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期期中试题(无答案) 仁爱版

第 ︳卷(70分)


1. My pen pal comes from __________. She is an American.

A. Beijing A. France A. at

B. New York

C. Tokyo .

C. Canada C. on

2. —Where is Toronto? —It's in

B. England B. in

3. —Why don't go to school __________ Sundays. 4. —Excuse me, sir, __________

—Go down this road and turn left. It's next to a white house. A. How is the weather?

B. Where's the supermarket

C. How

are you

5. __________ you are hungry, you can have lunch in the restaurant.

A. And B. If C. But

6. —__________ she __________ during the day.

—Yes, she does. A. Does, sleep A. of

B. Are, sleeping

C. Is, sleeping

7. Julie likes to play __________ her friends.

B. from

C. with

C. at, in

8. Let's meet __________ three thirty __________ this morning.

A. in, on A. and A. do A. at

B. at; /

9. My father likes tigers, __________ my mother doesn't.

B. or B. job

C. but C. work

C. as

C. are listening


10. —What does he __________?

11. My sister works __________ a magazine. She's a reporter.

B. for

12. Tom and Jim __________ to the teacher now.

A. listen

B. listening

13. Let's __________ at the picture on show.

A. to look A. comes to

B. look

C. looking

C. is coming to

14. Look, their teacher __________ the classroom.

B. come to

15. — What is your father?

— He is __________ A. thirty nine A. to have — Yes, I can. A. talk about A. job, like A. nice A. How

B. say

C. speak

C. a work, like

B. a bank clerk

C. Jack Smith C. are having

16. It's six o'clock. The family __________ supper.

B. having

17. Can you __________ the picture in English?

18. We have __________ for you __________ a writer.

B. a job, as B. well

19. My sister dances very __________

C. good

20. —__________ is your weekend?

B. What

—Not bad. C. Where


On Friday, Kim goes to a beautiful beach 21 his family. It is very sunny and 22 . They go swimming and play tennis. They enjoy 23 a lot.

24 Saturday morning it rains. Kim with his sister 25 to a

library. They do some 26 there. It is interesting. In the afternoon, it stops raining. So Kim plays soccer with his friends.

On Sunday morning, the weather is nice. Kim and his friends play ping-pong. 27 in the afternoon, it is rainy. So Kim 28 at home all 29 . It is very 30 . 21. A. and

D. to

B. hot

C. warm

D. cold


B. with

C. for

22. A. cool 23. A. the they 24. A. On

B. their C. themselves

B. In C. At D. /


25. A. going B. to go B. shopping B. But

C. goes

D. go

26. A. cleaning 27. A. And

C. washing

C. Or

D. reading

D. So

28. A. stays(呆在)

D. stay

B. is staying C. to stay

29. A. day morning 30. A. fun boring

B. afternoon C. Sunday D.

B. funny C. interesting D.

三. 阅读理解(每小题2分,共40分)。


I am a middle school student. My name is Wei Fang. I am a girl. I'm thirteen now. I study at Yuying Middle School. I am in Class 3, Grade 1. There are twenty boys and twenty-three girls in my class.

We have four lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon. We like

English very much. On weekends, I often go to movies with my friends. I like action movies and comedies very much. I think they are exciting and interesting. But I don't like documentaries because they are too boring. I often play soccer ball for half an hour after school in the afternoon. 31. Wei Fang is _________

A. a teacher

B. a boy

C. 13 years old D. in Class 1,

Grade 3

32. Wei Fang has _________ lessons on Monday.

A. 4 D. no

B. 2

C. 6

33. On weekends, Wei Fang often _________.

A. studies at school

B.goes to movies C. plays soccer


34. Her favorite movies are _________.

A. documentaries B. action movies C. comedies D. B and C


35. After school in the afternoon, Wei Fang often _________

A. goes to movies B. sings and dances C. plays the guitar D.plays football


Jimmy lives in the country(农村), and he loves playing in the river near his house. But his father gets a job(工作) in a big city, and he moves(搬) there with his family.

Their new house has a garden, but the garden is very small. Jimmy isn’t happy. “Is there a river near here?” He asks his mother on the first morning. His mother answers, “No, there isn’t, but there is a nice park near here and there’s a pool(池塘) in it. We’re going there this afternoon.” Jimmy is happy now.

After lunch Jimmy and his mother go to the park. Jimmy wants to walk near the pool, but there is a sign(标记) before it. His mother reads it to him, “Warning(警告): This pool is dangerous(危险). 367 people fell into(掉入) it.” Jimmy looks into the pool carefully, and he says, “But I can’t see them.”

36. Jimmy likes playing ______________________ very much.

A. in the park B. in the garden C. in the river D. in the zoo

37. Jimmy’s father works _______________________.

A. in the country B. in the big city C. in the small city D. in the park

38. There is _____________ near Jimmy’s new house.

A. a river B. a garden C. a zoo D. a park

39. Jimmy goes to the park with ___________________.

A. his father B. his mother C. his teacher D. the 367 people

40. Which is true?

A.Jimmy’s family move to the big city. B. There are 367people in the pool.


C. Jimmy fell into the pool. D. Something is wrong with Jimmy’s eyes.


We have two new students in our class. They are Cindy and Kate. They look the same. But they aren’t twins.

Cindy is American. She is thirteen. Her father and mother are both teachers. She likes green and blue. She is often in blue pants. She often plays the guitar after school. She is good at math and English. She says math is her favorite because it interesting.

Kate is English. She is twelve. Her parents are not teachers. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a worker. Kate likes yellow and orange. She can’t play the guitar. But she plays volleyball very well. Her favorite subject is Chinese. She say she wants to learn about Chinese history. Kate likes documentaries very much.

41. Cindy is __________________________.

A. 12 years old B. American C. English D. Kate’s sister

42. Kate is ____________________________.

A. 12 years old B. an American C. an English D. Cindy’s sister

43. Cindy ________________________________.

A. likes yellow and orange B. likes Chinese very much

C. can play volleyball well D. likes blue pants very much

44. Kate’s favorite _________________ are documentaries.

A. sports C. subjects C. colors D. movies

45. If you are ill (生病), you can go to see ______________.

A. Cindy’s father B.Cindy’s mother C. Kate’s father D. Kate’s mother




We are a bilingual(双语) school for children of 6-15. We want a cook, a library assistant, a sports coach and a language teacher.

46. Who can’t go to Sunny School?

A. A four-year-old child. B. An eleven-year-old boy.

C. A fifteen-year-old girl D. An eight-year-old kid.

50. The Sunny School wants a teacher ________.


A. aged between 25 and 40 B. who can cook Western food

C. who is careful and strong D. who can speak English and Chinese.

第 ‖卷主观试题(50分)


A:Excuse me ,51______________________________________?

B: Yes, I do. I have a girl pen pal.

A: 52_______________________________________?

B: She is from Sydney.

A: Where is Sydney?

B: It’s a city in Australia.

A: 53 ________________________________?

B: Yes. Koalas are from Australia. They sleep in the day and get up to eat leaves at night.

A: That sounds interesting. And 54 ______________________________? B: It’s warn in winter and cool in summer.

A: 55 ___________________________________________________________. B: You’re welcome.

51. _______ 52. _________ 53. _________ 54. _________ 55. __________ A. Thank you for answering my questions. B. Where are koalas from C. Do you have a pen pal D. What’s the weather like in Australia

E. Where is she from F. Does Australia have any famous (出名的) animals

二 阅读短文,用所给单词的正确形式填空(每空1分,共10分)。

Dear Bob,

My name is Joe. I'm twelve 56 (year) old this year. I'm 57 (study) in a high school. My school is very nice and clean. There are 45 students in my class. It's sunny today, the sun is shining(照耀) in the sky. My classmates and I 58 (have) a good time on the beach. It's a nice place. 7

The water is blue and clear. Many birds are singing 59(on) the sea. Many people are 60 (play) games. Some 61 (be) playing football. 62 (other) are talking and laughing. A girl is taking 63 (photo) of the sea. The teachers are sitting on the chairs. I'm dancing 64 (and) my good friends. Do you want to come here? It's a ____65__(interest) place. What are you doing? I hope you can write to me soon.

Best wishes.


56. ________57. __________ 58 __________ 59. _________60 __________

61. ________ 62. __________ 63. __________ 64_________ 65___________

三. 用所给词的正确形式填空(每空1分,共5分)。

66. _________ (thief) don't like _________ (policeman).

67. My aunt often goes _________ (shop) on weekends. 68. Here _________ (be) some money for you.

69. Tom enjoys _________ (play) the drums. 70. Who _________ (clean) the floor? Jack is.

四、句子转换(10分) 71. The post office is across from the supermarket.(就划线部分提问) ____________ ____________ the post office?

72. Where does your pen pal come from?(同义替换)

______________ your pen pal _____________?

73. What’s your sister’s job? (同义替换)

What _____________ your sister ____________?

74.There's some food on the table.(否定句)

There ___ food on the table. 75. I don't like lions because they're ugly. (就划线部分提问)

you like lions?


76.______ language does Mary speak? She ________English.(玛丽讲什么语 8


77.There is a house ______ a garden in the neighborhood.(附近有个带花园的房子)

78.The park is a good place ______ ______ ______.(公园是个游泳的好地方)

79.Her daughter is ______ ______ tall.(她的女儿有点高)

80.Listen,the birds ______ _______in the tree.(听,小鸟在树上唱歌)


请根据信息,写一下这些学生今后想做的工作及理由,然后说一说自己的想法。(字数60字左右 (help people. want, nurse, grows up(长大). busy, interesting, Sing and dance, Actress, difficult ,exciting, a reporter, relaxing ,fun, work hard,a police officer, dangerous ,important, play basketball, player )

Different people have Different dreams(梦想)






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