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Unit 1 My name’s Gina


1.重点词汇和短语 my his her

2.重点句型背诵 (1)What’s your name?

(2)My name’s Jenny, I’m Jenny. (3)What’s his / her name? (4)What’s her telephone number? 3.重点语法



first last

名 姓

telephone number



1.ID card__________________ 2. telephone number______________ 3. what ___________ 4. is ______________ 5. 姓氏___________ 6. 名字______________ 试着写出下列结构的缩略形式 1. I am 4. is not

2. name is 5. It is

3. what is 6. are not 一、


1. What’s your ? My name is Mary. 2. I’m Gina. Nice meet you. Tone. her telephone number? Bruce. is 587654321. 7. What’s her first name? first name is Tanya. 8. What’s her name? her family name is Lopez.

Jenny. Dave? 三、试试你的眼力,将下列名字按姓和名归类填在横线上。

Jack, Green, Gina, Zhang, Alice, Smith, Tony, Miaomiao, Black, King A: first name (名) B: last name (姓) 四、单项选择

1. Hello! My name is _______. A. Limei A. David

B. Wang Siqi C. Wang siqi D. Wang SiQi B. Green C. David Green

- 1 -

2. I am David Brown .My first name is _______.

D. Green David

3. My name _________Mary, ________name is Jim.

A. am; her A.be A.I A.he A.family name A.She;She A. My A.Hi A.Yes A.first A.first A.are

A.What 五、交际用语搭配

B. is; his C. is; her D. am; his B. is C. am D. are B.My C.I’m D.My am B.him C.his D.he’s B.first name


4. ―I‖ _______a word(单词)and a letter(字母). Paul.What’s your name? 6.This is my book,. 7.Our Chinese put(放first. .name is Alice.

B.She;Her C.Her;She D.Her;Her B. His B.Good B.Mark B.1ast B.1ast B.is B.What’s

C. Her D. Your C.Sorry D.Yes C.My name is Mark D.His Mark C.family C.middle

D.full D.front

9.Linda is my friend.father is Mr Smith. 10. .What’s your name? 11.―What’s his name?‖ ―.’’

12.―What’s yourname?" ―Jane Smith‖. 13.In English,. .

C.make D.be C.What are D.Is

15.―your telephone number?‖ ―It’s 8567883.’’


1. Nice to meet you! 2. What’s her name? 3. What’s your telephone number? 4. How do you do? 5. What’s your family name? 六、改错

1. ( ) ________



3. What’s




5.―, Jim!‖―

A B C 七、根据汉语完成句子 1.他叫什么名字?他叫约翰。

- 2 -

A. Jenny. B. 021-6974982. C. Nice to meet you ,too! D. Washington. E. How do you do

( ) ________ ( ) ________ ( ) ________

( )________

________ ________ ________ name? His ________ is John.


________to________ ________.


Is ________ ________ ________Jones?


What’s your________ ________ ?


________ ________ is Tom’s car?

七. 连词成句

1. name, is, what, your


2. Gina, her, is, name


3. his, is, name, Tony


4. telephone number, what, is, your


5. family name, his, what, is



(1), class! I’m (2). I’m12. I’m (3) girl. I like(喜欢) (4) very much. I can say(说)my (5).

1. A. Hello

2. A.fine

3. A.a

4. A.class

5. A.CBA


1. His name is .

3. His family name is

5. His name is Gates.


A: My name is Sue Read.

B: Spell it, please?

C: Excuse me. What’s your name?

D: S-U-E, Sue, R-E-A-D, Read.

E: Thank you.


- 3 - B. You B. Tian Tian B.the B.name B.ABC C. Bye C.OK C.one C.English C.CBC 九、根据图画提示,填写下列空格 2. His first name is telephone number is 213-7645.


1. Kate has lost key. asked for help. A. her, He, I B. his, He, me 2. Look! The

A. cake B. cage 3. plus seven is thirteen. A. Five

B. Six

is running after the mouse.


C. his, She, I D. her, She, me



C. cup D. cat C. Eight D. Nine


I have a new friend in my class.His name is Bob,He is a boy.He has a pen,two pencils and a pencil case.He lives in China now. A.student A.school A. teacher

B.friend B.library B.girl

C.teacher C.classroom C.boy

B.a pencil and two pens

A.a pen and two pencils 5. Now Bob 1ives in .




C.two pencils and two pencil cases

Unit 2 Is this your pencil?


1.重点词汇和短语 this that eraser 尺子 2.重点句型

(1) Is this your pencil? Yes, it is . (2) Is that your backpack? No, it isn’t. It’s his backpack. (3) What’s this in English? It’s a pen (4) How do you spell it? P-E-N pen 3.重点语法

冠词:定冠词the 不定冠词a , an

pencil 背包 watch 电脑

key 笔记本 ring

lost and found



1.dictionary _____________ 2. watch __________

3. pencil case _____________ 4.你如何拼写“?”__________________? 5. 失物招领_______________ ( )1. A. nine

B. four

6. 给sb打电话____________________

C. sero

- 4 -


D. nice

( )2. A. case B. backpack C. book ( )3. A. this B. pensil C. pen ( )4. A. famely B. no C. eight ( )5. A. spall B. backpack C. game ( )6. A. call B. lost C. pleese ( )7. A. ring B. glod C. set ( )8. A. baseball B. key C. found ( )9. A. yes B. eracer C. card ( )10. A. how

B. watch

C. thank

二、根据汉语提示完成单词 1. It isn’t my (笔记本) 2. That’s her (背包) 3. Is it your pencil (卷笔刀) 4. Is that a set of (钥匙)

5. Is that your computer game in the (失物招领) case? 6. This is our (学校) 7. That is his (身份证) 8. How do you (拼读) it? 9. That is (一块橡皮)

10. Please (打电话) me at 937-7539.


1. How do you 2. Please 685-6034. 3. Is this your ? 4. My is Tony.

5. Is that your pen in the and found case? 四、单项选择

1. My pencil case is red_______ white. A./ B. and C. but

2. What’s that ______ Chinese?

A. on B. with C. in 3. Is he ________English boy?

A. a B. an

C. /

4. ―Thank you very much.‖―__________.‖

A. Thanks a lot

B. Oh, yes, thank you C. Don’t thank me 5.―_______,is this your phone ?‖―Yes, it is. Thank you.‖ A. Good morning B. Excuse me

C. Sorry 6. ______a cup .It’s my cup.

A. This’s B. That’s C. an ; It’s 7. That is _______English book. ______ my book.

A. a ; It’s

B. / ; It’s

C. an ; It’s 8. Is this your________? A. a bike

B. an bike C. bike - 5 -

D. cace D. ruler D. sorry D. name D. five D. sit D. skool D. first D. kall

D. or D. of D. the

D. You’re welcomeD. Hello D. an ; It

D. an ; It

D. the bike

9. ________are good friends. A. I and Mary A. Sorry, I can’t A. in

B. Mary B. Yes, I can’t B. on B. Thanks you B. OK

C. Mary and I D. I Mary C. No, I can D. Oh, no C. at

D. for

10. ―Can you spell the word?‖―_______.‖ 11. Please call me _______2137718. 12. ―Your watch is very nice.‖―______.‖ A. Thank A. Thanks a lot

C. Thank you D. Thanks for C. Yes D. All right B. No, it isn’t a notebook D. It’s English Chinese dictionary C. you ; your C. I’m not C. say

D. your ; you D.I am not D. write

13.―Sit down, please.‖―_________.‖ 14. ―What’s this in English?‖―________.‖ A. Yes, it’s a baseball C. It’s an eraser 15. Can ______spell _______ name? A. your ; your A. I’m A. call ―A computer .‖

―Can you spell_____, please?‖ ―Yes .C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R.‖ ―Thank you.‖

A. this B. that C. it D. computer 19.There is _______―s‖in the word―spell‖and ______―u‖in the word―computer‖. A. a ; a B. an ; an C. an ; a D. a ; an 20. (打电话)喂!我是汤姆。

A.Hello, I am Tom. B. Hello, this is Tom 五、用a. an . the 填空,不需要填的地方画上―/‖ 1. This is ______eraser, and that’s _____ruler. 2. What’s that in English? It’s ______baseball. 3. Is that ______English dictionary?

4. Is that your _______watch in ______Lost and Found case? 六、用相应的物主代词及人称代词填空。 1. She is Kate. This is ______eraser. 2. This is Gina. ________ book is here. 3. The girl is ten. _______ is English. 4. Excuse_______, is this your watch? 5. That is my eraser. _______ is on the desk. 七、句子翻译 1.这是你的手表吗?


- 6 -

B. you ; you B.I am B. spell

16. ―Are you Lucy King?‖―No,_______.‖ 17. I’m Steve .You can _______352-6035.

18.―Xiao Wang! What’s this in English?‖

C. Hello, that is Tom. D. Hello, it is Tom





1. Is that your watch? (改为陈述句)_________ _________ watch.

2. It’s a 就画线部分提问)_________ _________?

3. This is my computer. (改为否定句)This _________ my computer. 就画线部分提问)_________ your first name?


1. Is it a computer game? ___________________________________________

2. How do you spell your name? ___________________________________________

3. Is that your watch in the lost and found case? ___________________________________

4. Please call Mary at 495-3276. ___________________________________________

5. Bill’s family name is Brown. ___________________________________________


1. this, pencil, your, is


2. isn’t, no, it


3. it, spell, you, do, how


4. 4298655, at, please, call, Tom


5. is, it, ruler, her



What this? a backpack .It’s my.What’s that? It’s athat a computer, too? . It’s a TV set .It’s it Saturday evening .It is a TV set.

1. A. is B. are C. an

2. A. He’s B. She’s C. It’s

4. A.TV set B. computer C. case D. be D. book D. pencil

D. No, it isn’t

D. his

D. to 3. A. pen B. pencil C. computer D. backpack 5. A. hers B. she C. her D.I 6. A. Yes, it is B. Yes, it isn’t C. No, it is 7. A. I B. my C. her 9. A. on B. in C. at


- 7 - 8. A. look B. see C. watch D. listen 10. A. my B. well C. her D. good

This is a book. It's an English book. It's my English book, That’s a dictionary. Is it her dictionary? No, it isn't. It's Lin Tao's. My dictionary is in my backpack. Look! What’s that? Its a pencil sharpener. It’s Tom's pencil sharpener. Is the pencil Mike’s? Yes, it is. It’s his pencil. 据短文内容填空 1. What's this? It's 2. What's that? It's

3. Is it her dictionary? , it .

4. Is it Tom's pencil sharpener? 5. Whose pencil is it? It's 中考链接题

1. --What are these in the picture? --

A. Three

are apples and bananas.

B. Their


C. They

D. There

2. –Mum, what shall we have for dinner? --Dumping.

--Oh, What wonderful dinner! I enjoy it very much. 区)

A. the, /

B. a, the

C. / , a

D. a, a


Unit 3 This is my sister


1.重点词汇 sister brother mother father

grandmother 2.重点句型

(1)This / That is my friend (2)These / Those are my friends (3)Is this / that your sister? Yes, it is / No, it isn’t (4)Is he /she your friend?

Yes, he / she is No, he / she isn’t (5)Here’s my family photo 3.重点语法

(1)指示代词:this that these those (2)人称代词及对应动词be的用法 (3)名词的复数

爷爷 parent grandparent these those

son 女儿 cousin aunt 叔叔



1.cousin____________ 2. those____________ 3. these _____________ 4. parent___________

- 8 -

5. 家谱 ______________ 6. 全家福___________ 一、选择正确的选项完成单词 ( A. cer B. ser

C. sser (

A. oer B. ower C. auer ( A. id B. aind C. ind (

A. io B. eo C. ew ( A. cer B. ser

C. sor


A. set

B. ssett C. ssette (

A. teen B. wen C. tween (

A. bl B. ble

C. be


A. am

B. arm C. orm (

A. fer

B. fo

C. fa

二、根据句子意思每空填一个单词。 1. She’s his 5. Her father’s brother is her 6. Her mother’s sister is her es, she is. 三、归类记单词

1. 姓名: 2. 数字: 3. 颜色: 4. 文具: 5. 家庭成员: 四、单项选择 1. These are my ______. A. book

B. pens

C. friend

- 9 -

D. ccer D. awer

D. nd D. u D. ccer D. sett D. ten D. lbe D. amn D. for

D. a friend

2. ______ those your brothers? A. Are A. is A. of A. it A. Yes, she is A. my ; She

B. Is B. are B. for B. he

C. Am C. am C. with C. she

D. Be D. be D. to D. her D. No, it is D. our ; Her D. these are D. They

3. Here ______two books.

4. Thanks _____your great love, mother! 5.―Who is ______?‖―Go and see, Kate.‖ 6.―Is her name Linda‖?―________.‖

B. No, he isn’t C. Yes, it is B. his ; He

C. her ; It

7. Miss Liu is _____teacher. ______ is not old. 8.―Are those bikes?‖ ―Yes,_______.‖ A. they are A. Those

B. those are C. they’re B. These

C. You

9. Look at the boys! ______ are my friends.

10. I ______ a boy. My name _______ Tom. Li Hua and Sun Ying ____my Chinese friends. A. am ; is ; are A. am A. Kate A. daughter A. She ; She

B. is ; am ; is B. is B. Kate’s

C. am ; are ; is D. is ; is ; are C. are

D. / D. of Kate’s D. brother D. His ; He D. families

11. Tom and I ______students. 12. This is _______family photo.

C. of Kate C. cousin C. His ; She C. house

13.―I am my mother’s ______.‖―I’m a girl.‖

B. son B. He ; His B. home

14. _______name is Paul. ______ is eight. 15. Jim’s ______are watching TV. A. family 1. --Is this a bike? -- 2. --Is that an orange? -- . 3. --Is your father? --No, is my teacher. 4. --Is your brother? --Yes, . 六、在正确的单词下画横线

Example (This is /These are ) my father. 1. (This is / These are) my uncle. 2. (That’s / Those are) his grandmother. 3. (Is this/Are these) your parents? 4. (Is that) Are those her sister? 5. (He’s /They’re) my friends. 七、请根据家谱图完成下列句子。

- 10 -


1. Bill is

2. Amy’s

3. Bill and

5. Amy is Bob’s


Tommy: Hey, Sally.


Tommy: Is my computer game on the table?

Sally: No, it isn’t. It’s on the bookcase.

Tommy: Oh, OK. Are they on the bookcase, too?

Sally: They’re on the chair.

Tommy: Oh. So, where is my pencil case?


Tommy: And where’s my backpack?

Sally: It’s under the table. And your baseball is under the chair.

Tommy: Oh, OK. And where are Mom’s keys?


1. Those are apples.(改为单数形式)_______________________________.

2. Is Tom your brother? (作否定回答)_____________________________.

3. Thank you very much.(改为同义句)___________________________.

4. They are English buses.(改为单数形式)____________ ___________ English___________.

5. Those are my brothers.(改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)

_______________ ? ______________.


1.他们是我的父母。They are ________ __________.

2.Penk 和Nick是格林先生的儿子。Penk and Nick ______ ______ ______ ______ .

3.这是我的全家福。This is ______ ______ ______ ______ _______.

4.这是汤姆的家谱。This is ______ ______ ______ .


1. the, is, his, boy, brother( . )

2. is, she, not, my, sister( . ) 3. family, at, the, look, photo, of, my( . )

- 11 - Frank’s is Linda. Gina are Bob’s 4. Bob is Frank and Linda’s .

4. much, you, very, I, love( . )

5. the, for, photo, your, of, thanks, family ( . )

This is a of Jim’s family .This man (人is Jim’s father . woman(女人)is Mrs Green . 5 is Jim’s mother .Who 6 this boy and 7 girl? The 8 is Jim .Mr Green’s son .The is Kate, Mr Green’s daughter .Kate is1. A. book 2.A. is 3.A. She 4. A. A 5. A. She 6. A. is 7. A. a 8.A.girl 9.A.girl 10.A. Jim


I am a girl. My name is Kate. I’m American. I’m eleven .May is my friend. She is English. She is eleven, too. We are students. We are in No.2 Middle School. We’re in the same class. My father and her father are good friends, too .They go to work on their bikes. We all love China. 1. May is _______. A. American A. Yes, they are A. Yes, she is 4. Kate has _______. A. a friend A. They are 中考链接题

1. --Please pass the eraser. I want to use it. --OK, Here you are.

A. we

(2006·济南市高中招生) (2006·青岛高中考)

B. me

C. he

D. she D. Without

B. two friends C. three friends B. No, they aren’t C. Yes, they are

D. friend

D. They are English

5.―Are Kate and May classmates?‖―_______.‖

B. English B. No, they aren’t

C. ten C. Yes, she is

D. student D. No, we aren’t D. No, he isn’t

2.―Are Kate and May girls?‖―________.‖ 3.―Is Kate’s father English?‖―________.‖

B. No, she isn’t C. Yes, he is B. photo B. am B. Her B. An B. Her B. am B. these B. boy B. boy B. Jims

C. map C. are C. He C. These C. He C. be C. this C. boys C. boys C. Jim’s

D. room D. be D. His D. This D. His D. are D. an D. girls D. girls D. a Jim


2. the rain, the farmers had a good harvest. A. Thanks for

B. Thanks to

C. Because

Unit 4 Where’s my backpack?


1.重点词汇 where 桌子

bed dresser

书柜 sofa

- 12 -

chair 抽屉

plant video hat tape floor 闹钟


(1) —Where are my books? —They’re on the sofa. (2) —Where’s the backpack? —It’s under the table. (3) —Is the baseball on the sofa? —No, it isn’t. It’s under the chair (4)Please take these thighs to your sister. (5)Can you bring some things to school? (6)Here is my room. 3.重点语法

(1) 由where引导的特殊疑问句 (2) on .in . under的用法


一、选择正确的选项完成单词 ( A. cer B. ser


A. oer B. ower ( A. id B. aind (

A. io B. eo ( A. cer B. ser


A. set

B. ssett (

A. teen B. wen (

A. bl B. ble


A. am

B. arm (

A. fer

B. fo


1. on the bed _______________ 3. in English________ 5. see you soon_______ 三、单项选择

1. Where are _________? A. books

B. you books

on 在…之间 in

take…to under


C. sser D. ccer C. auer D. awer

C. ind D. nd C. ew D. u C. sor

D. ccer C. ssette D. sett C. tween D. ten C. be

D. lbe C. orm D. amn C. fa

D. for

2. under the sofa_____________ 4. pencil case________ 6.在地上__________

C. the books

D. my book

- 13 -

2. Where’s the CD?

Sorry, ________.

A. I can

A. they B. I’m not C. it isn’t D. I don’t know D. it 3. Where’re your notebooks? Are ______on the desk? B. them C. those

B. Where is it 4. I can’t find my ball._________? A. What is it

A. next C. How is it D. What color is it C. on D. in 5. My notebook is ______the bed. B. between


1. The CDs in the drawer.

2. The video cassette on the table.

3. Where the notebook?

4. they on the bed?

5. it on the dresser?


1. Look! The books are the backpack.

2. --Where re my shoes? Are they under the table?

--No, they're the bed.

3. --Where are the books?

--They're the bookcase.

4. --Is the ball the case?

--Yes, it is.

5. I can see a cat. It's the table.


Tommy: Hey, Sally.


Tommy: Is my computer game on the table?

Sally: No, it isn’t. It’s on the bookcase.

Tommy: Oh, OK. Are they on the bookcase, too?

Sally: They’re on the chair.

Tommy: Oh. So, where is my pencil case?


Tommy: And where’s my backpack?

Sally: It’s under the table. And your baseball is under the chair. Tommy: Oh, OK. And where are Mom’s keys?




1. ____ alarm clock and_______ pen are on the computer desk.

A.An; a B.A; an C. A;a

- 14 - D.An; an

2. Can you ______a key_______ me? A.take; to A.in A.a plant A.on ; on

B.bring;to B.to B.plants B.in ; On

C.need; to

D.take;for D.under D.the plant D. on ; in

3. Please look at the photo _______page 20.

C.on C.the plants C. in ; in

4. ―What are those?‖ ―They’re_________.‖

5. The window is _______the wall and the picture is ______the wall. 6. ―What can you see_______ the picture?‖―1 can see a boy.‖ ―Where is the boy?’’ ―He is _______the chair.‖ A.in; at

B.on; on B.They are B.Who’s B.I don’t B. is

C.in; on

D.on; in D.They aren’t D.How’s D.I not can D. have

7. ―Are Jack and Mary your friends?‖ ―_________.‖ A.Yes,they are A.Where’s A.I’m not A. am

C.Yes,they’re C.What’s C.I can’t C. are

8. ―_______my hat?‖ ―It’s on Tom’s chair‖ 9. ―Can you see that boy over there?‖ ―No,______.‖ 10. Here______ two computers.

11 . Who’s that man ______your brother ______father? A. between; or A. an

B. between; and C. in; and D. on; and B. the

C. a

D. /

12. There’s ______―u‖in the world―cup‖.

13. It’s raining(正在下雨)outside(外面)._________a raincoat(雨衣)with you ,please. A. Bring 14. I______ his name. A. not know A. on 二、根据首字母完成单词 clock. it in English?

花园) your brother and your friend is our teacher. book is on his desk.

watching TV. on the wall of his room. 三、根据汉语完成句子 1. 请把这些数学书拿到教室去。

Please ______these_____ _____ _____ the classroom. 2. 成都在四川吗?

_______ Chendu ______ Sichuan? 3. 请在八点和九点之间来看我。

Please come to see me ______ eight ______nine.

- 15 -

B. Take B. know not B. in

C. Carry D. Get

C. don’t know D. do know not C. to D. under

15. ―Where’s Changsha?‖ ―It’s ________Hu Nan.‖

4. 我能知道你的电话号码吗?

Can I ______your______ ______?

5. 他的足球在地板上。

________soccer ball______ ______ _______ floor.

四、句型转换 就画线部分提问) ________ the backpack?

2. I know her telephone number.(改为否定句)

I ________ ________ her telephone number.

3. They’re some English girls. (改为单数形式)

________ ________ ________ English ________.

4. Are the books on the desk?(作否定回答) ________________________.

5. That’s就画线部分提问) ________ that? 同上) ________ my CDs?

7. I can speak English.(改为一般疑问句) ________________________?


A: Excuse me, mum? my baseball glove(手套)?

B: Sorry, I don’t . Is on your desk?

A: No, it isn’t.

B: Is it in your ?

A: No. It isn’t in backpack.

B: Is it your bed?

A: , it is. It’s under my pillow(枕头). And where’s my baseball?

B: Is it the desk? No, it isn’t in the desk.

A: Is it the chair?

B: Oh, yes. It’s under the chair. , mum.

A: You’re welcome.


1. is, backpack, where, my


2. chair, the, is, it, under


3. keys, are, his, where


4. drawer, are, in, the, they


5. these, to, sister, your, take, please, things




2. –- 16 -






( )

A B C D ( )


Look, this is bedroom. It is very nice. I love it . There a clock and some pictures the wall. There is on the desk. My backpack is the chair. My coat is on the bed. Where is baseball? It's the door. My shoes the floor the bed. ( )1. A. an B. I

C my C very much C. are C. keies C. the

C. in C. between C. under C. are on C. for

D. Jim D. much very D. be D. for D. a set of key D. out D./ D. next D. are D. in

( )2. A. very B. much ( )3. A, IS B. am ( )4. A. at B. on ( )6. A. on B. in ( )7. A. a B. an ( )8. A, behind B. in ( )10. A. under B. on



Tom: I can't find my backpack. What's under the table? Do you know? Mary: No. Let me see. There's a backpack. Tom: Is there a pencil-box in the backpack? Mary: No, there isn't, but there are some books. Tom: Are there any English books?

Mary: No, there aren't any English books, but there are some Chinese books in it. Is it your backpack?

Tom: I don't think so. There aren't any Chinese books in my backpack, but there are two English books.

Mary: Oh, I'm sorry. It's not your backpack. 根据对话内容,判断句子正(T)误(F) ( )l. Mary can't find her backpack. ( )2. A backpack is under the table.

( )3. Some English books are in the backpack.

- 17 -

( )5. A, key B. a set of keys

( )9. A. on B. in on

( )4. The pencil-box isn't in the backpack. ( )5. The backpack isn't Tom's. It's Mary's. B Dear Sally,

When you see your brother, you can take some things to him: his math book, which you borrowed last week, a baseball, notebook, CDs and video cassette. You both can play baseball tomorrow afternoon. The CDs are needed to listen by your brother. And you will enjoy the VCD together. The math book is on the dresser. The baseball is under the bed. The CDs are in the drawer. The videocassette is behind the computer. I have put them away. OK?

Have a good time! Baby!

6. You will take ____ things to your brother when you see him. A. five

B. some

C. three C. Sally

D. four D. my father D. A book.

7. The math book is from ____ . A, my mother A. CDs.

B. my brother B. A basketball.

8. Which of the following is not taken with you?

C. A notebook.

9. Why will you take a VCD? A. To give it back to my brother. C. To sell it to my brother. 10. Where is the video cassette? A. It’s on the computer.

B. It’s in the drawer. D. It’s next to the computer.

C. It’s behind the computer.

B. To watch it with my brother. D. To give it to my brother.


1. --What’s behind door? I can’t open it. --Let me see. Oh, there is chair.

A. the, a

B. a, the

(2006·咸海市升学考试) D. the, the

C. a, a

I park my mobile phone in the suitcase?

take it with you, but must keep it shut off during take-offs and landings. (2006·日照市)

A. Can, can

B. Must, must

C. Must, can

D. Can, must

Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball?


1.重点,词汇 足球 tennis racket volleyball 2.重点句型

(1)Do you have a computer? Yes, I do / No, I don’t.

(2)Does he have a tennis racket? Yes, he does./ No, he doesn’t.

- 18 -

篮球 bat interesting boring

fun difficult relaxing watch TV

玩 sports have has

(3)Let’s play soccer (4)I don’t have a soccer ball (5)That sounds interesting 3.重点语法


(2)提出建议。Let’s=Let us让我们



1.tennis racket________________ 2. sports collection_______________ 3. 那听起来不错________________

4. 打排球______________________

5. 运动,锻炼 ________________ 6. 每天________________________ 一、将拼写错误的单词标号填入题前括号内。 ( )1. A. has ( )2. A. ring ( )3. A. boring ( )4. A. like ( )5. A. next ( )6. A. but ( )7. A. our ( )8. A. vedio ( )9. A. bat ( )10. A. centor 二、单项选择

1. That’s _______interesting game . A. a A. she do

B. an

C. the

D. / D. they have

2. ― Do Lucy and Lily have a nice room?‖―Yes ,______.‖

B. she has C. they do B. has; has

3.―Does Tom _______any erasers?‖―Yes, He _____some.‖ A. have ; have 4. Let me ______, please. A. play tennis A. they A. Let’s go A. has A. everyday A. Is; he is

B. play the tennis C. to play tennis D. to play the tennis B. their

C. the

D. them

5. Let ______ play games with you.

6.―Let’s play baseball.‖―_______, but we don’t have a baseball bat .‖

B. No, I won’t C. I’d love to D. Yes, I can B. haves B. an every day B. Are; he is

C. have

D. hases D. every days D. Is; he’s

7. John doesn’t _____a baseball.

8. Mary likes sports very much and she plays sports______.

C. every day C. Are; he is

9.―_______your Chinese teacher very old ?‖―Yes ,______.‖ 10. ―I like playing sports .Let’s play ______.‖ ―It sounds ______.‖ A. the table tennis; good B. table tennis; well

C. table tennis; good D. the table tennis; well

11. Don’t forget to bring your book_____ school next time.

- 19 -

B. pley B. sorry B. fun B. racket B. difficult B. only B. well B. volleyball B. tenis B. ball

C. them C. gold C. relexing C. need C. soccer C. evry C. plant C. ideal C. does C. club

D. small D. sume D. more D. brong D. colection D. day D. elarm D. cousin D. sport D. class

C. have; has D. has; have

A. in the

A. Do; tea

A. like

A.aren’t B. in B. Do; a tea C. to the D. to C. Does ; tea D. Does ; a tea C. doesn’t like D. not like C. doesn’t D. haven’t 12. _______Mary like_____? 13. Linda ______coffee or tea. B. don’t like B. don’t 14.They _____have a mobile phone(手机)。

15.______have a look ____the photo

A. Let ; on B. Let; at C. Let’s; at

16. My mother likes volleyball. She thinks(认为)it is ______.

A. fun B. boring C. difficult

17. My ______is a good teacher .He works hard.

A. Tom uncle B. Uncle tom C. tom uncle

18. Sam’s brother jack _______like flying kites.

A. don’t B. doesn’t C. isn’t

19.―_______you bring the things to school?‖ ―Of course, I can .‖

A. Can B. Do C. Are

20.―What time is it ?‖―Sorry, I don’t know. I ______a watch.‖

A. have B. don’t have C. am not


1. His idea sounds________(well).

2. Please help_____ with ______ English(he).

3. My sister________(like)English very much.

4. Let’s ________ (go) home together.

5.________he_______ (watch)TV every day?

6. Sue_____(not play)sports.

7. Playing basketball sounds ______ (interest)

8. I have two ______ (key) to the door.

9. I have many________ (friend) here.

10. They______ (not like) play basketball.

五、改错 A B C D A B C D A B C D

4. ——A B C D

5. Betty A B C D


1. 那是一个有趣的游戏。That’s______ _______ ______.

2. 他只在晚上看电视。He_______ _______ ________in the evening.

3. 我每天不做体育运动。I______ _______ _______every day.

- 20 - D. Let; / D. hard D. uncle Tom D. aren’t D. Is D. doesn’t have

4. 那听起来很无聊。That_______ ________.

5. 汤姆每天都踢足球。Tom _______ ________every day. 七.连词成句

1. ball, soccer, you, a, have, do

________________________________________? 2. ping-pong, have, he, a, ball, does

__________________________________________? 3. soccer, play, let’s

__________________________________________. 4. plays, every, she, sports, day

__________________________________________. 5. great, a, sports, has, Smith, collection

__________________________________________. 八、完形填空

new students in our are lucy and Lily .They are .They look the same row .This is a picture of classroom .This is that under the chair .Is it a hat ? No ,It’s a cat. 1.A.have 2.A.name 3.A.twins’ 4.A.same 5.A.at 6.A.her 7.A.Lucy 8.A.Lucy 9.a.they 10.A.What



Jack is my good friend .We’re in the same school and we’re in the same class, too .He is 12 years old, one year younger than I. His parents are both teachers in the middle school.

Jack is a good student .In school .he studies hard .His English is very good .He often helps other students with their English .Our teacher likes him and we like him too .After school .we play sports, play soccer and basketball sometimes(有时)。

Every day, he gets up early in the morning .He reads English for 30 minutes(分钟) Then we go to school together(一起) by bike .In the evening, he does his homework at home .He doesn’t like to watch TV. But he often watches soccer games on TV. On Sundays, he goes out with his parents in his father’s car. They play in a park and do sports there too. My father takes me to the park on Sundays too. Sometimes we meet each other. and then we play sports and games there together. We are very happy together! 1. Jack is 12 years old, and I am _____years old. A.12



- 21 -

B. are B. names B. twin B. the same B. in B. our B. Lucy’s B. lucy’s B. their B. What’s

C. has C. name’s C. twins C. a same C. on C. his C. Lily C. Lily’s C. they’re C. What’re

D. is D. names’ D. the twin D. an same D. of D. hers D. Lucys D. Lucys D. he D. What am

D. 10

2. Jack often ______at School.

A. studies English B. plays soccer 3. How does Jack go to school every day? A. By bike

B. In his father’s car. C. By bus B. watch TV

D. We don’t know

4. Jack likes to _______at home. A. do his homework

C. do sports D. watch soccer games on TV B. He plays with his parents in the park. D. He goes out for a walk in his father’s car.

5. What does jack do on Sundays? A. He studies at home C. He plays sports with me


Andy likes sports very much. He likes playing volleyball. He likes watching sports on TV. He plays volleyball and watches TV every day. He has a great sports collection. He has five baseballs, three basketballs, eight volleyballs and four ping-pong bats. 1. How many balls does Andy have?

2. Does Andy play sports every day?

3. What kind of bats does Andy have?

4. Does Andy watch TV every day?

5. Does Andy have a great sports collection or a small one?

C. does his homework D. helps other students


1. Let me have a . I’m so tired after the long walk.

A. look

B. talk

C. rest

(2006·威海市) D. swim


2. ?Because the owner is on a holiday today. You can come again tomorrow afternoon 2:30 and 6:00.

A. at

B. between

C. from

D. about

Unit 6 Do you like bananas?


1.重点词汇 like 香蕉 hamburge tomato 橘子 2. 重点句型 (1)Do you like salad? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. (2)Does he like strawberries? Yes he does. / No, he doesn’t

- 22 -

ice cream apple chicken 水果 vegetable

早餐 lunch dinner

(3)Running star Sandra Clark eats lots of healthy food. (4)For breakfast, she likes eggs, bananas and apples.

3. 重点语法 (1)like的用法



一.选出每组中不属于同一范畴的一个单词。 ( )1. A. carrot ( )2. A. lunch ( )4. A. boring ( )5. A. eat 二、翻译下列词组

1.吃早餐_______________________ 6.许多_________________________________ 2.一群朋友_______________________ 7.赛跑明星_____________________________ 3.一些跑步者_____________________ 8、吃早/中/晚餐 __________________________ 4.炸薯条_________________________ 9、以?做早餐___________________________ 5.健康食品_______________________ 三、边吃边做


1、 2、 3、

7、8、9、 10、 B:将上述单词按下面的要求归类。

1、Food(食物) 2、Fruit(水果) 3、Vegetables(蔬菜) 4、Drink(饮料) 四、根据句意写出下列单词的复数形式

1. Here are some of my family. (photo) 2. I like 3. The are Jim and Sam. (boy) 4. These are teachers. (man) 5. –What are these?

--They are . (box) 6. –Who are the --They are my cousins. 7. I have two


- 23 -

B. orange B. dinner B. chicken B. relaxing B. like

C. broccoli C. food C. lunch C. healthy C. star

D. tomato D. breakfast D. salad D. runner D. have

( )3. A. dessert

4、5、 6、

8. Lily doesn’t eat (strawberry) 五、单项选择

1.―_______?‖―No, I don’t‖

A. Do you like bread B. Do it like this C. Are you like bread D. Does he like it 2. My sister likes ______and_______.

A. singing; reading B. to sing; to read C. singing; to read D. to sing; reading 3. I like eggs, tomatoes and bananas for _______breakfast. A. the

B. a

C. /

D. an

4.―_______Tom ______a new computer?‖―Yes, he likes it very much.‖ A. Does ; has

B. Do ; have C. Does ; have D. Does ; like

5. I like ______chess, but I don’t like ______it today.

A. playing the ; to play B. to play ; to play C. to play ; playing D. playing ; to play 6.―Is my picture here‖―________.‖

A. Yes, you are B. Yes, it is in the picture? A. apple trees A. Yes,I have A.don’t;or A. fruits A. fruits A. a broccoli A. are ; is A. like banana A.banana A.not A.is A. you do A. She; I A. are

B.apples tree

C.apple trees D.apple tree

8. ―Do you have a basketball?‖―______.‖

B.No,I haven’t C.Do,like D.Yes,I do B.don’t;and B. fruit B. fruit B. carrot

C.doesn’t;or D.doesn’t;and C. fruit’s

D. fruits’

9. My brother Jack _______like flying kites ________playing chess. shop. 11.Broccoli and carrots are______.

C. vegetables D. vegetable C. ice creams

D. tomatoes D. is ; are D. ―likes banana D.apple D.no D.have D. she does D. He ; she D. /

12.―Do you like_______?‖―Yes, I do.‖

13. Look! Some meat ______in the bag .Some vegetables _____in the basket.

B. are ; are C. is ; is

B.1ikes bananas C.1ike bananas B.chicken


on the table. shop near here.

B.not many C.no any B.has


white sheep on the hilI.

18.―Do your father and mother like strawberries?‖―Yes,______.‖

B. he does C. they do B. They ; she B. he

C. We ; they C. is

19.______like hamburgers, _____likes carrots . 20. The lunch in our school ______good . 六、根据句意和首字母完成单词 1. Mr Smith eats lots of h______ food. 2. We have d_______ at 6:30 every day.

- 24 -

C. No, they aren’t D. No, he isn’t

3. Gong Li is a famous film s______.

4. Lucy likes eating v_____. Such as tomatoes ,carrots and so on . 5. I often have rice and salad for l_____. 6. For b______, I like eggs and milk.

7. After meal(饭后), we have d_____ like ice cream. 8. Apples, bananas and oranges are all f_______.

9. Before you go shopping you should make a l______ of things to buy. 10. He can speak F_____. 七、根据汉语完成句子

1. 我叔叔不喜欢早饭吃鸡蛋。My uncle _____ ______ ______ ______eggs______ breakfast. 2. 英语对她来说很难。English is very ______ ______ her.

3. 我的书桌上有很多书。I have ______ _______ _______books on the desk. 4. 你喜欢玩电脑游戏吗?_____you______ _______computer games? 5. 她只是在电视上看运动。She_______ ________sports_______ ______. 八、改错

1.——YA B C D A B C D

A B C D A B C D 5.—A B C D 十、完形填空

My name is Kay. I usually have two —brunch and dinner .―‖means(意思是)breakfast and lunch. I 3 Brunch at a restaurant .I 4 a hamburger, 5 French fries and a together. For dinner I like an . 1. A. a 2. A. Meal 3. A. have 4. A. am 5. A. a 6. A. one 7. A. play 8. A. lunch 9. A. egg 10. A. meal 十一、阅读乐园

- 25 -

B. an C. one B. Dinner B. has B. like B. any B. it B. bring B. broccoli B. dessert

C. Brunch C. eats C. has C. some C. them C. eat C. salad C. drink

D. the D. Breakfast D. ate D. likes D. an D. they D. take D. brunch D. pear D. meat

B. breakfast C. dinner


1. Who likes both(两者都)fruit and eggs?

2. Who likes ice cream but dislikes(不喜欢) chicken?

3. How many children don't like vegetables? Who are they?

4. How many children dislike eggs and vegetables? Who are they? 5. What do most (大多数)children like?


1. (2006·枣庄市)

I made (朋友)with them when I stayed in Beijing.

2. (2006·山落省)

?I like (listen) to the ―bang‖ of the firecrackers.

3. (2006·济南市)

Eat more and less meat. It will be good for your health.

A. vegetables

Review of units 1-6 B. villages C. villagers


1. 重点词汇

家具 other play tennis people also in English

对话 for breakfast computer game

2. 重点句子

1. I like eggs for breakfast.

2. Nick doesn’t like his class.

3. Let’s watch TV

4.—Do you have a basketball?

—No, I don’t.

5. Does joe has a cat?

Yes, he does.

6. Where is the cat?

It’s on the chair

7. That sounds boring.

8. I also like salad.




1. Where is Mary? A. Yes, she is.

2. Can you play football? B. She’s over there

- 26 -

D. visitors

3. What’s under the bed? C. You’re welcome

4. What’s that in English? D. No, I’m not 5. Are these apple trees? E. It’s a pen 6. Is lily at home? F. No, it isn’t

7. Is this your pen? G. There is a football under it. 8. Thanks a lot. H. It’s on the bed. 9. Where’s your coat? I. Yes, they are. 10. Are you Tom? J. Yes, I can.


1.______do you spell ―alarm clock‖? A. What B. How C. Who 2. Can you _____it to me, Jim?

A. take B. bring C. give 3. Jim is ______English. I’m _____ American. A. a; an B. the; the C. / ; / 4. How many _____does Susan want?

A. chicken B. bread C. drinks 5. ―Where ______your trousers?‖ ―______on the bed.‖

A. is; It’s

B. is ; Is

C. are ; Their 6. These are______. A. banana tree B. a banana tree C. banana trees 7.―Where’s my book, please?‖―_______, I don’t know.‖

A. Excuse me B. Thanks C. No 8. Look! That’s ______apple tree. In ______tree you can see a bird. A. a ; the

B. an ; a C. a ; the 9. Please ______these books to your sister. A. bring B. look C. do 10. Is the book case _____the sofa and the table? A. next B. between C. behind 11. Peter likes _____chicken ______lunch.

A. eat ; to B. eating ; on C. eating ; to 12. He _____like baseball, ______he likes football. A. don’t; but B. doesn’t; or C. doesn’t; but 13.―______your sister like salad ?‖―No, she______.‖ A. Do; don’t

B. Does; doesn’t

C. Is ; isn’t

14. I eat ______healthy food______.

A. lot; every day B. a lot of; every day C. lots of; everyday 15.―What are these in English?‖―________.‖

A. It’s an English book B. They are here C. It is a car 16. Is that her_________? A. eraser B. an eraser

C. a eraser

17. Tom ______breakfast.

A. hasn’t B. don’t have C. doesn’t have 18.―Where is my football?‖ ―It’s ______the table ______the floor.‖

A. on ; under

B. on ; on

C. under; under - 27 -

D. Which D. call D. an ; a

D. broccoli D. are ; They’re

D. Sorry D. an ; the D. take D. under D. having ; for D. don’t; or D. Are ; aren’t

D. a lot; everyday D. They are plants

D. erasers D. doesn’t has

D. under ; on

D. bananas trees

19.―Your pictures are very nice.‖―________.‖

A. You are right B. Thank you

B. to ; right C. You are OK D. That’s OK C. of ; great D. of ; right 20.―Thank you ______your great help .‖―You’re______.‖ A. for ; welcome


1. I have some good_______ (friend) at school.

2. Are______ (that) your books?

3. Alan______ (play) sports every day.

4. He eats a lot of ______ (health) food.

5._______ (thank) for your dictionary.

6. Let’s______ (take) these things to the room.

7. A set of keys _____ (be) on the floor.

8. Tome is between Mary and _______ (I).

9.______ (not take) them home.

10. Wang Junxia is a ______ (run) star in the world.

五、句型转换 ______your bike______?

2. Tom plays football every day .(改为否定句)Tom______ ______ football every day.

3. Are you and Mary in the same class? (作否定回答)No,_______ _________.

4. I am Jane(改为同义句)_______ ________ _______ Jane.

5. Do they like French fries? (改为单数形式)

6. Linda’s alarm clock is (就画线部分提问)______ _______ alarm clock.

7. She doesn’t watch TV every day.(改为肯定句)She_______ TV every day. (就画线部分提问)______ ______ you ______ in the sky. (同上)______ ______ ______ the hamburger? (同上)______Tom in the photo?


1. 我早饭吃很多鸡蛋。I _____ ______ ______ _______ _______ breakfast.

2. 咱们去看球赛吧。______ _____ the football game.

3. 伊恩,请给我拿几只香蕉来。Please______ ______ some bananas, Jan

4. 把笔记本带到学校去。_______ the notebook _______ school.

5. 给汤姆打电话—6539878. ______ Tom ______ 6539878.

6. 我想要三个西红柿。I want_______ _______.

7. 他不喜欢吃薯条。He______ ______ _______ French fries.

8. 那些是你的字典吗?_______those your _________?

9. 他姓格林。______ ______ ______ is Green.

10我父亲每天做运动。My father _______ ______ ______ _______.


Mike:Hello,Kate! Do you want milk?

Kate:No,thanks.I don’t like .

Mike:Don’t you? I like it very much, good for you.

Kate: 0h,here are Lily and Lucy.

Lily:Hi,Mike! Hi, Kate! How are you today?

Mike and Kate:,thank you.


- 28 -

Mike:They’re rice cakes.Do you want one? Lily:Yes,.

Lily and Lucy:We like rice cakes very much.They’re Kate: Lily:No,thanks.We don’t 1ike. Lucy:But we like bananas.

Kate: ! They are aIl finished(吃完). 1. A.some 2. A.egg 3. A.it 4. A.Yes 5. A.Where 6. A.please 7. A.fine 8. A.at 9. A.to drink 10. A.OK



Henry:Is that woman your mother? Emily: Which one? Henry: The one in the shop.

Emily: Oh, yeah. She wants to buy some food there.

Henry: I can see some chicken, fruit and vegetables in the basket(篮子)。 Emily:Sure’. My father likes chicken and my mother likes vegetables. Henry: What about you?

Emily:My favorite is fruit. So I ask her to buy some bananas and apples. Henry:But what do you have for lunch?

Emily:I often have some desserts,French fries and cola.My father has two hamburgers with some chicken in them.My mother has some rice,tomatoes,carrots or straw—berries. Henry: Your mother’s food is healthy, I think. Emily: Yeah. What’s your favorite food?

Henry: I like eggs, broccoli and ice cream. And I often play sports. So I eat a lot for every meal. 1. Emily’s mother is ______. A. in a school 2. Emily likes ______. A. vegetables 3. ______likes chicken. A. Emily’s father A. cheap

B. Emily’s mother C. Henry’s father D. Henry’s mother B. much

C. free

D. healthy

4. Emily’s mother often has rice, vegetables and fruit for lunch . Her food is ______. 5. Henry eats a lot because_______.

A. he’s a tall boy B. he eats some eggs

- 29 -

B.one B.apple B.it’s B.No B.How B.thank B.red B.in B.to buy B.Sorry

C.a C.milk

D.a glass D.orange D.its D.Good D.What D.have D.great D.about D.to play D.No

C.is C.Fine C.Whose C.a C. long C.behind C.to sell C.Great

B. in a shop B. fruit

C. at home C. chicken

D. in a room D. tomatoes

C. he often plays sports D. he eats ice cream


Dick is seven years old, and his sister is five. One day, their mother takes them to their uncle’s house to play and then she goes to buy something.

The children play for an hour(小时), and then at about four in the afternoon, his aunt gives Dick a nice cake and a knife and says to him,―Now here’s knife, Dick. Cut (切)this cake into two pieces and give one piece to your sister ,but remember to do it like a gentleman(有礼貌的人).‖

―Like a gentleman?‖Dick asks.―How do gentlemen do it?‖

―They always give the bigger(大一些的)piece to others .‖His aunt answers.

―Oh, I see.‖he says . Then he gives the cake to his sister and says to her,―Please cut it into two pieces, Mary.‖

6. Dick’s mother takes them to their uncle’s house_______.

A. for lunch

C. and then she leaves

7. How old is Dick’s sister?

A. Seven.

A. Dick’s sister. B. Six. C. Five. D. Four. C. His mother. D. Dick’s uncle.

C. cakes D. no one 8. Who looks after the children in the afternoon? B. His aunt. 9. A gentleman always thinks about first______. A. others B. himself

10. Dick______.

A. gives the bigger piece to his sister

C. doesn’t do it like a gentleman

B. does it like a gentleman D. thinks hard and then has a good way to ―cut‖ the cake B. and then she stays with them D. to eat the cake

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