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初三Section C 导学卡1

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初三英语 SectionC导学卡


1.据报道_______________ 2.被命名为_______________ 3.它的直径是地球直径的53%______________________________ 4.绕着_______________ 5.相隔……_______________

6.火星表面的引力大约是地球表面引力的五分之二______________________________ 7.搜索_______________ 8.以为……基础_______________ 9.决定干某事_______________ 10.改变过去_______________ 11.为了验证他的想法_______________ 12.一群_______________ 13.留在星球上_______________ 14.一种友谊_______________

15.……的开始_______________ 16.一个好的地方为人类去居住_______________ 二、选择

( )1.The story that you told me yesterday is based________a real thing. A.in B.on C.of D.for

( )2.The famous painting was named_______Autumn. A.to B.as C.for D.after

( )3.Uncle Wang's purse was found by a _______girl named Ann. A.12-year-old B.12-years-old C.12 year old D.12 years old ( )4.Your apple is about_____mine.

A.second threes as big B.two threes as big as C.two thirds as big as D.second thirds as big as ( )5.Do you know by whom the steam engine(蒸汽机)_________? A.discovered B.invented C.was discovered D.was invented ( )6.It_______that humans may be cloned by scientists one day. A.is report B.report C.reported D.is reported ( )7.Young trees should be______.

A.taken good care B.take good care of C.looking after well D.well looked after ( )8.—What do you think of the book? —I think it's worth________.

A.reading B.to read C.reading

( )9.The digital camera is_______nine humdred yuan. A.pay B.cost C.worth D.spend

( )10.I don't think it will rain tomorrow,________. A.do I B.don't I C.will it D.won't it

( )11.It_____two years since we visited Beijing last time. A.has been B.has C.be D.will be

( )12.—In our English,studay,reading is more important than speaking, I think. — A.as important as B.so important as C.the most important D.the same as

( )13.The gravity on the surface of Mars is about_____it is on the earth. A.two fifths as strong as B.half as strong as C.one third as strong D.three times as strong 三、补全对话:


B:No,I'm from Australia.But I have been to America before. A:________________________? B:The year before last. A:________________________? B:By air.

A:Is the country small?

B:No,it's large,but the population is small. A:________________________? B:For about two years.

A:By the way.________________________?

B:It's not very good, but it's certainly interesting. It's often cold in the north and windy in the east. It's often wet and warm in the south.



kind wide around together use if all write importance will

The most 1 spoken language in the world is English.Many people understand and use it 2 the world. Indeed, English is a very 3 and useful language. 4 we know English,we can travel anywhere and we 5 have no difficulty making ourselves

understood.English is greatly used in the study of all 6 of subjects. Several books are 7 in English to teach people many 8 things. Therefore,English has helped to spread knowledge to 9 parts of the world.

English has also served to bring 10 different people of the world by helping them to talk with one another.

1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6.__________ 7.__________ 8.__________ 9.__________ 10.__________ 五、用所给词适当形式填空。

1.The bike is broken.It must__________ __________(repair) 2.Everyone__________(find)some mistakes in the text.

3.He prefers to __________(listen)to music rather than watch Tv.

4.It's really__________(excite)news.We are all__________(excite)about it.

5.She __________ __________ __________(be able to )swim when she was 5 years old. 6.The novel is__________(base)on a true story.

7.It is eight days since we__________(arrive)in Beijing. 8.Space__________(fly)to Mars is very interesting. 9.the housework must__________(do)every day.

10.One of my friends __________(be)from Xinjiang.

I don't agree.Speaking is_____reading.

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