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9A UNIT 4Main task

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Unit 4 TV programmes

Main Task

Free talk ?What kind of TV programmes do you like best / least? Why? I like / dislike watching … about … ?What do you think about the programmes? I think … + adj. (interesting, fun, boring, exciting…)

Suppose one hot summer holiday afternoon. Your cousin Ann visited you , you want to watch movies while she wanted to watch cartoons , what will you do?
Give up… ? Argue with ...? Quarrel with...?

Be angry with …?... What’s your action and attitude(态度) ?
How do you deal with this problem?

Outline of a story
Background of this story:
The story happened on a hot summer ? When did this story happen ? holiday afternoon. ?My cousin Ann came to my house. Who visited your home? My parents weren’t at home. ? Were your parents at home ? ? like watching movies while she likes watching cartoons. I What are your favourite TV programmes? Plot of this story :
beginning– development--- ending

Disagree happened then ? Argue with ...? What with…Give up… ? Be angry with …? Quarrel with...? Fight with …? bargain with(达成协议)?…

Read the outline of Part A1 on page 77 then answer. 1.Who’s the story about? The Chen family.

2.How many people are there in the family? Who are they?
Four. They are Mr & Mrs Chen, Nancy and Victor.

3.Do the two children get along well?
No. They disagree all the time. 4.What did they argue about? They argue about what TV programmes to watch. 5.What happened to the remote control? Victor tried to throw it onto the table, but it fell onto Nancy’s foot.

Group discussion!
If you are Victor or Nancy, what will you do? Finish Part A2 on page77 Answers: 1. flat 2. disagree 3. supermarket 4. argue 5. angry with each other 6. remote control Think about how to develop this story .

Let’s see which group did the best!

Write about your favorite TV programme.
Which is your favorite TV programme? What is it about? When do you watch it? How long does it last? …

Introduce your favorite TV programme

My favorite TV programme is …, I
watch it every Saturday evening. There are different kinds of games in it. The host is very humor. It is about …. Usually, it lasts for an hour and a half…I like it because ….

Write an article about your favorite TV programme. Outline: Part 1 --- introduction Introduce your favorite TV programme (the type & name, what it is about, when & how long…)

Part 2 --- Reason Tell the readers why you like it best. (I like it because… the second reasons is that… The last reason is that…) Part 3 --- Conclusion Conclude your article. I hope that… lively… more and more people will like watching it….

Use your imagination to write a

complete story with your partner
according to the following pictures .

What happened then?

The bell rang as our teacher came into the classroom. “I have got some good news for you”, She said with a smile. “We’ll have an autumn outing next week.

” Hearing this, we were so excited that all the students clapped and shouted loudly. At weekends I went shopping with my mother. I bought everything I need such as, sunglasses, a new tour flask, soft drinks, snacks etc.

I was looking forward to that exciting day so much that I even had a dream at night. The flowers are beautiful. Some of us are flying kites, some are chatting and laughing, others are walking and enjoying the beautiful view. Everyone is so happy. The next day when I woke up, I found it was raining outside. What bad luck! We couldn’t go on the trip. I went to school late in a bad mood. When I came into the classroom …

Ending 1 When I came into the classroom, I was surprised to find that my classmates were chatting happily. They told me though it was raining heavily, we could have fun in the classroom. In the classroom? Yes. We held a party then. We sang, danced, told stories and jokes. We even played games. Everyone had a good time staying in the classroom.

Ending 2 When I came into the classroom, to my surprise, everyone was holding an umbrella. Our teacher was smiling gently. We decided to walk to a nearer place instead of taking a bus trip. Though it kept raining, we still felt excited. We sang happily all the way. And the umbrellas looked like colourful flowers. We all enjoyed ourselves and I will never forget that special experience.

Create your own TV programme!

First, complete your plan on Page 78. Then, write an outline of your story.

Useful expressions
1. the Chen family/the Chens 2. all the time 3. argue about sth. 4. what TV programmes to watch 5. get angry with each other 6. throw the remote control onto the table 7. fall onto… 8. a twin daughter/a twin son 9. disagree about everything

Go on with your story if you

haven’t finished it in class and invite
some students to act out the story.

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