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7A Reading 课后巩固练习

初一( )班 姓名 学号


1. The m_________ was broken. The workers may have a rest.

2.---- Thank you for your p_________ and Merry Christmas. ---- The same to you.

3. Liu Yang is the first woman to fly into space by s_________ in China.

4. You look like an astronaut (宇航员) wearing the s_________ .

5. She sang on the stage for the first time. She was a little n_________ .

6. Can you help me take a photo with this c _________?

7. The farmer t _________ his cow (牛) to the tree and fell asleep.

8. There is a small g _________ in front of my house. I plant roses in it.

9. There are too many r _________ on the mountain. Plants can't grow.

10. My father is in New York now and he will r _________ home in two days.


11. 广州和杭州一样漂亮。

Guangzhou is _________ beautiful __________ Hangzhou.

12. 今晚的晚餐我吃的很多,比如蔬菜、牛排、排骨和猪肉。

I have much for dinner this evening,,_________ _________ vegetables, steak, chops and pork.


My handset is broken, _________ _________, I can't make calls with it.


He is poor and _________ _________ _________ school to get a job.


The dog _________ _________ _________ lead the blind.


It _________ me 15 minutes _________ _________my clothes.


Jenny spoke louder _________ _________everyone could hear her clearly at the meeting.



---- What do you want to be ______ ________ ________? -

---To be a pianist like Lang Lang.

19.----我怎么解决得了这个数学问题啊? ----别担心,我会帮你的。

---- How can I _________ the math _________? ---- Take it easy. I will help you.


The dress _________ _________ $350.

三. 完形填空。

Today, I am going to talk about Life in the Future. _21_ Will life be like in the future? No one can answer this question. Today,_22_in space can take photos of places billions of light years(光

年) _23_the Earth. Science is developing very fast and people know more about space. __24__ the help of science, we may also visit those places. We may have to __25__ the Earth to live in space because the Earth will not hold so many people__26__. In the future, we will travel very fast by __27__. Our spaceships will be __28__ a city, and every ship will carry __29__ 10,000 people. There are also many buildings in our ships, _30__ hospitals, schools, shops and cinemas .

( ) 21. A. What B. How C. When D. Who

( ) 22. A. radios B. televisions C. telephones D. cameras

( ) 23. A. far away from B. all over C. close to D. in front of

( ) 24. A. Without B. In C. With D. Under

( ) 25. A. get B. leave C. help D. fight

( ) 26. A. other day B. another day C. any day D. one day

( ) 27. A. ship B. spaceship C. bus D. car

( ) 28. A. as big as B. as usual as C. as friendly as D. as well as

( ) 29. A. less than B. more than C. many D. few

( ) 30. A. that is B. for example C. look like D. such as


The Sun and the Moon

When you look at the sky at night, the Moon looks bigger than the stars. Actually, the Moon is much smaller than the stars and the Sun. It is much smaller than the Earth. But the Moon is much closer to us than any star. That is Why it looks so big. If you hold a coin(硬币) close to your eye, it makes one trip in about four weeks. The Moon looks flat(平坦) to us. But it is a round ball, like the Earth.People once thought the Moon had fires on it. They thought the fires made it bright. Now we know the Moon is like a mirror(镜子). It gets its light from the Sun.

Our daylight comes from the Sun, too. What is the Sun? The Sun is a star. The stars we can see have their own light. There are many big stars we can’t see. Their light has burned out. Others are still bright, but they are so far away that we can’t see them. The sun looks bigger ans much brighter than other stars because it is the nearest of all stars. The Sun and the other stars we see are very hot, but the air around us saves us from the heat of the Sun.

The Sun gives us light and warmth. It makes plants grow and turns leaves green. It makes life possible on our Earth. It is a life-giving star.

( )31. Which is bigger, the Moon or the Sun? A. The Moon. B. The Sun.

C. The Moon is as big as the Sun. D. The Moon is as small as the Sun.

( )32. The Moon is closer than any star.

A. to the Earth B. to Mars C. to Sun D. to the sky

( )33. What does the Moon look like?

A. The Sun B. The sky C. The Earth D. A ball.

( )34. Where does our light come from?

A. The Earth B. The Moon C. The Sun D. The sky

( )35. What saves us from the heat of the Sun?

A. The Moon. B. The air around us. C. Other stars. D. Plants.

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