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9A UNIT4 Grammar (2)

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Unit 4 TV programmes

Grammar (2)

Language functions & focus
?Use ?while? and ?as? to talk about
when things happen ?Use comparative and superlative adverbs

While & As
1.When will you write down your answer and send text messages to 1396 ? If you are an animal lover, you might be a bit disturbed while (you are) watching the programme. 2.When might you be a bit disturbed ? As you are watching the show, write down your answers and send text messages to 1396.

While Millie was watching TV, Eddie was sleeping. 延续性动词 延续性动词 As Millie sat down on the sofa, Andy came into the room. 瞬间性动词 瞬间性动词

Conclusion while 延续性动词

as / when



while & as
这两个连词都可引导时间状语从句, 但用法有所不同。 1) 当某事正在进行的时候,又发生了 另一件事。while, as 都可用来引导表示 “背景”的时间状语从句。如: As/While I was walking down the street, I noticed a police car.

2) 当两个长动作同时进行的时候, 常 用的是while。如: While Mother was cooking lunch, I was doing my homework.
3) 当两个动作都表示发展变化的情 况时,最常用的是as。如: As children get older, they become more and more interested in things around them.

4) 当两个短动作同时发生时,或表示 “一边…一边…”时,最常用as。如: Just as he caught the fly, he gave a loud cry. She looked behind from time to time as she went home.

________ Millie was watching TV, Eddie While was sleeping. While / As Millie was watching TV, Andy ________ opened the door. While / As Millie was walking past the ________ bookshop, she suddenly thought of buying a TV guide. As ________ Millie sat down on the sofa, Andy came into the room.

Fill in the blanks with before, after, until, while, or as. While _______ I was on the school bus this morning , it started to rain . Luckily , it stopped _______ we went to school so I before didn?t get wet. ______ school , I played After tennis with Amy. Then ______ that, I saw after Daniel at the bus stop. _________ we were While/As waiting for the bus , it started to rain again. We waited there ________ the bus until came.

Later in the afternoon, I talked to Sandy on the phone _______ I got home from after until school. We chatted _____ 5. 30 p.m. ______ we finished talking, I did my After homework. __________ I was doing my While/as homework, Mum came home. She said I before should finish my homework ______ dinner because she knew that I wanted to watch TV _____ dinner. after

Translate the following sentences.
1. 我父亲在看电视时睡着了。 My father fell asleep while/as he was reading the newspaper.

2. 妈妈做饭的时候,我在做作业。
While Mum was cooking dinner, I was doing my homework.

3. 我到家的时候,他正在吃晚饭。 When/As I got home, he was having supper. 4. 她沿着那


As she walked along the road, she thought about her father.

Fill in the blanks with between, from, before, after, until, while, or as. 1. Until I saw the kangaroo, I never knew ____ an animal can jump so high. 2. I?ll play badminton with you ______ I after finished my homework. 3. We must finish it _______ 8:00p.m. and between 11:00 p.m. Come on! We don?t have much time.

4. You should knock on the door ______ before you come in.
5. Can you watch TV _____ 8:00 a.m. to from 9:30 a.m.? As 6. ___ the tiger came, all the animals ran away.

7. How can you know the ending before you _____ read the book?

8. Can I stay ____ the weekend? until
9. While/As I was doing my homework, I ________ heard a strange noise downstairs. 10. Sandy was reading the newspaper ____ while Millie was watching TV.

Comparative & Superlative adverbs
Lead-in Try to use the comparatives & superlatives to talk about the sports meeting.
sports items high jump long jump throwing 100 meters relay race 1,500 meters

Millie came third in the race. She ran fast. Sandy came second in the race. She ran faster than Millie. Amy came first in the race. She ran the fastest.


词尾变化 单音节词在词尾 加-er(比较级)或 原级 比较级 最高级 hard harder hardest high higher highest fast faster fastest





more slowly more carefully more quickly

most slowly most carefully most quickly

多音节词和 多数双音节 slowly 词在其前面 carefully 加more 和 quickly most

不规则 变化

well much little badly far

比较级 better more less worse farther

最高级 best most least worst farthest

1. Do not read so fast. You should read ______. C A. more slowlier B. very much slowly C. much more slowly D. very slow 2. To our surprise, the old man acted _____ A of all. A. the best B. most good C. better D. very good

3. If you work ____, you?ll be able to do it C better. A. hardly B. well C. harder D. better 4. Amy is the _____ student in our class. Do D you agree? A. careful B. carefully C. most carefully D. most careful 5. Who jumped the ______ in the high jump? C A. longest B. higher C. highest D. most high

as+adv. (副词原形)+as 意为“与…一样”, 表示 同级比较, not so + adv. (副词原形)+ + as 意为 “不如…”

1. 她歌唱得像天使一样甜。 She sings as sweetly as an angel. 2. 他能跑得和我一样快。 He can run as fast as I can.

3. 他在测试中没有Mary做得好。 He didn?t do so well as Mary in the test.

“副词比较级+than”意为“比…更…”, 表 示两者之间的比较 1. Ben比他懒爸爸起床早。 Ben gets up earlier than his lazy father.

2. 他们现在比以前过得更幸福。
They now live more happily than before.

“副词比较级+副词比较级”, 意为“越 来

越……” 1. 雨下得越来越大。 It rained more and more heavily. 2. 你学习越来越努力了。

You study harder and harder.

“the+ 副词的比较级, the+副词的比较级”, 意为“越…就越…” 1. 我看到她越多, 我就越不喜欢她。 The more I see her, the less I like her. 2. 他打字打得越快, 他出的错就越多。 The faster he types, the more mistakes he makes.

“the+副词的最高级+比较范围(三者或三者 以上)”, 意为“最……”。 1. 亨利是所有运动员中跳的最高的。 Henry jumps highest of all the players. 2. 他在班上学习最用功。 He works hardest in his class.

用所给词的正确形式填空。 1. She sang even _________ (bad) than worse usual. 2. Mother asked her son to walk a bit _________ (fast). faster 3. Of all the novels I like this one best __________ (good).

highest 4. Who do you think can jump ______ (high) in your class? 5. Please send us the technical data as ___________ (quick) as possible. quickly less 6. He should speak _________ (little) more and listen _________ (much). 7. Please tell them not to play so noisily ________ (noisy).

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