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1. That old man makes a l________ by collecting and selling waste paper.

2. Jack’s father is a l_______________; he knows a lot about law. 3 Sally borrowed my jacket, but she didn’t r________ it to me. 4. Don’t c______ others’ homework. You should do it yourself. 5 Beijing is the c________ of our country. 二、用所给单词的正确形式填空。(5分)

1. Thank you for ___________ (invite) me to your party.

2. The teacher is coming. Would you mind ______ (clean) the blackboard?

3 We shouldn’t speak to the old men loudly , because it was ______(polite).

4 My cousin Bill is learning ________(west) history in the college 5 .


( ) 1 It’s important for us ______ after the animals around us. A to look B looking C to look D looked

( )2 There are ________ people visiting the Great Wall these days.

A thousand of B thousands of C two thousands D two thousand of

( )3. If I don't finish my homework, my mother ________ me play computer games.

A. lets B. will let C. doesn't let D. won't let ( ) 4. They have been skating __________.

A. for three hours ago B. since three hours ago C. three hours ago D. since three hours ( )5. _______, what’s your hobby?

A. In the way B. On the way C. To your way D. By the way ( ) 6 —Would you please ______ football near my home?

— ____________. A. not to play, No

B. not play, Yes, I will do that again C. not play, Sorry, I won’t do that again D. don’t play, Sorry, I won’t do that again

( )7. We have run _______ rice, we will have to buy some this afternoon.

A. out B. of C. out of D. out to ( )8. He is interested in _______ English songs.

A. to collect B. collect C. collecting D. collected ( )9 The little English girl enjoys_____ very much. A. to travel B. traveling C. traveled D. travels ( )10. The more you read, ________you will get. A. the less B. the most C. the more D. much more ( ) 11. His story makes us ______.

A. laugh B. laugh C. laughing D to laugh

( )12. _____it is dark now, _______the workers go on working there.

A. Though ; but B. Though; / C. But; though D. / ; though ( )13—I’m sorry I_______ my exercise book at home. —Don’t forget _______it here tomorrow, please. A. forgot; to take B. forgot; to bring C. left; to take D. left; to bring

( ) 14 My mother was cooking while I____ the radio. A. listened to B. have listened to C. was listening to D. is listening to


1. They have been talking for the whole three hours.(一般疑问句) _______ they ______ ______ for the whole three hours?

对划线部分提问) __________ ___________ have you been playing football?

3. Would you mind not playing baseball here? ( 同义句)

Could you ________________ not ________________ baseball here?


All parents love their children. Many parents want their kids to(1)____well-known people when they(2)____.Most of them want their kids to live better than others. Many of them (3)_____their kids will be singers or actors. Actors and singers can(4)______money easily in our country. When they appear in the advertisement, they will get (5)______money which a farmer or a worker can't make all his life. Some of the parents want their kids to be businessmen(6)_____ doctors. If they work hard, they will have cars and big houses in several(7)_____.Some parents want their kids to work in cities and towns. They don't (8)______them to work in the countryside. People who work in the cities and towns can get money after the (9)______.If you are a famous man, especially an actor, you'll get much but pay a little. A farmer is (10)_____---he gets little but pays much. (1) A do B. become C .like D. work

(2) A. grow up B. get up C. stand up D .set up (3) A. make B .like C. love D. hope

(4) A .lose B. make C .remember D .take (5) A. many B .a little C .much D. a few (6) A. or B .and C .but D. else

(7) A. days B. weeks C. years D. months (8) A. play B. need C .enjoy D. want (9) A .retire B. leave C. die D. move (10)A. happy B .different C .rich D. lucky 阅读理解:(25分)


A city is a very big place. Sometimes it’s a lonely place, too. There are thousands of people in a city, but some of them don’t have any friends. How about you? Do you have a lot of friends? If you don’ t, make friends (交朋友)today. If you do, make another friend today.

Pick a stranger at your job or school. Walk up to him or her and say, “Hello. My name’ s....What’ s your name?” Start with a conversation(谈话).Smile, listen carefully, and show interest in your new friend’ s answers. Ask “Where are you from?” and “Do you like this city?” That’ s a good way to start. 判断正(T)误(F)

( )1. A city is a very big and noisy and lonely place. ( )2. Everyone in the city has many friends.

( )3. The paragraph tells us not to make friends in a city.

( )4. When you wanted to make friends with someone, please say at first, “What’ s your name? How old are you?”

( )5. It’ s a good thing to make friends with others.


Alice has no job, so she stays at home to cook the meals,. Pedro is her husband. He works in an factory. He is often very tired after a day’s work. Every day, he can have dinner when he gets home from his factory. One day, Pedro came home very late because he was very busy in the factory.He was very hungry when he got home .He was not happy when he found his dinner was not ready. He was very angry with his wife .He shouted at her,” I’m going out to eat in a restaurant.”“ wait for five minutes,” said his wife.“ Why? Do you think that dinner will be ready in five minutes ?”asked Pedro.

“Of course not.” she answered.” But I can be ready to go with you in five minutes.”

1. Pedro is ________.

A.a factory worker B. an office worker C. a teacher in a school D. a doctor in a hospital 2. Alice stays at home becayse ______.

A.she llikes cooking B. she loves her huasband very much C.she doesn’t have ajob D.shen doesn’t want to work

3. One day,Pedro came home very late becayse _______.

A. he was hungry B. he had a lot of wirk to do

C.he was angry with his wife D. his wife didn’t cook dinner

4. Pedro was ____when he found his dinner was not ready.

A.happy B. glad C. hungry D.not happy

5.Which sentence is true?

A. Alice could have dinner ready in five minutes.

B.Alice wanted to go to the restaurant with her husband.

C .Alice didn’t like the dinner at home.

D. Alice didn’t like her husband.

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