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9A UNIT4 Welcome to the unit

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Unit 4 TV programmes

Welcome to the unit

New words
the front glass surface of an electrical instrument, esp. a television, on which pictures or words appear

remote control
something that controls a machine from a distance

a person who performs in TV programmes, films, etc.

Colin Firth

TV channel
a TV station

send out programmes on radio or TV

the room where TV programmes are made

1. Do you like watching TV ? 2. How often do you watch TV? 3. How long do you watch TV every day? 4. Why do you watch TV? 5. Which TV programme do you like best ?


chat show




movies / films


animals & nature




Discuss your favorite programmes.
Favorite programme Least favorite programme


Look, listen and discuss.
? We call people who spend too much time watching TV on the sofa ‘couch potato’.

? Do you think that Eddie is a couch potato? Let’s see what his life style is like!

Listen & answer.
1. Will Eddie go shopping with Hobo? No, he won’t. 2. Why? Because Eddie says he is far too busy to go shopping.

3. Does Hobo think Eddie is so busy? No. He thinks Eddie has nothing to do. 4. What kind of things does Eddie do every day? He has meals, sleeps and watches TV every day.

Read and complete.
Hobo wanted to go shopping today. But Eddie said he was _________ too busy far to _________ go with Hobo. He had to from to watch TV _________ 9 _________ 12. Then he would like to have lunch and a between sleep _________ 2 _________ 7. After and that, it would be dinner time. Eddie thought a dog’s _________ is never work done ________.

Work in pairs.
A: What is your favourite TV programmes?
B: My favourite is … A: What about …? B: I like it very much/ a little… I don’t like it.

Language point.
I’m far too busy to go shopping.

far 可以作程度副词,意为“很,极, 太”,用来修饰形容词或副词,也可以用于 修饰形容词或副词的比较级,其比较级和最 高级分别为farther / farthest 或further / furthest ,其中farther / farthest表示距离 上的远近,further / furthest既可以表示距 离上的远近,又可以表示抽象意义上的 “更远,更进一步”等。far 还可作形容词, 意为“远的,遥远的”。如:

He didn’t go to bed until 12 last night. Now his eyes seem far too close together.

Tom was ill yesterday, but he feels far better today. I’m too tired to go any further / farther.
He will go to America to get further education. There is a theatre at the far end of the street.

I. 词形转换。 unhappy / sad 1. happy (反义词) __________ 2. busy (最高级) __________ busiest 3. little (比较级) __________ less 4. film (动词) __________ film 5. disappear (反义词) __________ appear 6. far (最高级) farthest / furthest __________ 7. cartoon (复数) __________ cartoons

II. 翻译句子。
1. 我太忙


_______________________________ you. I’m far too busy to play cards with 2. 这个周末我闲着,一起去徒步旅行好吗?
_______________________________ I’ll have nothing to do this weekend. Shall we go hiking together? _______________________________ 3. 太阳能够发出光和热。 _______________________________ The sun can send out light and heat.

4. 下午2点至5点间,稍微午睡一会儿对 你有好处。 It’s good for you to have a little sleep _________________________________ between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. _________________________________ 5. 去年除夕从8点至12点,我们都在看 春节晚会。 We were watching the Spring Festival _________________________________ Party on New Year’s Eve from eight to _________________________________ twelve last year. _________________________________

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