in B. with C. by D. of D. surprising , surprised

10. He is wonderful . He can pull a car ____ his teeth .

A. by B. through C. with D. on

11. I believe we will have fun ______ English .

A. learn B. learns C. learning D. to learn

13. The man at the school gate ____ be my English teacher , he always stands there .

A . may B. must C. can’t D. might

14. I haven’t received a letter from you _______ last year .

A. for B. as C. since D. /

15. _______, have you ever been to Beijing ?

A. Can you tell me B. In the way C. That’s very kind of you D. By the way

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