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Would you mind turning down the music(selfcheck)

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Would you mind turning down the music ?

Self-check 导学案



2. 写作训练。




1. (再)等五分钟去…的路2. 跟随某人半小时前5. 欢迎来到… 6.很兴奋做某事


1.I’m trying to stop.

Try to do sth.意为“努力、尽力做某事,设法做某事”,其否定式为try not to do sth. Try doing sth.意为“尝试做某事”。

①我将尽力学好英语。I'll________ __________ __________English well.

②请尽量不要再迟到。Please_________ __________ _________be late again.


The little bird__________ _________ for the first time, but it failed.

2.You must be excited to be in a new house.


Must意为“必须”,强调主观看法;其否定形式为mustn't,意为“禁止;不许”。以must开头的一般疑问句,其否定回答要用needn't或don't have to,意为“不必”。

①这本书一定是萨利的,上面有她的名字。The book_________ ________ Sally's. Her name is on it.


The man__________ __________ Mr. Wang. He left for Beijing just now.


__________I do my homework now?—No, you__________.

④You_______ be tired after playing sports for a long time. A must B need C can't ⑤Must I finish my homework at school?—_________.You can do it at home and hand it next week.

A Yes, you must. B No, you needn't. C Yes, I can


(2) get to + 地点

(3)reach + 地点

Eg:When did you ?



( )1.——So hot in the classroom. Would you mind ___the window?

——OK. I’ll do it right now.

A. not closing B. not opening C. closing D. opening

( )2.Would you mind ____the door?

A.I closing B. to close C. me closing D. my close

( )3.-Mike, would you mind not wearing those old jeans? They look terrible. -________.

A. OK. I’ll put on another pair. B. Sure. I’ll do it right away.

C. Sorry, I won’t be long. D. All right. I’ll do them in a minute.

( )4.Could you turn ____the radio a little? My mother is sleeping.

A. on B. off C. down D. up

( )5. I don’t like documentaries___. They’re boring.

A. too B. at all C. not anymore

( )6.Could you show me ____pair of jeans?

A. other B the other C. another D. others

( )7.My mother always ____up early in the morning.

A. gets B. puts C. sets D. comes

( )8.——Would you mind my using your dictionary? —________.

A. Yes, please. B. Of course not. C. You are welcome. D. My pleasure.

( )9.Mike____his computer and checked his e-mail.

A. turned on B. turned off C. turned up D. turned down

( )10.——Would you mind my taking this seat? ——______.

A. Sorry, I can’t B. No, not at all. C. It’s a pleasure.



Would you mind ____the housework? Not at all . I will do it ______.

2.请你帮我学英语好吗? 好,开始吧。

Would you mind ______me _____myEnglish? OK,let’s begin .

3.离开教室之前请关灯好吗? 当然可以.

-Could you please ______ _____the light before you leave the classroom? -Sure.

4. 当我掉了我的钥匙我会很生气. I get ________ when I lose my keys.

5. He asked when .(你什么时候到家的)

6. He borrowed my book and (还没有还)。 学后反思:


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