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班级 姓名 学号 成绩______










II.听对话,选择最佳答案, 读一遍(共5分,每小题1分)。

6. What’s her last name?

A. Smith B. Jenny C. Clark

7. What’s Amy’s telephone number?

A. 5596029 B. 5569026 C. 5569029

8.Why doesn’t Sally go to the P.E lesson?

A. She is ill.

B. She doesn’t like her P.E teacher.

C. She doesn’t like running.

9.Which class does she want to join?

A. The swimming club

B. The piano club

C. The dancing club

10. Who teaches Dave science?

A. Miss Zhang B. Mr Zhang C. Mrs Zhang

III.听长对话,选择最佳答案, 读两遍(共5分,每小题1分)。

Dialogue one

11.What do they want to do this weekend?

A. To go to a movie.

B. To go to a party

C. To watch TV at home.

12. What movie do they want to see?

A. Thrillers B. Comedies C. Actions

13. How much is a ticket?

A.10 dollars B. 20 dollars C. 30 dollars

Dialogue two

14.What time is it now?

A.It’s about 4:00 pm

B. It’s about 4:30 pm

C.It’s about 5:30 pm

15. Why must Sally go now?

A. It’s time to have supper.

B. it’s time to have a class.

C. It’s time to take the school bus.

IV.听短文,选择最佳答案, 读两遍(共5分,每小题1分)。

16. Whose(谁的) bedroom is this?

A. Tim’s father’s B. The two brothers’ C. The two sisters’

17. Whose is the yellow T-shirt?

A. Tom’s B. Tom and Tim’s C. Tim’s

18. What colour are their beds?

A. Green B. Black C. Yellow

19. How many chairs are there in the bedroom?

A. One B. Two C. Three

20. What’s on the wall?

A. Some pictures B.A map C.A trumpet


V. 选择填空 (15分,每小题1分) 。

21. This is ________ English girl. ________ girl's mother is in _______ red coat today.

A. a; The; an B. an; A; the C. an; The; a D. /; A; an

22. Maria likes documentaries _______ cartoon, ______ she doesn’t like thrillers.

A. and , and B. and, but C. but, but D.but,and

23. Do you need shoes______ sports? We have lots of shoes ________ very good prices.

A. for, at B. for, with C. at, with D. for, for

24. I don't have ________ cups. Can you give me ________?

A. some; some B. any; any C. some; any D. any; some

25. Every morning, I a shower before breakfast.

A. do B. get C. take D.go

26. -When is your mother’s birthday? -It’s .

A. December 10th B. ten o’clock C. Monday D. in the evening

27. My father doesn't play sports. He only ________ on TV.

A. watches it B. watch them C. watch it D. watches them

28. Mr Green has three _______: Jim, Jeff and Jean.

A. sons B. children C. boys D. daughters

29.You eat too much _______, so you are fat.

A. dessert B. hamburgers C. tomatoes D. fruit

30. It’s October 10th. Lucy is _______ years old now. Today is her ______ birthday.

A. twelve twelvth B. twelve twelve

C. twelfth twelve D. twelve twelfth

31. ---Wang Fang, is it your bike? ---________. It's Han Mei's.

A. Yes, it is B. No, it isn't C. Yes, it isn't D. That's right

32.---Who's that girl? ---She's _____.

A.over there B.ten C.in red D. my sister

33.---______ is Sam?--- I think he is at Tina’s home.

A. Who B. How C. Where D. What

34.---Why do you like music?---Because it’s ________.

A. relaxing B. scary C. sad D. boring

35---Do you have a school trip next week?---______, I don’t know.

A.Yes b.No C.sorry D.Excuse me

VI. 完形填空 (共10分,每小题1分) 。

Li Lei has a good friend. 36 name is Jim. He is 37 the USA. .He likes 38 food very much. He can 39 English and 40 Chinese. Li Lei and Jim are in the same 41 .They are classmates. They go to school five 42 a week. At school they play 43 after class.They don’t go to school on Saturdays and Sundays,they stay at 44 and do homework, sometimes they paint. They like swimming, 45 .

( )36. A. He B.His C. He’s D. Her

( )37. A. from B.to C.of D. after

( )38. A. China B. Chinas C. Chinese D.Japan

( )39. A.say B.tell C.talk D. speak

( )40. A. many B. any C. a little D. lot

( )41. A. class B. shop C. bank D. office

( )42. A. years B.days C.weeks D. months

( )43. A. a basketball B.the basketball

C. basketball D.an basketball

( )44. A. home B.school C. shops D.parties

( )45. A. also B. well C. as D. too



Dear Jenny,

I’m sorry you’re sick and can’t come to school this week ..Let me tell you what you have on Monday next week.

We have math at 8:00. How boring! Then we have English. That’s interesting. I know you love

English. Next is P.E.. The fourth lesson is art. That’s my favorite subject! In the afternoon, we have history with Mr Chen. He is fun but history isn’t. Then at 2:00 we have science with Miss Jones. You know how strict she is. I don’t like her. Our last class of the day is math. Again! Yours,


( )46._____ is not at school this week.

A. Jenny B.Ben C.Mr Chen D. Miss Jones

( ) 47. Their first lesson is ______.

A.math B.English C.science D.art

( )48.Jenny’s favorite subject is_______.

A.P.E. B. art C.English D.science

( )49.How many lessons do they have on Monday?

A.Four B. Five C. Six D. seven

( )50. Their science teacher is _________.

A. friendly B. kind C. boring D.strict



I’m going to(准备去) see a movie with my friends this weekend. We love seeing movies, but we all like different kinds. I like to see thrillers and science fictions, my friend Sam loves action movies and comedies and my best friend, Lee, loves a good romance. Because we like different kinds of movies, it can be difficult to choose(选择)one to see. So we take turns(轮流)to choose the movie. It’s my turn to choose this weekend, so we’re going to see Harry Potter IV, a new movie. It’s Number One at the box office, and everyone says what a great movie it is. I can take some fruit and drinks to the movie. Oh, I can’t wait!

( )51. How many kinds of movies does the boy talk about in the story?

A. Six. B. Five. C. Four. D. Three

( )52.Sam likes to see ________________.

A. thrillers and science fictions

B. documentary and science fictions

C. action movies and comedies

D. action movies and thrillers

( )53. Harry Potter IV is movie right now.

A. a boring B. a popular C. a documentary D. an action

( )54. How do the boy and his friends choose a movie to see?

A. They like different kinds of movies.

B. They let Lee choose a movie to see.

C. Their parents choose a movie to see.

D. They take turns to choose a movie to see.

( )55. Who can take some fruit and drinks to the movie?

A. Sam B. Lee C. The boy D. Sam and Lee


It is April 10. It is Tuesday. Cindy gets up at 6:30 in the morning. She is in her blue skirt. She really likes that skirt. She has a new shirt to go with it,and new shoes. Then she goes into the kitchen(厨房). She loves eggs and apples in the morning.

Cindy’s mother is a teacher at her school. Cindy is in the second grade(年级),and her mother teaches the fourth grade.

Cindy is excited about going to school today because her class has a test(测试) . She has new pencils for the test. She wants to do a good job in the test. Cindy loves school and she likes to get good grades(成绩).

Cindy eats her breakfast and then she and her mother go to school. Cindy goes to her classroom and her history teacher, Ms Brown is there. It is fun to be in Ms Brown’s class. She is a great teacher. Now Cindy’s classmates are all in the classroom, and they start the test. Cindy remembers(记得) everything, so she can do everything right.

After the test, Cindy and her classmates play for a long time. Then they eat lunch. After lunch, they watch a funny movie. Then they draw picture. It is really a great day!

56. What grade is Cindy in?

A. Grade One B.Grade Two

C. Grade Three D.Grade Four

57.What does Cindy like to eat for breakfast?

A.Eggs and apples B. Broccoli and bananas

C. Eggs and carrots D. Chicken and apples

58. Why is Cindy excited about going to school today?

Because they have ________

A. a trip B. a party C. a movie D. a test

59.What do the children do after the test?

A. They swim B. They draw pictures

C. They play D. They watch a movie

60.Which(哪个) is right according to the passage(根据短文)?

A. Cindy likes the blue shirt.

B. Cindy is a good student.

C. Cindy’s mother is a teacher of history.

D. It’s really boring that day.


61.Her father doesn’t play sports every day. (改为肯定句)

Her father ____ _____ every day.

62.This is my tomato.(改为复数形式)

______are our ______ .

63.I like bananas.

______ _______ like bananas?(改为一般疑问句)

64.It is very interesting. She thinks.(合成一句话)

_____ _____ it is very interesting.

65.He has dinner at 6:30 in the evening. (就划线部分提问)

_______ does he _____ at 6:30 in the evening?


66. F____________ is the second month of a year.

67. The runners are very strong. Because they eat a lot of h__________ food.

68. Your idea s_______ good.

69.Look, your backpack is u________ the dresser.

70.All the things are very cheap. A________ can afford our price.

X.根据所给中文,完成下列英文,每空一词( 共5分,每小题1分) 。

71. It’s time to _______ to _______ . (就寝)

72. ---Where is your bag?

---It's in the ______ and ______ case.(失物招领处).

73. ______(通常) we have a big dinner on the _____ (第三) day of a week.

74. We eat lots of ______ and ______ .(蔬菜、水果).

75. ______(让我们)open and ______(看) the letter.

XI.仔细看图并补全对话,每空一词(共5分, 每小题1分)。

Clerk: ___76___ I help you?

Mary: Yes, please. I want a ___77____.

Clerk: What___78___do you want?

Mary: Blue.

Clerk: Here you are.

Mary: How ___79___ is it?

Clerk: Nine dollars.

Mary: I’ll ___80___ it. Thanks.

Clerk: You’re welcome.(书43 页图)购物


It is Friday afternoon. Karen Mahan comes back from school. She is 16 now. “Good afternoon, Mom.” she says. “Good afternoon, Karen. How is school today?” her mother asks. “Very good, thanks Mom.” “Look at the ad(广告),Karen, they need help.”

Help wanted----Concordia Language Camp(语言营)

Are you 15 or 16? Are you good with kids?

We need help for our summer(夏季)language camp. Can you help with

● languages ● sports ● music ●computer

Come and join us!

Please call Paul


Karen likes kids very much, so she says,: “Oh, that’s great!” “I think it’s good for you. You can speak Chinese and English.” Her mom says. “What about sports? Well, I can play soccer,” Karen says. “You can play the violin and the drum very well.” her mom says. “And I’m good at computer, too.” Karen now is very happy. “ That’s good. Do you want to have that job?” Karen says, “Yes, I want that job.” “Good luck.” Mom says.

Name: ____81____

Age: ____82_____

Occupation(职业) :83 A:teacher B:student

Language: ____84____ and ___85_____

Sports: ____86_____

Musical instrument(乐器) : __87_____ and ___88_____


Good with kids: 90 A: Yes B: No

XIII.书面表达 (10分) 。



1. 你的学校又大又漂亮(beautiful)。 2. 老师都非常好(kind),还经常照顾你们。 3.你们所学的科目有中文,英语,数学,科学等等。4. 你喜欢你们学校,因为(because)它像你们的家。

5. 欢迎大家到你们学校。

I'm a student of Yuying Middle School.


I.听对话,选择适当的图片, 读一遍。

P2III41. A:Hi ,Miss Gao.

B:Hi ,Tim, how are you?

A:I’m fine .thank you.

P7III32. A: what’s this?

B:it’s a knife.

A:Spell it please.

B:K-N-I-F-E knife.

P16I33. A:Hi, Jack. This is Jane,Jane White

B:Hello ,Miss White. Nice to meet you.

P29I44. A:Where are my books?

B:They are on the sofa.

P59I15. A:Hi,Tom, can you play the guitar?

B:Guitar? No,but I can play the drum.

II.听对话 ,选择最佳答案, 读一遍。

6. A:Hello, I am Mr. Smith. Clark Smith.

B:Nice to meet you, Mr.Smith.

7.A: Hi, Amy, what’s your phone number?

B: It is 5569026.

8.A: Sally, why don’t you go to the P.E lesson?

B: I don’t like P.E, I don’t like running.

9. A: Father, I want to join a club this year.

B: Really ,The swimming club?

A: No. the dancing club.

10. A: Dave, is Mr. Zhang your science teacher?

B: No, my science teacher is Miss Zhang.

III.听长对话,选择最佳答案, 读两遍。

Dialogue A

A: Oh, Simon, I want to go to a movie this weekend.

B: That’s a good idea! What film do you like to see?

A: An action movie . What about you?

B: Me too. How much is the ticket, do you know?

A: 20 dollars for us two.

Dialogue 2

A: Excuse me, Jacky, What’s the time please?

B: Sorry, Sally. My watch is at home. But I think it’s about four thirty.

A: Thank you. I must go now. It’s time to take the school bus.

IV.听短文,选择最佳答案, 读两遍。

Tom and Tim are brothers. This is their bedroom. It’s a nice room. The two beds are the same. They are green. This is Tim’s bed. His yellow T-shirt is on it. That bed is Tom’s. His blue sweater is on it. There’re two white desks near the beds. And what’s on the wall? You can see some pictures. Look at the two chairs. They are for Tom and Tim. Are Tom and Tim twins? I don’t think so.

Answer sheet

1- 5CBBCC 6-10ABCCA11-15ACABC 16-20BCABA

21-25CBADC 26-30ADBAD 31-35BDCAC 36-40BACDC

41-45ABCAD 46-50AACDD 51-55BCBDC 56-60BADCB

61.plays sports 62.These tomatoes 63.Do you/I 64.She thinks

65.What do 66.February 67.healthy 68.sounds

69.under 70.All/Anyone/Anybody

71.go bed 72.lost found 73.Usually third 74.vegetable(s) fruit(s)

75.Let’s read 76.Can/May 77.sweater/coat 78.color 79.much


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